Friday, 09 October 2015  -  25 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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Jeddah rain forecast creates chaos

JEDDAH:  The weather forecast of rain in Jeddah created traffic jams in the city Tuesday after the Ministry of Education ordered schools to send students home, just two hours after classes had begun. The order also cancelled all classes on Wednesday.
 “I received a phone call from the school to come and pick up my children because there is an expectation of rain today and also on Wednesday, so I am now stuck in a traffic jam, as there are too many cars on the roads,” said Amir Ahmed.
According to Sumiya Patil, a school teacher, the Education Ministry sent the order to all schools to send students home immediately and give them a holiday on Wednesday due to the expectation of rain.
“All the children from our school went home by 9:30 A.M. as a result of the order from the ministry.  The last time everyone faced a hard time because of the heavy rain and bad sewage system in the city. I hope that such a thing will not happen once again,” said Shazia Nidam, a teacher at Minarat International school. A number of school authorities and teachers confirmed that they sent students home because of the expectation of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The International Indian School in Jeddah said in a press release that the school will be closed on Wednesday but the Class XII board examination will be conducted as per the schedule. Also some companies sent their employees home.  A security officer in a private company told Saudi Gazette that the company gave everyone a holiday on Tuesday due to the sandstorm and the expectation of rain.  “All the employees at our office went home early because of the sandstorm and rain forecast,” said Mohammed Ali Amri.  
According to the latest weather forecast of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME), there is an expectation of rain and thunderstorms in Makkah and Jeddah on Wednesday and Thursday, with sandstorms and low visibility on Tuesday.
– Saudi Gazette
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