Wednesday, 29 July 2015  -  13 Shawwal 1436 H
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Hai’a won’t respond to unverified complaints

RIYADH – The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (the Hai’a) will not respond to reports unless the person making the complaint identifies himself or herself and the information is verified, said Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif Bin Abdulaziz Aal Al-Sheikh, General President of the Hai’a.
He also said that the Hai’a will only deal with reports that fall under its jurisdiction.
Hoaxes and false reports were the main cause for criticism of the performance of the Hai’a staff, Aal Al-Sheikh said in a statement.
He said the Hai’a was striving to change its image, adding that he sought the cooperation of all Hai’a staff in achieving this objective.
The new Hai’a chief, who has completed one week in his post, admitted that the Hai’a field staff have some shortcomings and have made some mistakes. “We aren’t angels. There might be some shortcomings and wrong practices, but these are dealt with through advice and guidance,” he said.
Aal Al-Sheikh confirmed that the decision to terminate volunteers was final and irrevocable. He urged the terminated volunteers to report from their homes whatever they consider to be vice through the new operations rooms. He said he has directed officials in the General Presidency for the Hai’a to expedite equipping and preparing the operations rooms that will filter complaints, verify them and respond to them according to priority.
The Hai’a has taken this step following the termination of its volunteers, who Aal Al-Sheikh said were the cause of embarrassment for the Hai’a. Aal Al-Sheikh promised that the operations rooms will be free of any bias. He directed those who will be working in the operations rooms to be honest in their work and to verify the authenticity of reports and not to take decisions based upon mere suspicions. Aal Al-Sheikh asked the Hai’a field staff to be kind, wise and compassionate even with violators. – SG
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