Tuesday, 02 September 2014  -  07 Thul-Qedah 1435 H

He served tea to 14 health ministers

RIYADH – In his farewell speech, Dr. Hamad Al-Mane’, the outgoing Minister of Health, made a special occasion of his parting for the ministry workers who served coffee and tea in his office by ceremoniously entrusting them to the new administration.
“Tea-boy” is an inadequate nomenclature for such a bearer of refreshment – known in Arabic as “Qahwaji”, or coffee-server – and no more so than in the case of Ibrahim Al-Dowsari, known as Abu Fahd, the oldest tea boy at the Ministry of Health.
Abu Fahd – pictured bidding farewell to the departing minister – has worked as a Qahwaji for over 50 years, serving tea and coffee to 14 ministers of health.
On the departure of the minister, Abu Fahd paid tribute to Al-Mane’: “During his years as Minister of Health he always treated us with special concern, and would always enquire about how we were and how our children were.”
Of ministerial tastes, Abu Fahd revealed that all 14 ministers of health, Al-Mane’ included, preferred starting their day’s work with Arabic coffee and dates. – Okaz/SG
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