Wednesday, 27 August 2014  -  01 Thul-Qedah 1435 H

Islamic Affairs slams Imams’ end-of-world sermons

ABHA – The Director of Islamic Affairs, Endowment and Guidance in Asir, Abdullah Bin Muhammed Bin Humaid, has warned mosque Imams and Friday sermonizers to refrain from engaging in “lies” and “attempts to predict the future” after social gatherings repeated the reported sermons of three popular Imams in the region predicting a number of impending global catastrophes.
The Imams reportedly said that the month of Rajab could witness a series of calamities marking the end of the world, among them the appearance of man-eating insects, volcano eruptions, earthquakes plus a proliferation of rodents and mosquitoes.
Humaid said the talk circulating of such calamities was “nothing but pure lies and attempts to predict the future, because only Almighty Allah knows the last day of the world, so entering into such matters is prohibited”.
“Any Imam or khateeb who promotes such things will be held accountable for it in both the earthly world and the Hereafter, because by doing so he spreads evil and sedition,” Humaid said.
Humaid called on Imams and Khateebs to refrain from inciting fear in worshippers, saying that there was no purpose to fear mongering.
“Associating catastrophes with sin and disobedience is an indisputable Divine rule unanimously confirmed by the trustworthy ancestors of the Ummah, although Almighty Allah is Great and Merciful,” Humaid said.
“These predications from the Imams in their Friday sermons were prompted by the earth tremors in some areas of the Kingdom, and have led to a lot of confusion in the minds of people.” – Okaz/SG
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