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Maid accused of Tala’s murder reenacts crime

Last updated: Thursday, October 04, 2012 12:26 AM

Saudi Gazette report


YANBU — Karni, the Indonesian maid who allegedly decapitated Tala Al-Shehri, a four-year-old girl in her care, reenacted the crime in the presence of investigators Tuesday.

Her confession is expected to be authenticated in court in the coming days.

Ahmad Al-Amri, director of prisons in Yanbu, said the domestic servant did not try to commit suicide during her detention as was reported in a section of the media.

"She is under constant surveillance at the women’s prison," Al-Amri said during a television interview. The woman is in good health, he added.

Ibrahim Al-Mihayani of the Human Rights Commission said a team from the rights watchdog visited the maid in prison.

"The team found that the woman seemed unperturbed by her heinous action, and she tried to win the visitors’ sympathy," Al-Mihayani said.

"She said she does not have any remorse for what she did. Her reason for committing the crime was she received messages from Tala’s sisters saying the family was to send her home at a time she wanted to stay on," he said.

The woman confessed to attempting suicide by drinking Clorox bleach after the crime.

Brig. Saud Al-Ahmadi, Director of Madinah region police, said he had never witnessed such a horrific crime in his career.

Zainah Al-Shehri, Tala’s mother, demanded the execution of her servant. While stressing that she will not waive her rights, Al-Shehri hoped that the procedures will not be lengthy.

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