Thursday, 08 October 2015  -  24 Dhul-Hijjah 1436 H
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Morsi thinks better to "die standing like tree": aide

A spokesman for Mohamed Morsi said the president believed it would be better to die "standing like a tree", defending the electoral legitimacy of his office, than to go down in history as having destroyed Egyptians' hopes for democracy.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Princess Fawzia, a member of Egypt's last royal family and the first wife of Iran's later-deposed monarch, has died, Iranian opposition groups said. She was 92.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Close to 100 women have fallen victim to "rampant" sexual attacks in Cairo's Tahrir Square during four days of protests against President Mohamed Morsi, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Egypt's central bank has told banks to close their branches early and has advanced the time for a foreign currency auction, a banker said, ahead of an army deadline on Wednesday that could trigger a military takeover backed by protesters.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Egypt's state-run Al-Ahram newspaper said it expected President Mohamed Morsi would either step down or be removed from office on Wednesday when a deadline set by the army for resolving the country's political crisis expires.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
The Palestinian president said Tuesday he is optimistic that US Secretary of State John Kerry will succeed in restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, a rare upbeat assessment about ongoing American mediation efforts.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Sixty-one convicted coup plotters received jail terms of up to 10 years in the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday after a trial that targeted Islamists and drew criticism from human rights groups.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Swedish citizen denies links with Hezbollah
A Swedish citizen of Lebanese origin Tuesday denied links to the Hezbollah movement during his trial on charges of breaking Thailand's weapons laws.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Refugee camp shut: Libyans refuse to leave
Some 650 refugees have refused to leave the Choucha refugee camp at the Tunisian-Libyan border, which officially closed Sunday.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
The mass resignation of a quarter of Misrata’s local council is a very pubic confession of its failure in bringing about change.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Officials say a roadside bomb has killed at least seven people in a Baghdad suburb while the bodies of three construction workers were found elsewhere in the Iraqi capital.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Egypt's armed forces chief said Wednesday the military is ready to die to defend the people against "terrorists" and extremists, after President Mohamed Morsi rejected an army ultimatum and public pressure to quit.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Syrian government forces are pressing ahead with the battle to take back areas they have dominated throughout the country.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi vowed he would not quit despite mass protests demanding his resignation and an army ultimatum as fresh deadly violence rocked capital Cairo.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Army shelling kills 14 near Damascus
At least 14 people were killed in army shelling on a rebel village near the Syrian capital Tuesday, as violence raged in flashpoint areas of Damascus and in the central city of Homs, a watchdog said.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Israeli troops kill Palestinian teen
Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian during a confrontation in the occupied West Bank Tuesday, Palestinian officials said.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
Tunisia assembly missed a historic opportunity: Press
The Tunisian press strongly criticized the National Assembly Tuesday after a debate on the new constitution degenerated into chaos, with some saying it had missed the chance to make history.
Wednesday, 03 - July 2013
A protege of Iran's outgoing president said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his allies will make a comeback as a future force in Iranian politics, newspapers reported on Tuesday.
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