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Housemaid viciously abused, says Indonesian diplomat

Last updated: Monday, November 15, 2010 3:10 AM
JEDDAH: A 23-year-old Indonesian maid, who came to Saudi Arabia three months ago, has landed in a Madina hospital after members of her sponsor’s family severely beat her and burned her with a hot iron, according to an Indonesian diplomat.
Sumiati BT Salan Mustapa, who arrived in the Kingdom on July 18  to work for a family in Madina, was admitted to King Fahad Hospital in Madina on Monday, said Didi Wahyedi, the Indonesian Consul for Citizen Protection.
He also called for action against those who are responsible for her injuries.
“We want justice for our workers,” Wahyedi said.
“The way the victim has been treated is totally un-Islamic and un-human. This is a reflection of the sponsor’s irresponsibility and we want to complain about it.”
The story began to unfold on Monday when Mustapa, who had come to the Kingdom to work for SR800 per month, was taken to a private hospital in Madina. Personnel there said her injuries were too severe for them to treat her and she was directed to King Fahd Hospital.
She was “in a very serious condition,” said Miea Mirlina, who works at King Fahad Hospital. “Her body was burned on many places, both legs were almost motionless, some parts of her skin on her head were removed and strong marks of old wounds were on her body including skin loss on lips and head, a fractured middle finger and a cut near an eye. Her body shows how badly she was treated.”
Mustapa, who said she cannot understand Arabic or English, related that the mother and daughter of her sponsor treated her very badly, that the mother frequently beat her severely and burned her with a hot iron, Mirlina said.
A physician from King Fahad Hospital said Mustapa “was wounded from head to toe when she was admitted. She was unconscious.”
The maid will recover, the physician said, but it will take at least two weeks for her to heal and she will have to undergo plastic surgery.
Mirlina told Saudi Gazette that Mustapa’s condition, which was very bad when she was admitted, has improved and she is on the road to recovery. When she arrived, her hemoglobin count was 6, but it has improved to 10; 12 is normal, Mirlina said.
A low hemoglobin count can be caused by a poor diet, blood loss or some diseases.
Mustapa does not want to stay in the Kingdom and wants to return to Indonesia as soon as possible, Mirlina said.
– Saudi Gazette
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