Saturday, 01 November 2014  -  08 Muharram 1436 H

Algeria breaks up terrorist network sending fighters to Libya

Last updated: Sunday, September 30, 2012 4:24 PM

TRIPOLI — Algerian security services have broken-up a suspected terrorist network responsible for training young Algerians to join militias in Libya.

The network, said to have links with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, had been intending to send 27 fighters to join militias based in Benghazi and the former Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid.

A security source told Algeria’s El-Khabar newspaper that the network had been under investigation for some time and that recruits were being indoctrinated with extremist materials.

The security officer reckoned that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has been able to send 98 fighters to Libya since the outbreak of last year’s revolution, receiving support from smugglers operating in the remote and porous desert borders between the two countries.

She said that eight Algerians had been killed fighting in Libya, the majority from Ouargla and Tamanrasset provinces. — Libya Herald

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