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Saudi Gazette, Saturday, March 25, 2017



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Policeman assaulted; what next? — March 12

Address the root cause of the assault....It’s

wrong to attack the forces and the people who

endeavor to protect citizens and provide security

for the same. But again was there issues that

escalated the incident, like for example injustices

or sort of unfair treatment or harassment by

police? It is fair to look on both sides of the coin.

Citizens can’t just walk and start assaulting the

officers. Investigations should be done to get to

the bottom of the issue.

Kiraithe Anthony

According to the news published in this

newspaper, the motorcyclist who hit the

policeman with his bike is a Saudi national, rest

of them are from Chad and Yemen. If a Saudi

policeman is not even safe from a Saudi than just

think for a moment what they can do to a non-

Saudi. Many complain but no action is taken.

Aadi Shah

Exit by expats, biometrics cited

for drop in SIM usage — March 12

Every sector will follow. Good. A positive result

of Saudization. Keep forcing it to accelerate

the result. Later they will have to spend more

in the country and not outside, less income less

vacation. Later on they don’t have to force

expats out.

Rozaini Abindinhazir

Not good, but the fact that the economy is

not stable has led to delayed salary, recession,

and low salary income. We need to look for other

opportunities as expats for our families. Also some

of us are getting older, and we need a better

and stable income. Let’s value life and equality

of each other. Let’s respect each other values.

Ethan Hunt

Firstly, please accept my apologies because I

might sound bitter. For decades expatriates have

been benefiting from the Kingdom but it does not

allow us the right to criticize when a country stands

up for itself. I believe the any jobs and opportunities

in the Kingdom are the right of its countrymen. I

also wish, they get well trained and qualify for the

opportunities. They should seek wisdom if they are

not ready to handle such opportunities. I am an

implementer of ERP solutions and to my pleasure I

welcome my Saudi brother to learn from me. I will

happily share my wisdom to help them excel. Allah

is the best provider.

Waqar Ahmed

The reality will be seen in the summer holiday

before July when new laws targeting expatriate

workers will come into force.

Mohamed Bangura

Earlier biometrics/finger print in Saudi Arabia

is used for getting machine readable iqama, car

driving licence etc. government utility services

and not for any SIM registration by the phone

company except an iqama photocopy only.

Mukhtar Mahmood

Its also because of Saudization of mobile

outlets...the staff is so rude that most expats just

turn away rather wasting time in long queues.

Nauman Raana

This is just beginning. Other sectors to

follow rules need to be changed encourage

investment and introduce easy visa rules. If UAE

can do it so can KSA but bottom line is attitude

and correct intention.

Zubair Afaq

Filipinos: A conscientious

community — March 13

Thanks to the author for coming up with

a good article. But let’s see when he visits

the Philippines and see the amount of waste

people are throwing anywhere and everywhere.

The author categorically referred to a small

community of people only but the bigger and

real picture in the Philippines depicts a different

story. However, the Filipino community’s effort is


Dennis B. Danao

Why foreign investors

flee KSA? — March 13

While there are a lot of good people in

Saudi there are also a lot of people who don’t

want foreigners here, especially non Muslims.

Whether its the laws about women’s driving (a lot

of business owners and investors internationally

are women), lack of entertainment for business

travelers, hotels demanding women travel with a

male guardian, etc. there are a lot of obstacles

which make business in the Kingdom difficult.

James McDaniel

It’s simple the more you become greedy

the more you lose opportunities. Controlling

remittances is not a good sign of open market

opportunities for investors. Saudization destroyed

the market and won’t benefit in the long run.

This kind of mentality is damaging when one

becomes happy to control remittances from

150 billion to 100 billion reducing the revenue

from 950 billion to 500 billion then imagine the

talent deployed through Saudization affecting

the revenue of the private companies and they

expect to attract investors?

Abdullah Safi

The business structure here is simply not

suitable for most multinational investors... They

are open for business but Saudi is not...

James Millan

How can a foreign company invest when

there is no transparency and the laws change

on a daily basis? The latest news is that they

want the major infrastructure projects to be PPP

or BOT, if a foreign company cannot have any

assurances that they will get a return on such a

huge investment they will not come.

Ian Whyte

The Saudi market has enormous potential

with a young population and richness in natural

resources. What is required is a pragmatic

approach to attract the best professionals and

local/international funding to drive projects over

the medium/long terms. The current wave of

misplaced nationalism and xenophobia is the

worst thing that could happen for the Saudi


Jonid Dowlut

Investors always observe present market

condition means how companies already

in Kingdom are sending feedbacks about

there business. Unfortunately presently most of

companies business are down. So no matter how

many seminars you hold few foreign investors will

be attracted.

Fahad Alam

Saudi Arabia has huge mineral wealth

copper, gold, oil and manpower — well

educated now. Even if the companies leave

Saudis won’t run out of wealth even if all

expats leave Saudis and Saudi Arabia will still

be one of the richest in the world. Economic

planning is not easy and KSA is just starting off.

There will be wins and fails but eventually they

might figure out during this transitional period

of shift from oil to capital-based economy the

right way. There will be casualties, companies

investors leaving till KSA figure out a proper

model after that these investors maybe

attracted back. This is a period of trial and error

and what worked for China or South Korea

may not work for Saudi Arabia. They have

to figure out the best win-win situation for all

economic players and it will take a while but

they have started off. Soon they will figure it

out. May Allah bless Saudi brothers

Waqas Ahmed

I think if Saudi money of Saudis lying outside

is invested in Saudi Arabia you may not need

foreign investment. Let’s ask why Saudis are

keeping their money outside rather than investing

in KSA. You may find your answer without need

for any explanation.

Arunesh Verma

Things have to change. Why should

foreigners invest in the country where there is

no clear rules and transparency. Many things

have to change or review the plan again. Other

countries welcome anyone who wants to do

business but setting up a business in KSA is really


Abdur Rahman Abdul Amin

Around 2,000 investors were forced to cancel

SAGIA licence by imposing huge penalties on

small business investors. Other than that office

expense, Saudization etc. cost too much.

Shoaib Akhtar Syed

Today the world is taking its advance paces

in every walk of life. Apprenticeship is always

the demand of time — both in science and arts.

Unlike painting and sculpturing, poetry is beyond

this term. It is personal and non-transferable

trait of the poet. It pulsates right from his birth

and ends on his deathbed. His verses resurrect


A poet is a person who has humanitarian

instinct, which is further elevated by sensitivity

and tenderness of nature. It is the subtlest genre

of literature. It has sturdy engrossment with

the emotional make up of the mind. To write

anything is equal to the process of creation. The

brain of the poet is the house of creativity where

different reactions take place. He collects raw

material from the experience and imagination,

senses and catalyzes it into new combinations.

The moment of tranquility and retrospection

polishes this faculty. In this way, a creative art

comes into being.

Firstly, it is non-spontaneous. Afterwards it turns

to the realms of spontaneity. The poet always

follows the winding of motives and reasons

through the most complex maze of imagination

and eloquently bubbles off his verbal coins. They

are remarkable for the most agreeable sense of

exaggeration, a pleasant sense of beauty and a

terse sense of rectitude.

“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of

powerful feelings: it takes its origins from

emotion recollected in tranquillity.” —William


Poetry is an elixir of life, when remedy seems

to be worse than the disease. It places the reality

into counter world. That is self-created world,

where the inner strength is harmonized with the

outer weakness. This state can be characterized

as “delirium” which ultimately ends into


“A poet must never make a statement simply

because it sounds poetically exciting; he must

also believe it to be true.” — W. H. Auden

A poet is the most rational, prudent and sane

person, who is blessed with real eyes, which have

a tendency to permeate into bare reality. He

sees the object as it is, not as he is. Therefore,

he has to transcend the world immediately

experienced and anchor beyond space as well

as time.

Poetry is about playing with words and

entering into one’s soul. The facts, which

are assembled by poetry, become more

memorable. War poems are true instances of it.

Poetry is not mere sonorous, it is an edifice of

delight and wisdom. It makes one to hear the

whispering of autumn leaves. It is poetry that

makes one to see that earth laughs in flowers. It

can touch the secret recesses of sensuousness. It

smells the soil, which weds in the rain.

In short, poetry is all about perception. The

transition of thoughts is like the movement of

the serpent. Versification is an art. Words are the

soul of poetry. Musical cadence and rhetorical

power furnish the subject matter of the poems.

Poetry has been redressed in every age.

A stanza dedicated to the World Poetry Day

(March 21):

In the land of Imagination,

I walk and fly,

Where laugh in cry;

That crowns the heart of creation.

Aymen Zaheer, via e-mail

In remembrance of world poetry day