Saturday, 25 October 2014  -  01 Muharram 1436 H

bill wars result in power, credit cuts

21,000-riyal bill leaves family in the dark
DHAMAD – Mohammed Hakami and his wife and five children have been forced to abandon their home in the village of Al-Wasit after having their electricity cut off for failing to pay a bill of 21,000 riyals.
According to Hakami, whose family lives on state welfare benefits which he works out as providing 3.7 riyals per person per day, the bill started to shoot up two-and-a- half years ago for unexplained reasons. “People from the electricity company had been round before, but this time they didn’t listen to my pleadings,” Hakami said.
“It’s all terribly embarrassing. I used to have friends and their families around, but now we’re in a bit of an awkward situation. We are hoping though that the power will be returned soon,” he said.
The electricity company refused to comment when contacted, saying only that there was “no spokesman available to speak to the press”. – Okaz/SG
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