Saturday, 25 October 2014  -  01 Muharram 1436 H

Monorail in Bahra, Hadda under study

By Wael Abdullah
Saudi Gazette
MAKKAH — Khaled Abo Hafash, chairman of complaints committee at Makkah Municipal Council, said the Ministry of Transport has finally responded to the council’s recommendations regarding demands of the residents of Hadda and Bahra.
Hadda and Bahra residents complained that Al-Haramain train tracks divide Hadda into two parts and make it difficult for residents to cross the tracks to the other part. Besides, the complaint noted, residents have to walk or drive for a long time to reach a point where they can safely cross to the other direction.
They demanded that a monorail should be built in Hadda instead of traditional tracks. Abo Hafash said: “The Ministry formed a committee to look into the complaints.”
The residents also called upon the council to improve the services of the old highway which lacks lighting. The road cuts through Bahra and Hadda, both of which are heavily-populated. Several lives have been lost in traffic accidents on the dimly-lit road on which hundreds of heavy trucks ply every day. Moreover, there are hazardous narrow curves putting the drivers at perpetual risk.
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