Thursday, 21 August 2014  -  25 Shawwal 1435 H

Evacuations, school closures as security heightens

AL-KHOBAH – Schools were closed in the governorate of Al-Harth Wednesday following the previous day’s attacks in the region as security concerns heightened.
Al-Harth Governor Muhammad Al-Shamrani said Thursday that the closure was a “temporary measure” taken after meetings with local heads and tribal sheikhs. The meetings also resulted in the evacuation of 1,500 people from six villages in the Al-Ghaliyah area.
“Everyone is working closely with each other and the Emir of Jizan Prince Muhammad is being kept fully abreast of the developing situation,” Al-Shamrani told Al-Watan newspaper.
Residents from other villages in the region of Al-Dokhan Mountain have also been evacuated to nearby camps for their safety.
Villagers in Al-Majda’ah, Al-Rawqi, Al-Maqbass, Qamadah, Al-’Arrah, Al-Batoul, Khamran, Al-Me’risah, and Al-Ghawiyah, as well from villages south of Al-Khobah were all told on Tuesday by Civil Defense officials to move to camps set up for the purpose.
Khalid Al-Ka’bi from Al-Batoul told Al-Watan that locals had responded to the evacuation order with complete compliance.
“It’s the right thing to do and we will only return to our villages when the authorities say it’s okay,” Al-Ka’bi said.
Eyewitnesses from the villages of Al-Qarn, Ash-Shaniq and Al-Jabri, located right on the border with Yemen, said everyone had left for a camp set up beside Al-Khobah General Hospital.
One man told Al-Watan that during Tuesday’s shootout some of the infiltrators broke into and ransacked his father’s shop.
“They made away with lots of food and left the place in a mess,” said Jibran Al-Harthi.
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