Tuesday, 02 September 2014  -  07 Thul-Qedah 1435 H

Several charity bodies expected at Saudi wedding expo

JEDDAH – The 10th annual international Saudi wedding exhibition under the theme “Our Weddings 2009” will open on March 1 at the Jeddah Hilton with the participation of more than 140 companies.
A large number of charity organizations and academics will take part in the exhibition providing advice and lectures on the economics of marriage, culture, and bridal health both before and after marriage.
“The exhibition, which will include the newest and most popular brand names offered by over 140 local and international companies, is being held partly for advertisement and marketing and partly for charity and for providing advice and assistance in wedding planning,” said Adel Abdulshakour, Executive Manager of the Exhibition.
“Visitors of different ages will come to the exhibition in order to have a look at the wedding related gifts, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry that women need,” he said, adding that “besides these products, we will also arrange several lectures presented by experts and professors to make the couple, and especially the bride, aware of the preparations that should be made before the wedding party.”
According to Abdulshakour, people are often confused about what to do in planning a wedding and where to get everything that they need.
“The exhibition will gather together in one place everything required for the wedding party from the decorations to the small gifts given to the wedding guests,” Abdulshakour said.
This exhibition will provide a mix between the traditional wedding customs of the Kingdom and the latest international wedding fashions, he added.
“The wedding sector plays an important economic role in the Kingdom with many international companies eager to enter the market because of the enormous importance that Saudis place upon wedding parties,” said Abdulshakour. –SG
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