Saturday, 25 October 2014  -  01 Muharram 1436 H

Jeddah to get diplomatic enclave at South Corniche

JEDDAH – A seven-million-square-meter diplomatic enclave will be constructed at South Corniche in Jeddah.
The Jeddah Mayoralty in cooperation with the Jeddah Development and Urban Recreation Company (JDURC) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs has identified the site for the project.
The JDURC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have completed the initial study on the project.
Dr. Yasser Adas, Director General of the Mayoralty’s Main Projects and Special Development Zones, said that following submission of reports by the Mayoralty and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, had approved the project on July 29 last.
He said that the planned diplomatic district would emerge as an urban landmark.
Adas said that the district would become a thriving commercial center in Jeddah housing diplomatic buildings and facilities. He said that after the completion of the project the relevant authorities would also retrieve the areas cordoned off for provision of security to various diplomatic missions.
Adas said that the project has been planned on the lines of the Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter.
He said that the planned enclave would not only house diplomatic missions, government offices or cultural centers, it would also have a residential zone, an investment zone and recreation centers.
The official said that the viewpoints of various consulates operating in Jeddah were also incorporated in the plan.
The project will be completed in cooperation with the Jeddah Development and Urban Recreation Company. ­– Okaz/SG
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