Monday, 20 October 2014  -  26 Thul-Hijjah 1435 H

Hala White, Johnson Control and AAA march ahead

Last updated: Saturday, November 10, 2012 1:24 AM
AAA team — thrilling victory over Mercedes Benz

JEDDAH — Hala Academy White, Johnson Control and AAA scored exciting wins in the Morning Tournament, which is organized by Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) and sponsored by Hyundai, here.

In the first match, Hala Academy White beat ATS by 36 runs. Hala plundered 196-8 in 18 overs. Jahanzeb scored 51 off 28 balls (6 fours and a six), Pervez hit 50, Furqan 34 and Adil remained unbeaten on 24. Riyaz took 3-49 and Dr. Basheer 3-31. ATS, in reply, could only reach 160-7. Sameer hit 59 off 40 balls (6 fours). Shani took 2-31 and Shahid 2-41.

The second match saw Johnson Control beat Orbital Horizon by 4 wickets.

Orbital made 143-8 as Afridi hit 39 and Azeem 38. Farrukh Shahbaz scalped 3-25, Ali 2-24 and Saeed 2-34. Johnson Control was home with 145-6 off 86 balls. Khubab smashed 7 sixes and a four to compile 64 runs, while Mumtaz added 28. Afridi claimed 2-45 and Tariq Butt 2-27.

Al-Mazroi-XI was awarded a walkover against Jeddah Royals.

The last match in the tournament saw AAA beat Mercedes Benz by 2 runs. AAA put on 155-4 through Abdulrauf (48 not out), skipper Naveed Nawaz 36 and Ashraf 35. Ashiq took 2-24. Mercedes Benz, in reply, was well placed at 149-4, needing 7 runs off the last over with 6 wickets in hand. Its players, however, blundered and could only score 4 runs and in the process lost 3 wickets to finish at 153-7. Shafeeq top scored with 47 not out and Saifu hit 39. Rehman took 2-31 and Abdulrauf 2-19.

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