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Saudi Gazette, Saturday, January 21, 2017



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All Saudi universities have a well-established system to monitor student conduct

I am writing with regard to the article “Who is responsible when female university

students fight with each other?” (Jan. 13).

With due regard for the author, I disagree with the concluding part of this article

wherein it is stated: “Most of our universities do not pay attention to students, especially

female students, who seem to display signs of delinquency. In fact, many universities

have completely failed to detect and treat delinquent behavior. As a result, they have

become a fertile environment for arguments and fights and a place where female

students can easily assault one another.”

In fact, in line with the education policy of the Ministry of Higher Education, all

government and private sector universities and colleges take student support services

very seriously. For this purpose, universities have established Student Rights Units,

Academic Advising Units, Student Support Services Units and Psychological Counseling


All of these units provide guidance to students and resolve their personal as well as

academic problems. Moreover, all universities have developed well-defined student

codes of conduct, ethical codes and grievance procedures to resolve all types of

conflicts whether among students, between staff and students or between students

and faculty.

The Education Evaluation Commission (EEC) formerly known as the National

Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment has also attributed great

importance to student support services and academic and psychological counseling.

It is impossible for any program, college or university to achieve EEC accreditation

without providing adequate evidence regarding the provision of student support

services, guidance and counseling.

There are many universities that have a mentor system where three to five

students are assigned to a senior faculty member who acts as a mentor. The mentor

guides them to have good relations with fellow students, staff, faculty and parents in

accordance with the teachings of Islam. The EEC panel of reviewers not only examines

such evidence but also interviews students to ensure that they are being provided with

all support services, academic advising, the right of appeal and justice.

That is a why the incident reported in the above-mentioned article is very rare and

hence cannot be generalized to all universities and colleges in the Kingdom. I am

certain that no university wants to expel any student and does not take such an action

until violators cross well-established limits. Even in such cases the decisions taken by

universities provide the aggrieved students with a right of appeal.

The administration of colleges, universities, EEC and the Ministry of Higher Education,

all ensure that there is a conducive environment in the institutions where students

flourish so that university students become a useful part of Saudi society.

Each year, a majority of students proceed abroad for higher education. No such

complaints have ever been received about their conduct. Rather the reports often

indicate excellent performance and conduct of Saudi students abroad. All institutions

in the Kingdom including the institutions of higher education are working hard to

achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, which demand excellence in every

field including that of education. I am sure that students are provided justice and

sympathetic consideration by the administration of the Kingdom’s universities.

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Ahmedani,

Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, King Saud University

‘Women at wheel dare Jordan’s

social norms’ (Dec. 31)

Anyone who says that having freedom will

result in women being harassed should think again.

People should be raised to be respectful regardless

of religion or beliefs. Instead of being judgmental

and biased, why can’t we be fair? Why not

educate men to respect women in the same way

that they would want their sisters or mothers to be

respected? Respect begets respect!

Ysha Eimerol

It makes more sense to have women drivers

than to have men take their wives, mothers,

sisters and daughters everywhere that they

need to go. And it makes even more sense to

educate men to respect women and not to see

them as sexual objects.

Josie Garton

‘Why do some people treat

their parents cruelly?’ (Jan. 6)

Sadly, not all parents are nice; some are

abusers, some neglect their kids, etc. Some just

do not deserve love or affection. Sometimes it is

kinder to put people in assisted living. If you are

an unmarried only child with a low paying job

you cannot afford the time off or a caregiver

to look after sick or elderly parents, so it is better

for them to be in an assisted care facility. The

author of this article seems to either be very

innocent or rich enough that she has options

that others do not have. Life is rarely that simple.

Ian Whyte

Many old people have to be admitted to

care homes because they have medical issues

that cannot be dealt with at home. Care here

in the UK can be both luxurious and expensive.

Some homes provide 24-hour medical care and

have all the facilities that people with certain

medical conditions need. There is one near me

that charges over £1,000 per week. It is like living

in a luxury hotel. It has a cinema, swimming

pool, gym, library, etc. and two Mercedes

“people carriers” to drive the residents around.

Michael Abbott

‘Why are ambitious young Saudis not

being given a chance to succeed?’ (Jan. 7)

Let them go abroad to work. They will be

expected to work a full week, expected to do

as they are told, and expected to start from the

bottom and work up to managerial positions

over a number of years. Having a degree

means that you now have the correct tools to

start learning your specialty.

Glynne Pritchard

Saudi Arabia is a land that has been specially

blessed by Allah. Yes, Saudis are hardworking

and they have got good brains, but many of

them do not want to work for a low salary or do a

low profile job. The solution is importing expats to

do the work. Only if Saudis begin to work shoulder

to shoulder with expats will the day come when

99 percent of Saudis have a job and the country

will be a much better place.

Hasin Akhtar

I agree. I see a lot of intelligent and wise

young Saudi men. In general, every person

has potential and just needs to be given a

chance for the right opportunity to prove their

skills and talent. The government needs to

increase the number of people graduating from

higher education. However, if there is a lack

of motivation and cooperation, even the best

program will not work.

Jayson Bernaldez

Saudis have a greater advantage than

expats. They just need to apply to different

companies. Private companies will soon need

more Saudis due to the additional costs involved

in hiring expats.

Michael Brenan

‘Who pushed innocent Saudi tourists

to death in Turkey?’ (Jan. 10)

Even if you are living in the best country,

you will want to travel to see the world. There

are millions of tourists who travel all around the

world. Is it because they aren’t allowed to smile

in their own country? Of course not. They have

all the things mentioned in the article and more,

but they still want to travel abroad.

Lofa Zahre

What a ridiculous idea! People travel to

learn about cultures and other people and

appreciate the diversity of the world that Allah

created. The author seems to be suggesting

that Saudis only travel because they are

prohibited from doing things in their own

country! According to the author, if cinema,

music, etc., was brought into the country, then

these people would not have travel and hence

they would not be dead. How absurd!

Farriha Chishty

‘Thanks to expats for a

job well done’ (Jan. 11)

This is a very good article. Yes it is a bitter

truth. Thank you for highlighting the problems of

expats. We often forget how blessed we are. We

should all thank the Almighty for what we have

and try to help these people whenever possible.

Zeeshan Aziz

I thank the author for his appreciation of

the problems that expats face. We are giving

our best efforts for developing the nation. Also

we want to see the economic recovery of the

Kingdom. But the government should also be

concerned about expats. Fees have been

imposed and salaries have been reduced

which makes it very difficult for us to live. I hope

that the government realizes the necessity of

maintaining a level field for all.

Dulal Miah

‘Do you need a college degree

to find a job?’ (Jan. 7)

Many young graduates develop a mindset

that makes them believe that they deserve a

high salary just because they have a degree.

The fact is that all companies only pay for the

experience that you have and a degree only

qualifies you to be interviewed for a job.

ShahZad Tariq

That is why the percentage of unemployed

youth is high. Graduating from college is an

advantage. However, it still depends on your

knowledge, skills and attitude.

Raymond Ryan Cinco Punsalan

Some people have no education, but

they know how to do all kinds of jobs, such as

working as a mechanic, electrician, etc. Such

people have much more experience that those

who have spent their time getting a degree.

However, it is true that doctors, engineers,

teachers and nurses, need higher education

because they need to learn more than those

who have trained by themselves.

Manal Saleh