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By Abdulaziz Hammad

Saudi Gazette


The Italian

Consulate General screened

a strong humanitarian movie

that highlighted the suffering

of modern-day refugees at the

Italian Cultural Center here on


The Italian film was

screened as part of the 12th

European Film Festival, with

the support of the delegation

of the European Union in

Saudi Arabia.

The screened movie was

“Fuocoammare” — Fire at

Sea. It was the winner of the

Golden Bear for Best Film at

the Berlin Film Festival in 2016.

The movie tells the horrif-

ic stories and the humanitar-

ian crisis of African and Mid-

dle Eastern refugees hoping to

start a new life in Europe. The

story unfolds in the Mediter-

ranean Sea around Lampedusa

island with the film capturing

the mood with realistic vid-

eography, showcasing many

sad real-life catastrophes.

Italian Consul General

Elisabetta Martini said: “This

movie night comes under the

framework of the European

Film Festival and also under

the initiative by the Italian

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It showcases the cultures and

the Mediterranean Sea to raise

awareness about what is hap-

pening around the Mediter-

ranean Sea, about both the

migrant tragedy in the Medi-

terranean Sea but also about

the opportunities. So we

are going to conduct events

about Mediterranean food and

UNESCO sites in the Mediter-

ranean area.”

Martini added: “Cinema

is about entertainment and

also about delivering a social

message. So I think cinema is

important, most of all as a cul-

tural tool to shape the cultural


The European Film Festi-

val will continue until Feb. 25,

showcasing a variety of Euro-

pean movies from Germany,

Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland,

Hungary and Norway.

All the films will be

screened in their original lan-

guage with English subtitles, to

increase cultural communica-

tion and showcasing European

cultures and languages to the

local audience.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


Pakistan Consul

General Shehryar Akbar Khan

praised the medical and welfare

services of Pakistan Welfare So-

ciety (PWS) at the 12th annual

function of the Jeddah chapter at

Lasani restaurant. He was presid-

ing over the function.

Khan promised to provide

a room for dental clinic next

month at the consulate premises

following PWS’s request. He dis-

tributed certificates to doctors

and volunteers of PWS in recog-

nition of their services. Anwar

Anjum helped in the distribution


The program began with the

recitation of verses from the

Holy Qur’an by Taha Moham-

mad Faisal followed by a Naat re-

cital by Mehmood Bhatti. A large

number of distinguish guests,

members from ladies wing, PWS

volunteers, Sharif Zaman, Eng.

Mian Mohammad Manshaa,

Khalil Janjua and others attended

the event. Dr. Amjad Obaid gen-

eral secretary PWS conducted

the program and welcomed all


While addressing the audi-

ence, he emphasized the need to

use natural foods instead of the

colored processed food prepared

artificially. “If we avoid using

such synthetic food, and make

a habit of using natural foods,

which Allah has revealed in the

Qur’an, we will live a healthy

life,” said Dr. Amjad.

Dr. Naqvi presented an in-

formative lecture on emergency

medical assistance.

Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman, presi-

dent PWS, highlighted the per-

formance of society. He said

PWS, established in 2006, has

today completed 12 years of

community service. He said the

society has established a health

center in Abbottabad, Pakistan,

for treatment of kidney diseases.

It has been providing 70 patients

free dialysis so far.

Other major social activity of

the society is free ration scheme

in the month of Ramadan. Last

year the society distributed

clothes for deserving people in

Pakistan with the assistance of

the community, extending 700kg

shipment to Pakistan.

Dr. Khalil appealed to the

consul general to restart free

medical camps in Makkah, Madi-

nah and Taif.

Dr. Rabia Khatoon, in-charge

of PWS ladies wing, praised Dr.


The Indian commu-

nity here bid farewell to longtime

resident and senior NRI Arch.

Mohammed Abdur Rahman Sal-

eem, who is leaving the Kingdom

after over four decades here.

Saleem who spent 43 years in

the Kingdom, was a prominent

social activist and promoter of

the Urdu language and culture.

He established different cultural

and social organizations and or-

ganized many cultural events.

Saleem was the torch bearer

of Urdu culture and tradition.

After successfully establishing

many organizations he formed

the Toastmasters Club in Riyadh.

Bazm-e-Urdu Toastmasters Club

(BUTMC), which is successfully

running with many youth joining

it to excel in linguistic skills along

with personality development

and public speaking abilities.

By organizing elocution com-

petitions for the students of Indi-

an schools in Riyadh, Saleem was

successful in attracting students

to get interested in and opt for

Urdu in their studies.

Chief Guest Dr. Hifzur Rah-

man Azmi, First Secretary, Em-

bassy of India Riyadh, said,

“Nowadays people with positiv-

ity are rarely found in our society

whereas Saleem is a multi-facet-

ed person who is filled with posi-

tivity. He dedicatedly works likes

an organization in himself, and

has organized many events on a

grand scale. Even the Embassy

needs the help of different orga-

nizations to arrange such events.

In addition to organizing cultural

events for entertainment, he

has striven for many construc-

tive works and events; elocution

competition for school students

is one such example.”

Rahman also disclosed that

Saleem holds the credit of or-

ganizing the first Republic Day

Mushaira in Riyadh, over 25 years

back, under the banner of the In-

dian Embassy. His organization

was associated with all the Mus-

hairas organized by the Indian

Embassy as he regularly felici-

tated all the poets.

Saleem successfully tried to

link the people from all parts of

India and managed to make an

excellent group of like-minded

people and hoped that his team

will carry forward his legacy, he


In his welcome address THH

and OUAAAR President Moham-

med Qaiser said, “As an architect

Saleem played an important role

in giving beautiful buildings to

this country. In addition to his

professional commitments, his

services and contributions to-

wards the Indian community and

for the promotion of Urdu were


K.N. Wasif read out a sketch

about Saleem and said that he

always was for justice among all

and hence represents the justice

of Jahangir. Ghouse Arsalan also

read another sketch titled “Hin-

dustani Tahzeeb ke Me’maar”

(Architect of Indian culture) and

said, Saleem truly represented

the Deccani culture and tradition

in the Kingdom and in USA.

Firasat Ali Khusro paid poet-

ic tribute to Saleem’s long servic-

es and contributions. He said Sal-

eem always did good deeds and

never showed off, and it is very

rare to find such humble people

in the current period.

Taqiuddin Mir presented a

humorous sketch “Pati Patni Aur

Woh” about Saleem’s addiction to

mobile and using social media to

get in touch with all his friends.

The community leaders from all

parts of India spoke on various

aspects of Saleem’s personality.

Zaigham Khan from Aligarh

said that Saleem is Baba-e-Urdu

of the Kingdom and will be re-

membered here for the long time.

Ghazanfar Ali Khan said that Sal-

eem has been the cultural ambas-

sador of India to the Kingdom for

over four decades.

Ghizal Mahdi appreciated

Saleem’s affection for the Urdu

language. Representing Jamia

Millia Islamia, he said, Jamia

played an important role in free-

dom struggle and its founders laid

emphasis on education through

mother tongue. Due to this factor

Mahdi had long time association

and friendship with Saleem.



Nadeem Tarin said that Saleem

and his associates played an im-

portant role in introducing Hy-

derabadi community to the north

Indian community, especially

Aligs. Due to this a new impetus

was prominent among both the

communities and it was evident

with the successful and historical

events arranged and attended by

all these communities.

AIUS President Dr. Moham-

med Ashraf Ali appreciated the

contributions and services of Sal-

eem as he invited many prominent

personalities from India and of-

fered a platform to the community

to interact with them.

Senior banker Shahid Ali Khan

recalled his long time association

with Saleem. Vice President Hin-

dustani Bazm-e-Urdu Eng. Abdul

Hameed introduced Saleem with

the help of PPT presentation.

Prominent Businessman Mir Mu-

zaffar Ali was the Guest of Honor.

Saleem thanked the organiz-

ers, speakers and attendees for the

marvelous display of love and af-

fection for him. He promised that

he will continue to strive for the

promotion of Urdu wherever he

goes. He announced that he will

try his best to start Urdu Toast-

masters Clubs in Hyderabad and


On this occasion Mubibb-

e-Urdu award was presented to

Saleem. The organizing commit-

tee members presented him a

memento of appreciation in rec-

ognition of his contributions and


Floral bouquets and gifts were

presented by different organiza-

tions — Deccan Cultural Asso-

ciation, All India United Society,

Ghazal Sara Group, Telangana

NRI Forum, Paradise Group, Ba-

zm-e-Farogh-e-Urdu and Bihar


Organizing committee mem-

bers Aftab Nizami, Mohammed

Mubin, Sohail Siddiqui, Moham-

med Kaleem, Syed Ateeq, Aliud-

din Ahmed, Shakeel Mah pre-

sented freshly prepared beautiful

garland specially arranged for the


Mohammed Farooqui Shahbaz

conducted the proceedings, while

Dr. Shoukat Pervez, principal

IISR proposed the vote of thanks.

Hafiz Abdul Malik recited verses

of Holy Qur’an at the start of the


— SG


The Whiz Kid

and Math Wizard crowning cer-

emony was conducted in the

Prep Section of the Indian Inter-

national School Dammam (IISD)


Following the recitation of

verses from the Qur’an, pledge,

thought for the day and news

some exciting programs had

been lined up for the assembly.

A motivating speech on ‘Put your

heart, mind and soul into even

your smallest act’ was given by

Ms. Jairah.

An enchanting enactment on

the Ladders of Success was beau-

tifully portrayed. Energetic dance

performances by the girls and

boys marked the celebratory at-

mosphere. The recipients of the

Whiz Kid and the Math Wizard

competitions were felicitated.

‘Inspiring’, ‘enlightening’ and

‘engaging’ would describe the

Whiz Kid and the Math Wizard

competitions conducted in the

Prep Section. For the screening

purpose four rounds of compe-

titions were conducted for both

the contests. After these rounds,

the winners emerged out of 1,500


The Whiz Kid Winner for the

academic year 2018 was Adheena

Ata Ur Rahaman and the Math

Wizard for the academic year

2018 was also Adheena Ata Ur

Rahman. The competitions were

aimed at developing the knowl-

edge and excellence among the


Principal & HOI Dr. E K

Mohd. Shaffe, Vice principal

Girls’ Section Ms. Dhanalaxmi

Ramanujam, Vice Principal Boys’

Section Ms. Mahenaz Farid,

Headmistress Prep Section Ms

Sadiqua Wahid and Heads of var-

ious sections boosted the morale

of the children at the crowning

and award ceremony.

— SG

The Italian movie showcased at the Italian Cultural Center in


A humanitarian

cinematic evening

at Italian mission

The Italian Consul General

Elisabetta Martini speaking

during the evening.

By Irfan Mohammed

Saudi Gazette


In a bid to preserve

their langue and heritage, Ban-

gladesh expatriate community

across the Kingdom on Wednes-

day marked “Amar Ekushey”, also

known as International Mother

Language Day.

In Jeddah, the national flag

was raised and lowered at half-

mast in the morning by F.M.

Borhanuddin, consul general of

Bangladesh, in the presence of

a crosssection of the commu-

nity including officials, students,

teachers and prominent commu-

nity members at the consulate


Walking barefoot to the tem-

porarily erected ShaheedMinar in

the consulate premises, wreaths

and flowers singing “Amar bhai-

yer rokte rangano Ekushey Feb-

ruary,” the community paid their

tributes to the Language Move-

ment heroes who laid down their

lives for achieving the recognition

of Bangla as the state language.

Borhanuddin recalled the sac-

rifices made by those who took

part in the movement to uphold

the dignity of the Bengali lan-

guage before and after Feb. 21,

1952. He expressed gratitude to

the expatriate Bangladeshis who

took the lead to get the Language

Day declared as the International

Mother Tongue Day by UNESCO

in 1999.

“The historic language move-

ment paid a far-reaching and sig-

nificant role in awakening our na-

tional consciousness, and Bengali

language is one of the principal

ingredients of our separate na-

tionhood,” he said.

Bangladesh expatriates recall

sacrifices for the language

Ambassador Golam Moshi addressing the community in Riyadh on the


— Courtesy photos

F.M. Borhanuddin, consul general of Bangladesh, paying tributes to mark

Amar Ekushey”, also known as International Mother Language Day.

In Riyadh, Ambassador Golam

Moshi formally raised the flag and

lowered it to half-mast, according

to a statement by Bangladesh em-

bassy in Riyadh. Large members

from different community organi-

zations participated in the event.

Moshi read out the messag-

es from Bangladesh president,

prime minister and foreign min-

ister on the occasion. The Am-

bassador recalled the historic

struggle for mother tongue by

Bangla-speaking people, which

remains till today is rare and his-

toric across the world.

The ambassador urged expa-

triates to work toward achieving

vision 2031 of Bangladesh. On the

occasion, Dhaka Medical Center

organized free medical camp at

embassy premises. Formal events

that marked Amar Ekushey day

was held at Bangladesh school in

the capital.

In Dammam, the day was

marked at Bangladesh Interna-

tional School among the presence

of community members.

On Feb. 21, 1952, students and

the common people in Dhaka

took to the streets in protest

against the then Pakistani govern-

ment’s denial of Bangla as the na-

tional language and imposition of

Urdu as the only official language

of Pakistan.

Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar,

and a few other brave sons of the

soil were killed in police firing

on this day in 1952 when students

came out in a procession from the

Dhaka University campus breach-

ing Section 144 to press home

their demand for the recognition

of Bangla as a state language.

A source of ceaseless inspi-

ration, “Amar Ekushey” (Immor-

tal Shaheed Day) inspired and

encouraged the nation to a great

extent to achieve the right to self-

determination and struggle for

freedom and the Liberation War.

In the aftermath of the Lan-

guage Movement, the nation

eventually obtained recognition

of Bangla as its mother tongue

and attained its long cherished

independence under the charis-

matic leadership of Father of the

Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mu-

jibur Rahman in 1971.

Whiz Kid and Math

Wizard crowned at IISD

PWS activities highlighted in annual function

Khalil’s dedicated work for PWS.

She also praised the commitment

of Norina Ishaq, a senior worker

of PWS ladies wing.

A session of health-related

questions and answer was also

held. Gifts were presented to

those who answered correctly.

Indian community bids farewell to Saleem