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Saudi man killed after three decades of jihad

Last updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 2:36 PM
Abdul Aziz Al-Jeghaiman: Always wanted to die a martyr. — Courtesy photo

DAMMAM — After spending three decades of his life engaging in jihad in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kashmir, Saudi Abdul Aziz Al-Jeghaiman was killed in Ideleb, Syria, at the beginning of this Islamic year following extensive bombardment by the Syrian army, reported Al-Hayat daily.

Al-Jeghaiman was offered a teaching assistant post by King Faisal University in the 1980s but decided to turn the offer down and travel to Afghanistan instead to participate in jihad with other Saudi and Arab youths. 

Sources told Al-Hayat that Al-Jeghaiman even led the front lines of the Mujahideen for so long and left the country after the war was over.

When the war erupted in Bosnia, the young man went there to fight alongside Muslims.

He stayed there until the war ended. Afterward, he traveled to Kashmir and joined the ranks of Mujahideen. When he realized that the Kashmiri conflict was very complicated and no resolution was on the horizon, he entered Syria in 2002 only to be arrested and incarcerated for over two years.

He was released in 2004 thanks to Saudi mediators.

Sources said after his release, all indications were that Al-Jeghaiman would return to the Kingdom and settle down. When some young men went to Iraq following the US invasion, Al-Jeghaiman opted not to go.

However, he entered Syria again in 2011 and joined Syrian fighters and never left until his death.

Sources said the people of Al-Ahsa were happy to know that he was killed fighting alongside the Syrian fighters, while his family simply said those who wanted to offer their condolences should go to his mother’s house.

Sources close to his family said Al-Jeghaiman did not held any extremist thoughts or ideologies, adding that he had always wanted to die a martyr. — SG

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