Monday, 20 October 2014  -  26 Thul-Hijjah 1435 H

Evacuation begins as tremors continue

AL-EIS – Local residents have become increasingly alarmed after experiencing the biggest tremor thus far registering 4.15 on the Richter scale early Thursday following ten successive tremors, some of which were felt for the first time as far as Yanbu located 150 km from Al-Eis.
After the tremor, a voluntary evacuation operation began in which three families from Al-Qarrassah village were taken to a shelter camp, 45 km from Al-Eis.
Maj. Gen. Saleh Al-Muhawwis, Director General of Civil Defense in Madina Region, said the families that wanted to be transported to the shelter camp have been taken there. He said the forced evacuation stage would not begin until there were indications of great danger.
Informed sources said the molten rocks (magma) being pushed upward have reached 3 km below the surface of the earth whereas recently they were at a depth of 4 km.
As a result of the new tremors, cracks have appeared in several houses in Al-Qarrassah village while bricks toppled from the top of some buildings. Civil Defense teams rushed to inspect the damages that were evident in the house belonging to the Saudi national Awadh Al-Hafidhi, who said that his house, constructed seven years ago, had never had cracks before.
Local residents have started sleeping outdoors in the courtyards of their houses fearing tremors.
Also, Civil Defense patrols have spread throughout the region. – SG
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