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World artists to bring color to Makkah

Last updated: Saturday, January 02, 2010 3:50 AM
JEDDAH – Artists from around the world are preparing to brighten up the city of Makkah through the first Islamic arts competition held in the holy city under the title “In Our Love for Makkah We Meet.” The event will seek to bring new color to the city’s streets with murals at 12 sites, according to city Mayor Osama Bin Fadhl Al-Bar. “The idea is to try and spread artistic culture through works relating to Islamic cultural inheritance in the capital of Islamic culture, Makkah,” Al-Bar said. “We hope to turn Makkah into an open museum of Islamic art.” The competition, Al-Bar added, is open to all Muslim artists from everywhere in the world. – Okaz/SG– Okaz/SG
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