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1,800 buildings to be razed for expanding Haram plaza

Total compensation for property owners estimated at SR30 billion

Last updated: Thursday, November 01, 2012 10:57 AM


Samir Al-Thubaiti
Okaz/Saudi Gazette


MAKKAH — The Committee for Developing the Northern Courtyards of the Grand Mosque in Makkah is scheduled to begin next month the demolition of properties in six blocks north of the mosque.

The compensation amounts for these properties are estimated at SR30 billion.

The first zone covers Sha’ab Amer between the second ring road bridge leading to the tunnels and Ree’ Atla’ to the second ring road.

The second zone includes Al-Falq and Mount Abadi and is located between Abdullah Bin Al-Zubair Street to the east and Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street to the west and the holy mosque’s northern courtyards to the south.


The third zone includes Mount Al-Madafe’ and the area located on the mountain peak and the surrounding areas.

The fourth zone includes the Jarwal area along Jabal Al-Ka’bah Street toward the city’s maternity hospital.

The fifth zone includes Jabal Al-Ka’aba, the area located between the extension of Jabal Al-Ka’aba Street in the west to Harat Al-Sadah neighborhood toward Qubbat Mahmood (Mahmood Dome) and Al-Tayseer Square.


The sixth zone includes Jabal Al-Qal’ah, Jabal Ajyad and the area behind King Abdulaziz Endowment from Ajyad Street in the east to Ibrahim Al-Khaleel Street in the west.

The properties to be demolished are estimated at 1,800, including 400 hotels and residential buildings used for accommodating Haj and Umrah pilgrims. These areas were originally constructed without planning.


The northern courtyards committee has asked property owners within the zones to visit its headquarters and present documents proving their ownership.

The committee has also decided to disconnect the electricity and water supply to these properties from Nov. 29 (Muharram 15).

The committee has coordinated with the ministries of education, Islamic affairs and endowments, and finance to expropriate government facilities, including schools and mosques.

Abbas Kattan, Assistant Makkah Mayor for Projects and Construction and Supervisor of the Project for Developing the Northern Courtyards of the Haram, said demolition of these properties will begin in a phased manner after the Haj season to make way for development projects in the central area.

Kattan said some areas would be cleared to make way for the construction of two train stations.

The first is the area behind King Abdul Aziz Endowment in the southern courtyards of the Grand Mosque and the second is the Al-Sadah neighborhood in front of the old maternity hospital.

This is in addition to the expansion of the northern courtyards and linking of the Al-Malawi Tunnels directly with Al-Masjid Al-Haram Road.

It also includes the construction of three public transport stations.

The first will be behind King Abdul Aziz Waqf, the second in Al-Beeban district and the third in Al-Ghazza.

Kattan said the properties to be expropriated are being surveyed and the compensation will be handed to affected property owners after the paperwork is completed.

He said the committee has informed the real estate owners on the necessity of handing over documents proving their ownership so that they are promptly paid compensation.

Kattan said the demolition of the buildings would start immediately after the Haj season. He said development projects for the central area will contribute to improving traffic flow in the city.


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