Saturday, 29 August 2015  -  14 Dhul-Qada 1436 H
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Saudia employees arrested for allegedly murdering boss

JEDDAH – Police here on Sunday arrested three Saudi Airlines employees of Sri Lankan nationality who are accused of involvement in murdering their boss in the catering department. The dead man is an Indian national, Vial Intaban.
The two arrested men, former kitchen boss Sunil and worker Tushah, allegedly used gloves to try to prevent the discovery of their fingerprints.
The police arrested the alleged killers 36 hours after the crime at the Saudi Airlines compound in Al-Khaldiya District was discovered. The main suspect, Sunil, who is accused of stabbing his boss, said he “held a grudge against the Indian who became my boss because I was holding that position. He marginalized me and always sided with his nationals”. The police also arrested a third person who allegedly knew about the crime before it happened but did not report it.
The third person, the kitchen worker Rolaxi, said he was approached by Sunil and was asked to participate in killing their boss. “When I refused he insulted me and told me he would seek the help of Toshah.” Rolaxi’s testimony was the key to solving the crime. Tushah was arrested and subsequently confessed.
The second suspect related the details of the crime. “We met Friday morning (with Sunil), got drunk and headed for the victim’s house. We knocked on the villa door but no one answered. We had to go around the building and break the kitchen door’s glass window at the back of the villa and entered from there. As we climbed to the second floor we encountered the victim on the stairs to the bedroom. That’s when Sunil punched him in the face and took out a knife and stabbed him once in the neck.”
The police had focused on the dead man’s friends and colleagues in the beginning because nothing was stolen and it was impossible for a stranger to enter the guarded compound.
Police suspected Sunil from the beginning. He was the one who allegedly exaggerated his grief and sadness and who “cried” at the scene. He later allegedly said during the interrogation that “it was to deceive everyone present at the scene”. – Okaz/SG
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