Saturday, 25 October 2014  -  01 Muharram 1436 H

Infiltrator blows himself up at checkpoint

JIZAN – Border guards here escaped death after an infiltrator blew himself up while being frisked at a checkpoint Monday. He was part of a group that illegally crossed the Saudi-Yemen border from the mountainous region of Al-Da’er Governorate in Jizan region.
Security sources told Al-Hayat newspaper that five people tried to cross the borders illegally and one of them blew himself up, but no bystanders were injured.
Drug and weapon traffickers normally traverse the mountainous area of Al-Da’er Governorate because of its rugged terrain. Border guards are frequently fired at and attacked in this area.
Common Yemenis routinely try to sneak into Saudi Arabia in search of jobs. Saudi border guards usually send them back. Smugglers among the infiltrators however are put on trial. Guards regularly confiscate weapons, along with ammunition and drugs.
Some 180,000 Yemenis were caught trying to sneak into Saudi Arabia in 2010. Saudi border guards have clashed several times with militants crossing the Jizan border region. — SG
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