Monday, 20 October 2014  -  26 Thul-Hijjah 1435 H

Female students protest ‘poor conditions’ at Tabuk University

TABUK – A number of first-year female students from the science and art faculties at Tabuk University gathered Sunday to protest alleged abuse by teachers, favoritism, nepotism and the crowded lecture schedule.
This is similar to protests by female students at King Khalid University in Asir about a month ago.
The students claim they are being treated badly by some expatriate teachers and want them replaced with Saudis, it was reported in a section of the Arabic press on Monday.
The students also want to use their cellphones inside the buildings as is the case at some other universities, and also want a dental clinic opened for them.
In response, Dr. Naif Al-Jehani, the media spokesman of Tabuk University, confirmed in a statement that a number of female first-year students had gathered at Al-Maseef Building where they raised some demands about living and academic conditions.
They conveyed these demands to Dr. Abdullah Al-Zyani, Deputy President of the University and Dr. Saleh Al-Mezal, Deputy President for Academic Affairs and Supervisor of Public and Media Relations.
He said the demands were centered on services at some faculties and the alleged abuse of students by some of the teaching staff.
The university is prepared to meet the students and discuss their demands, said Al-Jehani. He said Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Enezi, the university president, has asked officials in charge to respond immediately to the students’ demands. – SG
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