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Father held for smuggling son in carton at Halat Ammar checkpoint

Last updated: Monday, September 03, 2012 2:32 PM
The six-year-old boy whose father hid him in a carton to smuggle him out of the country. — Okaz photo


Hazim Al-Mutairi
Saudi Gazette



RIYADH — The Customs Department officers at Halat Ammar border checkpoint foiled an attempt by an expatriate man to smuggle his son out of the country in a carton.

Fahhad Al-Harbi, director general of Halat Ammar checkpoint, said: “The six-year-old boy was hidden in a carton in his father’s Mercedes Benz convertible among suitcases. The boy’s Indonesian mother was earlier deported to her country by the Passports Department for not holding a valid residence permit (Iqama).”

On being interrogated, Al-Harbi said quoting the father, that he had resorted to this method because he could not find another way to take the child to his country.

Al-Harbi said officials at the Customs Department have been strictly informed to vigilantly keep an eye on the entry of all illegal material and other contraband that contravene with the security of the country.

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