Saturday, 01 August 2015  -  16 Shawwal 1436 H
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Studies under way on Saudis marrying abroad

DAMMAM – The Society for Caring for Saudis Abroad (Awassir) is in the process of completing three studies on Saudis marrying abroad. The studies will be submitted to the Ministry of Interior upon completion.
Abdullah Al-Hamoud, the society’s chairman, said the studies focus on problems emanating from marrying foreign women abroad, curtailing the phenomenon of such marriages and handling the difficulties Saudi families face in adapting themselves to the new environment on their return to the Kingdom.
Al-Hamoud said an earlier study conducted by the society showed that there were 200 girls of marriageable age belonging to Saudi families abroad and suggested that those wanting to marry foreign women take them as their wives instead.
He said studies revealed that 40 percent of applications for marrying foreign women were submitted by elderly Saudi men looking for foreign wives below the age of 20.
Al-Hamoud explained that the problem of readapting stems from the long years Saudi families stay abroad pointing out that “some families invariably face a problem readapting upon their return to the Kingdom. This necessitates the intervention of some parties involved in social work.”
Meanwhile, the society will start distributing electronic cards worth SR500 to needy Saudi families abroad to enable them to met their monthly expenses. The cards will be recharged monthly so as to enable the families to use them without interruption.
Al-Hamoud said the society has adopted a plan for touring 11 countries where needy Saudi families are residing with the objective of determining their condition and facilitating their return to the country.
Al-Hamoud said the society has urged the social committee in the Shoura Council to come up with a new regulation governing the marriage of elderly Saudi citizens to foreign women. He indicated that the society had earlier submitted statistics to the Shoura Council on the number of boys and girls of Saudi origin living abroad. – Okaz/SG
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