Friday, 31 July 2015  -  15 Shawwal 1436 H
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Mobile ICUs to rescue pilgrims

Okaz/Saudi Gazette
RIYADH – Over 80 mini-ambulances equipped as mobile intensive care units will treat pilgrims in holy sites.
These emergency and field medicine ambulances will act as intensive care units to treat injured persons and transport them to hospitals. The mini-ambulances can reach crowded areas rapidly and could save many lives in the event of a stampede.
There are also five regular ambulances to transport patients from health centers and hospitals in Makkah. The holy sites are staffed with 350 doctors and technicians who are trained to respond to emergencies speedily.
Dr. Tariq Bin Salim Al-Arnoos, Chairman of the Emergency and Field Medicine Committee, said that emergency sections in Makkah and other holy sites hospitals are ready and the staff is fully trained.
He said that workers have been trained in emergency plans and medical evacuation in case of disasters.
At least 17 emergency centers at Jamarat Bridge have been equipped with the latest medical equipment and 130 doctors and nurses are working in them providing round-the-clock care.
All hospital safety procedures including escape exits, fire fighting and alarm equipment have been tested to ensure they are fully operational.
Dr. Al-Arnoos said the Saudi Red Crescent Authority will be provided with an air ambulance service. Five helicopters will operate out of helipads at King Abdullah Medical City, Al-Noor, Arafat General Hospital and the emergency hospitals in Mina.
The helipads have been tested to ensure they are fit for Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Army and Civil Defense helicopters.
Dr. Al-Arnoos said that 24-hour first-aid and medical services provided by teams would begin actual work on Dhul Hijjah 8.
The services will move with the pilgrims from Arafat to Muzdalifa and then to Mina on Al-Nahr Day when pilgrims slaughter their sacrificial animals and the three Tashreeq days.
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