Friday, 09 October 2015  -  25 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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Power outage in Riyadh area makes families suffer

RIYADH – Around 60 families, including children have been suffering in the sweltering hot summer weather since Tuesday afternoon in the Muammar Al-Omari area of Shumaisy District here due to the abrupt breakdown of electricity.
The families have urged the concerned authorities to take immediate action to restore the power supply.
Residents of the affected area said their complaints to the concerned authorities have fallen on deaf ears. They said they have been calling 933 the emergency number to register complaints about the sudden breakdown in the electricity supply.
They said they also called Electricity Board Regulatory Authority Consumer Affairs for Electricity and Water on 2019225 but as of yet have not had a proper response.
Dr. Farouk Ahmed Meer, an Indian working at the Shumaisy General Hospital’s Emergency Room, said it was his first such bitter experience in the Kingdom to live without electricity in the hot summer season.
He said he, his pregnant wife and four-year son could not sleep the entire night because of the hot weather. Moreover, another major concern for him was the scarcity of water. He said the water in the building’s underground tank ran out and without electricity, water cannot be pumped to the overhead tanks. “I work in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Shumaisy General Hospital and I need proper rest in order to attend to the patients in the emergency room,” he said. 
Dr. Muzaffar Sultan Mutto said he has a family of four, including a three-month old daughter who has been crying due to the hot summer weather which has seen the temperature reach 40 degrees Celsius.
“I don’t know what to do and where to lodge a complaint. We were not able to sleep the whole night yesterday (Tuesday),” he said, adding that all the food stored in his refrigerator was spoiled due to the power breakdown.
Engr. Aftab Alam Ghulam Baqt, an Indian, said he has a three-year-old child and his wife is pregnant and needs proper rest. He said he has no other option except to move to a hotel room. “I myself am an electrical engineer but cannot do anything except to call the authorities for help. But the problem is that despite several calls I have received no proper response,” he said.
The electricity failure might have been caused due to a faulty cable. Unless some technician attends and fixes the cable the chances of restoration of the power supply will be remote, Baqt said. – SG
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