Friday, 04 September 2015  -  20 Dhul-Qada 1436 H
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‘Women need to take up key media posts’

JEDDAH – Iynas Hashai has realized her dream of publishing a magazine about Jeddah, the city that she loves.
After working in journalism for four years, she had the idea of publishing a comprehensive guide to the city for foreign residents, visitors and tourists as well as citizens.
The idea came to her when she realized that there was a drastic shortage of information about Jeddah, the “Bride of the Red Sea”, aimed at non-Arabic speakers with information about the city’s historical treasures, tourist sites, malls and shopping centers.
“I believe that the magazine (Destination) renders a great service to the country, since other nations have comprehensive guides for their major cities. The success of my magazine is best manifested in the increase in sales and the number of subscribers,” Hashai said.
She said that at the beginning, she faced several obstacles. “The biggest hurdle was the distribution of the magazine and the fact that we had very little cooperation from officials and individuals in society.
But we succeeded in overcoming all these difficulties, especially the bureaucratic procedures, which were really time consuming,” she was quoted by Al-Hayat Arabic newspaper as saying.
She continued by saying: “We follow a certain method in distributing the magazine. We distribute about 20,000 issues to hospitals, hotels, embassies, restaurants, compounds, universities and the Saudi Embassy in the US. We also distribute it to some individuals, and whoever is interested in the magazine can communicate with us through our website.”
She said that 90 of her staff are young Saudis, pointing out that the criteria for selecting the staff are their competency and belief in the goals of the magazine and their spirit of cooperation. She also said that she is planning to produce a similar magazine about Riyadh and another one about the Eastern Province.
“I believe that the time is ripe for Saudi women to be posted in key positions in the press, especially as government officials and society are encouraging women to occupy senior posts. A lot of women have proved themselves in leading administrative posts,” Hashai said.
“I expect that Saudi women will be appointed editors of dailies very soon because they have been in the field for years and have gained enough experience to fill the post. There is nothing that prevents women from being editors, because what men can do, women can do,” she added. – SG
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