Tuesday, 01 September 2015  -  17 Dhul-Qada 1436 H
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3 terror suspects turn in

RIYADH – Three Saudi nationals, who were misled to join terror network abroad, have turned themselves in to the Saudi authorities after their relatives convinced them to return to the Kingdom, the interior ministry announced Saturday.
“They will be dealt with according to procedures in such cases, taking into consideration their initiative (to turn themselves in) and the role of their families,” said Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, security spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior.
The security authorities reunited the three Saudis with their families the moment they arrived, he said.
Al-Turki said the three Saudis, who were handed over to the Kingdom by one of the countries witnessing security threat, are not included in the list of terrorists wanted by the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia has issued a list of its 85 most wanted suspects living abroad, including six Saudis released from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.
Out of the 85 people, 83 are Saudis and two are Yemenis.
Three militants from the wanted list have already been handed over to the Kingdom. Two of them surrendered voluntarily and the third was arrested by Yemeni authorities.
Joint efforts of the security authorities in the Kingdom and Yemen resulted in the repatriation of Muhammad Ateeq Owaidh Al-Owfi Al-Harbi, former Gitmo detainee and wanted by the security authorities in the Kingdom, on February 16 this year. He appeared earlier in a recorded video on the Internet as the so-called Field Commander of the deviant organization. He expressed his wish to surrender to the Care and Rehabilitation Center in Riyadh with the help of his family.
Fahd Raggad Samir Al-Ruwaili was handed over to the Kingdom last February after he expressed his wish to return to the Kingdom from Syria. Al-Ruwaili was in the list of 85 wanted terrorists.
Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi, who was arrested in Taiz Governorate by the Yemeni authorities, was handed over to the Kingdom.
The Ministry of Interior called on wanted persons abroad to resort to reason and take the initiative to surrender to the nearest Saudi embassy or consulate general. They would be reunited with their families. The ministry stressed that their initiative to surrendder would be taken into consideration when looking into their cases.
After Saudi Arabia announced an amnesty on Aug. 4 last year, 15 Saudis, who were misled and realized their mistake, had come forward to surrender to the Saudi embassies and consulates abroad.
“There are still others who are still holding on to their sins and temptations,” a Saudi statement said at that time.
“They have made themselves tools in the hands of the enemies of the religion, and the nation has nothing to do with them and is apprehensive about what despicable acts these human devils might perpetrate against their people and nation.”
The statement called upon the wanted persons to “return to reason and wisdom” and surrender under the Aug. 4 amnesty offer, whereby their return to the country “would be secured and they would be reunited with their families” depending on the charges.
Meanwhile, Egypt said Saturday that police have arrested seven members of an Al-Qaeda-affiliated cell over a Cairo bazaar bombing three months ago that killed a French tourist. – Okaz/SG
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