Wednesday, 02 September 2015  -  18 Dhul-Qada 1436 H
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Former Gitmo detainee warns against men of deviant thought

ABHA – Among the many words of comfort and support voiced following last Thursday’s attempted assassination of Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minster of Interior for Security Affairs, one of the least expected came Monday from former Guantanamo detainee Yousef Abdullah Al-Rubeish.
Al-Rubeish, who was held at the US internment camp for five years, contacted Al-Watan newspaper to warn Saudis of the danger of the “deviant thought” and “brainwashing” practiced by terrorist organizations.
“The stance of Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, the Prince of Humanitarianism, reinforces our love for him and for the guardians of the nation,” Al-Rubeish said. “I was extremely happy when I heard the news that he had survived the assassination attempt and was even happier when I saw him and the King on television right after the news was announced.”
Al-Rubeish called on the people of Saudi Arabia to be “the first line of defense against terrorism and deviant thought and anyone plotting against this secure and stable nation”.
“We will not forget the Prince’s efforts from the time of my detention in Guantanamo and outside, and we won’t forget his call to my family to inform them of my release while I was still on the airplane home,” Al-Rubeishi told Al-Watan. “He cared for us and gave us financial and moral support which continues to this day, so may Allah reward him and preserve him from all harm and preserve our country and our leadership from all harm and return deviating Muslims back to the correct path of guidance.”
A prison officer has, meanwhile, expressed his willingness to join the first line of defense by asking to be transferred from his current position to a post with the Special Armed Forces or the Anti-terrorism forces to “block any attempt to threaten the security and stability of this nation”.
“I am ready and at the disposal of Prince Muhammad Bin Naif whose survival of the treacherous attempt on his life gave us such happiness,” prison officer Mubarak Al-Shahrani told Al-Watan. “My feelings are just an extension of every true Saudi’s desire to protect his country.” – SG
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