Wednesday, 07 October 2015  -  23 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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Aviation Horizons flies high as GACA issues new license

From left: Hosam A. Andijani, General Manager, Aviation Horizons; Mohammad D. Bokhari, CEO, Aviation Horizons; and Wajdi A. Alidrissi, Managing Director, Saudia Private Aviation. — SG photo by Amer HilabiBy Amer Hilabi
Saudi Gazette
JEDDAH – Aviation Horizons, a Jeddah-based private aviation company, obtained Part 135 license issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia, the company said at a press conference Tuesday night held at Qasr Alsharq.
The announcement was made in the presence of Mohammad D. Bokhari, CEO, Aviation Horizons, who signed a cooperation agreement with Saudia Private Aviation (SPA), represented by its Managing Director Wajdi A. Alidrissi.
The license is considered the first after a royal decree separating the General Authority of Civil Aviation from the Ministry of Defense.
Established in 2007, Aviation Horizons specialized in private aviation services including private jets’ operations, aircraft charter, aircraft sales and acquisitions, as well as focused consultation in private jet operations.
The issuance of the license is a barometer of the Kingdom’s robust economy and affluent society, which forecasts a much bigger market for private aviation services.
It also reflects the Kingdom’s strong aviation infrastructure which augur well for general business aviation flight operation.
“With the increasing demand in the Kingdom, our goal is to uplift the private aviation service and provide our clients with the optimum services they deserve to have,” Bokhari said.
Aviation Horizons is an operator member of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA).
“We look forward to cooperate with GACA and the private aviation companies to assist in increasing the efficiency of private aviation market in Saudi Arabia,” Bokhari added.
Aviation Horizons has gained the respect and appreciation of clients and commercial affiliates worldwide owing to its highly professional staff who have been carefully selected by top management to administer and run the company’s aircraft operations.
Hosam A. Andijani, General Manager, Aviation Horizons, said “we are proud of our commitment and reliance on the Saudi professionals within Aviation Horizons. We believe it is our duty toward our country to support the Saudi employment and we’ll continue our expansion through hiring the best professionals to achieve the company’s goals.”
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