Saturday, 30 August 2014  -  04 Thul-Qedah 1435 H

The Ministry of Labor has failed to meet its goals

Many who objectively analyze the performance of Adel Fakeih, who was appointed Minister of Labor four years ago, conclude that his ministry has failed to meet the goals set out for it.

Are people who live in a democracy ‘sheep’?

Those who lose their mind ultimately lose their ability to be logical. I thought of this when I read a reply from a reader to a tweet I had written. I said in my tweet that the Arab world would advance only when the value of an Arab was equivalent to the value of a man in the West.

5.5m students to go to school Sunday

A total of 5,553,558 male and female students are scheduled to go to school in different stages of general education in the Kingdom on Sunday.

Six hurt in fire at Grand Mosque expansion site

Six people were injured in a fire that broke out at the Grand Mosque expansion project site in Gazza, north of the mosque, on Friday afternoon.

Gaza’s Baywatch sans glitz & glamor

It’s a world away from the glitz and glamor of “Baywatch”, but in time of war Gaza’s most devoted lifeguard is passionate about keeping the beach a little bit safer.

Jazan to Riyadh: Is relocation key to economic prosperity?

Mufrih Yahya is from Jazan but for two years, he worked nearly 700 km away in the Southern Province of Sharura in Najran before moving to the capital Riyadh recently. Yahya’s story of relocating to another town is one that is shared by scores of young Saudis.

Bidoon: Generations of discrimination

Descendants of nomadic Bedouins, the Bidoon or stateless Arabs, have lived on the margins of society for generations.

Turkey’s new Sultan with eye on history

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was sworn in as Turkey’s president.

Amid Afghanistan’s escalating war, a battle to beat polio

Tens of thousands of volunteers fanned out across Afghanistan this week, braving deteriorating security and distrusting parents to administer two chilled drops of the oral polio vaccine each to millions of children.

India’s economy picking up

Figures out Friday are expected to show India’s faltering economy grew at its fastest pace in over two years in the first financial quarter, as the election of a new right-wing government spurred confidence.

Troubles at Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines will slash thousands of staff, trim its route network, and replace its CEO.

Introducing Fanilla Couture

Self-taught Saudi designer Razan Suliman is the founder of pop-fashion brand Fanilla Couture and the owner of BYLENS, the first Qatari stock photography. Her brand consists of trendy Arabic inspired t-shirts that reflect word play and contrasting graphics.

Will gourmet put the ‘good ole burger’ to rest?

Given their popularity and availability all over the world you may take burgers for granted.

Is food controlling you? Eight questions to ask yourself

Many of us have a complex relationship with eating. We often feel like we can’t control the impulses and emotions we feel around food and this is what causes weight gain and also what derails us when we try to reverse the process.

Why has the Minister of Civil Service abandoned his Twitter account?

A number of top Saudi government officials have opened accounts on social media.

Plans to address potential risks during Haj

The head of the Civil Defense, Maj. Gen. Sulaiman Bin Al-Amr, stressed the importance of integrated plans and preparations to deal with all potential risks during the Haj season.

With schools set to open, children unprepared for classes

On the the first day of the academic year, Areej gets up a little early to make a special breakfast for her small

Best muezzin competition in Riyadh

The best muezzin competition in the Islamic world will soon be held in the capital.

Who are the ‘Peshmergettes?’

As Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants continue to wreak havoc across northern Iraq, many Kurds are

Iraqi Kurds: From guards to vanguard against militants

Iraqi Kurdish forces, which have been thrust into the vanguard of the battle against militants.

Syria refugees top 3 million

The number of refugees from the conflict in Syria now tops three million, the United Nations said Friday, as US President Barack Obama admitted he still has no strategy to tackle advancing Islamic

Turkey popular destination for medical tourism

Turkey has emerged as a popular destination for medical tourism.

Iraqi aircraft strike IS near besieged town

Iraqi aircraft carried out strikes targeting jihadists in the Amerli area on Friday as security forces ready a major assault to break through to the besieged Shiite Turkmen town.

Meshaal: Gaza conflict a ‘milestone’

Hamas will not cease resisting Israel until all its demands are met, the group’s overall leader Khaled Meshaal said on Thursday, adding the latest Gaza conflict was only “a milestone to reaching our

New Cabinet full of Erdogan allies

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved a new Cabinet stacked with loyal allies just a day after he moved from premier to head of state, with former Europe minister Mevlut Cavusoglu promoted

Fast, not furious in Asia’s ‘nanny state’

When 13 year-old Singaporean Choo Yixuan wants to take a break from her grueling daily schedule.

Dam-hit Lankans to get their own ‘Bridge on River Kwai’

Its detonation is one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

In India, rice replaces ice in bucket challenge

The famous “ice bucket” challenge is inspiring thousands of Indians to follow suit, but with a twist — they are replacing ice with rice in a bid to help the country’s poor, hungry people.

Sharif distances himself from army

Pakistan’s prime minister, weakened by weeks of opposition protests calling for him to resign, distanced himself from an army move to intervene in the crisis on Friday, saying he did not turn to the

Senegal confirms its 1st case of Ebola

Senegal has recorded its first case of Ebola in an outbreak that is ravaging its West African neighbors, the Ministry of Health said Friday.

Death toll in Ukraine fighting hits 2,593

A total of 2,593 people, including civilians as well as Ukrainian and separatist combatants, have been killed in fighting in eastern Ukraine since it erupted in mid-April, a senior UN human rights

Ukraine seeks NATO membership

Ukraine said on Friday it would seek the protection of NATO membership after what Kiev and its Western allies say is the open participation of the Russian military in the war in Ukraine’s eastern

MoH allocates apartments for citizens

A source at the Ministry of Housing said the ministry will soon hand over plots of land to property developers so they can build apartments complexes for the benefit of citizens.

KKU prepares doctors for Saudi fellowship

The College of Dentistry at King Khalid University has begun training a number of dentists to prepare them to obtain their degrees as consultants in the Saudi fellowship program.

Pakistanis are holding their breath

A few decades ago, a military dictator decided to move Pakistan’s capital from the bustling city of Karachi to Islamabad, a brand new city which was to be tailor-made for the federal government,

Drivers in Saudi Arabia will never respect parking spaces for the handicapped

I am writing with regard to the article “5% public parking for handicapped” (Aug. 27). Local drivers will never respect parking spaces set aside for those who need them.

Give permits to those who want to visit Haj pilgrims

I am writing with regard to the article “Haj permit must to enter Makkah” (Aug. 27). Many pilgrims coming from other countries are elderly and they count on their relatives living in Saudi Arabia to

There is no such thing as a humble job!

With regard to the article “Young Saudis take pride in doing humble work” (Aug. 27), I’m sorry, but no job is humble.

Palestinians have no choice but to fight Israel

With regard to the post “Isn’t there another way to fight Israel?” (Aug. 28), an unlimited period of truce has been reached, but no one knows how long it will last.

Kafala system is human trafficking

I am writing with regard to the post “Muslims are suffering because of the kafala system” (Aug. 28). The kafala (sponsorship) system is just another word for human trafficking.

‘Our inhumane hospitals’ (Aug. 21)

The problem lies with the owners and the administrators who make the policy of a hospital and not the doctors who are just paid workers! Stop spreading baseless allegations against doctors and

‘Saudi Arabia has the world’s worst traffic system’ (Aug. 24)

The traffic system is not the problem, the problem is the kind of drivers on the roads in Saudi Arabia.

‘The day I did not offer prayers at the Grand Mosque’ (Aug. 22)

This was really a good thing that the writer did, but why would he tell everyone about it? If your right hand does a good deed even your left hand shouldn’t know about it. It’s a disappointing end

‘No end in sight to attacks on children by house workers’ (Aug. 25)

There should be no domestic workers in the first place. At least not the ones which cater to your needs 24/7. Your kids are your own and if you do not have the time to raise them, you should not

‘Ghouta all but forgotten’ (Aug. 23)

Support for the Palestinian resistance is totally in accordance with international law; people have the right to resist occupation and siege. It’s not about supporting Hamas as a political or

‘Working women seek recognition’ (Aug. 23)

Yeah and leave the kids to be raised by maids; no wonder kids today lack morals and are mentally weak. Islam gave different duties to different members of the family and if you deviate from the

‘Global outrage over IS video on beheading of US journalist’(Aug. 21)

Killing innocents is unpardonable. A journalist is a brave person who at the risk of his/her life ventures into dangerous zones in quest of the truth and sends it to us.

Peng sends Vinci packing

China’s Peng Shuai and former world No. 1 Jelena Jankovic led the way into the women’s round of 16 Friday at the US

Li, Chen keep China on course

Chinese world No. 1 Li Xuerui remained on course for a first world championship title after reaching the semifinals.

Utseya hat trick in vain as SA beats Zimbabwe

South Africa survived a batting collapse precipitated by a hat trick from spinner Prosper Utseya.

Rosberg apologizes, disciplined for crash

Formula One championship leader Nico Rosberg has apologized for colliding with teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Platini: Europe deserves 1 extra World Cup place

Europe deserves an extra team at the next World Cup, UEFA President Michel Platini said Thursday.

Sevilla gets Feyenoord in Europa League

Title-holder Sevilla will play another former champion in Feyenoord along with Standard Liege and HNK Rijeka in the

Rohit Sharma out of England series

India opener Rohit Sharma has been ruled out of the remainder of the one-day series in England after suffering a

Campbell-Brown claims 100m

Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell-Brown has her eyes firmly fixed on next year’s World Athletics Championships in Beijing

Natural gas flows quietly

Morgan Stanley has quietly filed plans to build and run one of the first US compressed natural gas export facilities,

The billion-dollar fall

On June 9, with his 150-year-old Portuguese corporate dynasty close to collapse.

Amazon controversy goes on

A group of Japanese publishers have lashed out at Amazon’s new book sale rules.

GT Academy Middle East winner picked

The Nissan PlayStation GT Academy International Race Camp drew to a thrilling conclusion at the UK’s Silverstone

Honda rolls out 2015 Accord sedan

Abdullah Hashim Co. Ltd. – sole distributor for Honda products in Saudi Arabia – launched the new 2015 Honda Accord

5 technologies that will change the rules of driving

From cars that will allow you to sleep behind the wheel to the ones that will keep you hydrated for hours, there will

It is unnerving to see how much flak Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been getting since the cease-fire ending the 50-day war with Hamas in Gaza was announced.