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Navy sinks 2 infiltrator vessels

Last updated: Friday, November 20, 2009 2:58 AM
JIZAN – A Saudi Royal Navy bomber attacked and sunk two sea vessels which failed to respond to repeated warnings after entering Saudi waters.
Navy sources in Jizan told Okaz that air patrols issued repeated warnings to the vessels to halt, and were forced to strike when those warnings went unheeded.
“We will not let any vessel penetrate one inch into Saudi waters, and we have orders to strike with an iron fist anyone who does so and threatens the nation’s security and peace,” the sources said.
It was not stated when the incident occurred.
Okaz also learnt that infiltrator wireless transmissions intercepted by the military revealed the rebels to be in “disarray”. Sources said that some rebel groups had refused orders to advance towards the Saudi border, describing the area as a “hell on Earth”.
The sources added that rebel ranks had been fractured by a loss of leadership on the ground, and that already low morale was being exacerbated by increasing hunger and thirst due to supply lines being cut off. Saudi forces continued to attack infiltrators and disperse their ranks as warplanes maintained sorties at Mt. Dokhan and other peaks in the border region where remaining rebels have sought refuge from attacks from both sides.
Marines and commandos also continued to comb villages and sites in the vicinity of the line of fire.
Meanwhile in Yemen, Abbass Aid, head of a rebel combat unit, was killed and another was wounded in Saada province, stronghold of the insurgency, a Yemeni military official told AFP.
Youssef Madani, son-in-law of Hussein Al-Huthi, founder of the Zaidi rebels’ movement, was wounded in the assault, the same official said.
The authorities called on rebel members to hand themselves in. “Give yourself up ... and we will not do you harm,” the armed forces said. – Okaz/SG with agencies
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