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Thursday, September 20, 2018


By Nisma Rafiq

Saudi Gazette


OU must have often heard these expression, or must have gone through

such a situation where the only thought that comes to your mind is nega-


Everything seems dull and colorless, whereas you feel irritated and

angry. Nothings looks okay because your mind is playing a very dangerous

game with you. However, let’s divert our thoughts in a different direction and think

about something positive in these situation.

What sort of change did you see? We didn’t change the situation, but we changed

the way we think about it. This is called Positive Thinking.

It is very important to think positively which helps you go through life’s biggest

and toughest challenges with a smile. According to research, children at the age

of 5 can easily understand the benefits of positive thinking. They believe it makes

them feel better.

For example, you see your friend who has fallen on the ground and has hurt him-

self. What do you do? Will you think that he is a bad runner, and let him suffer? Or

will you pull him up and boost his spirit?

If you do the last one you will not just help him, but you will make him feel better

in addition, you will feel good helping others in such a positive way.

Parents are role model for instilling positivity in children. More the parents focus

on the bright side of every situation, more the kids are able to think positively.

Remember — you just cannot control your thoughts — it is about what you pick

from all those infinite thoughts and react only over that; leaving all dark, merciless

thoughts there in the box.

POSITIVE THINKING is about Choosing to pay attention to the positive

thoughts, LETTING GO of the negative thoughts, and REACTING correctly to all

thoughts so as not to cause suffering for yourself or others AND to bring about the

most positive result for all.

We should guard and take care of our words and thoughts as it is a necessary

thing to be a good and happy person.







I am scared!


She is going to hurt me!


People are bad, I don’t want to talk with them!


Test is hard and I can ever pass it!


Teacher is going to be very angry at me!


Life is hard!


It’s okay that I am scared!


She is not that bad, and she is not going to hurt anyone.


Not everyone is bad. Everyone has their own personality.


Test is hard, but I work harder I can pass it.


May be Teacher will understand my situation and appreciate my honesty.


Life can be easy!