Saturday, 25 October 2014  -  01 Muharram 1436 H

Bank refuses loan to man with alleged SR23,000 in traffic fines

MAKKAH – Sayer Al-Da’adi could not get a business loan from the Credit and Savings Bank because of a whopping SR23,000 in traffic fines - violations he claims he never committed. Al-Da’adi said the bank told him he would have to pay the fines before he is eligible for a loan.
Al-Da’adi explained that he lost his identification card 10 years ago and had another one issued. Two years later, he was summoned by the Makkah Police about financial claims. However, after an investigation, an Arab man was arrested for impersonating him and illegally renting cars in his name.
The Arab man was jailed for one year, fined SR1,000 and deported.
“Three years later when I tried to transfer the ownership of my car to someone I found out that I was supposed to pay SR23,000.”
He said he held Makkah’s Traffic Police responsible for the delay in his loan transaction.
However, the Director of Makkah’s Traffic Police, Colonel Ahmad Nashi, said Al-Da’adi should take responsibility for following up on the situation. Nashi said that it takes time to cancel traffic violations. - Okaz/SG    
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