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Hotshots play football with ball that’s on fire

Last updated: Saturday, October 13, 2012 12:57 AM
Students play Fire Football at the boarding school in Lirboyo, Indonesia. — Courtesy photo

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Any goal in this match is bound to be a scorcher.

Because these boys play a harder version of the beautiful game with a ball of flames instead of a plastic version, according to an article featured on MirrorOnline, a social media networking website.

The bizarre sport is popular in boarding schools across East Java, Indonesia. Coconuts are soaked in flammable liquid for two days before being ignited and kicked about by bare-footed players for 60 minutes.

Some boys at the game in Kediri prayed not to get burnt before heading to the pitch. Match organizer Ali Akhyar said: “We make a fireball to test the guts of the students.” — Agencies

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