Tuesday, 06 October 2015  -  22 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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Call to boycott Israeli-related products

JEDDAH – The Memory of Stones campaign continued its activities here on Tuesday evening with more lectures, poems, artistic work and documentary films about the Palestinian issue.
Held at Al-Makkiya Cultural Forum, the young men and women who have shouldered the responsibility of reminding the new generation about the main issue confronting the Palestinians hosted an audience of about 100.
Some of the participants claimed that the campaign should highly focus on an economic boycott of all Israeli-related products.
Tariq Al-Wasiyah, a retired pilot, told Saudi Gazette that he believes that such events should go further than just being an occasion to remind oneself about the Palestinian issue.
“I think such events are no more than a painkiller that makes you feel you have done something, but you haven’t. This doesn’t mean such events are useless, but when someone is in pain, he might not focus well. These events can truly stir something inside us.”
He also thinks that, along with calling for Islam and behaving like good Muslims, boycotting Israeli products can make the whole world know who Muslims are and what Islam really means.
“The Israelis are materialistic people and fighting them economically can damage them,” he explained.
Dr. Sami Ankawi said that they should work like blood cells do. “We have to love each other and confront our enemy together. This is what both the red and white cells of the blood usually do to keep a healthy body,” Ankawi said.
He added that a period of 60 years was enough. He called upon the young generation to raise awareness of the Palestinian issue.
The event included displaying artistic work about Palestine and poems by Nimah Nawwab, a Saudi empowerment consultant, poet and writer. It also included playing songs related to the Palestinian issue by famous Lebanese singers like Fairouz, Julia Boutros and Ahmed Kabour. Hidayah Abbas and Ahmed Sabri, members of the campaign, highlighted the importance of continuing efforts to make the Memory of Stones alive until the last Israeli soldier leaves Palestine. – SG
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