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TUESDAY 23 MAY 2017,



By Muhammad Mujahid


Saudi Gazette


“The love for the

Holy Prophet (peace be upon

him) gives birth to Naat poetry.

Naat should be straight from

one’s heart,” said Syed Zulwiqar,

an intellectual, while addressing

the audience in a literary gather-

ing to welcome famous Pakistani

Naat singer Asad Shaukat.

“Not only Muslim poets but

also many non-Muslims’ names

are mentioned in the long list

of Naat poets. In each and every

country and language this genre

of poetry is composed. The main

source of the Naat poetry is the

Holy Qur’an and the Hadith

(Sayings of the Holy Prophet).

The poets gets inspiration from

the life of the Holy Prophet and

compose their Naat in the light of

the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith,”

added Zulwiqar.

Shaukat, 28, is a emerging

star in the field of Naat singing.

He hails from Muzaffarabad,

Azad Kashmir, and is now living

in Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan.

Asad is a student of MBA (Fi-

nance), but he participates in the

Naat programs of local FM Radio

and is a district coordinator of

the Naat Forum International in

Mandi Bahauddin. Shaukat is in

the Kingdom to perform Umrah.

“For composing Naat, there

are certain conditions. The first

and foremost is, the poet should

not waver from the histori-

cal facts of the Holy Prophet’s

life. Secondly, while expressing

Nisma Rafiq

Saudi Gazette


Every school holds

a science fair annually so that stu-

dents can demonstrate what they

have learned in the classrooms.

Surprising to some, a science fair

project is one of the best learning

experience a students can under-

take. It is simple and straightfor-

ward example of active learning

– students pick the question he or

she would like to answer, research

and present. They are a great

way for students to become more

knowledgeable about the world

around them.

However, Al Awael school ex-

perimented with a different idea

this year, and it not just represent-

ed science, but integrated technol-

ogy, engineering and mathematics

in projects. As 21st century learn-

ers, it is important for students to

know how to use science, technol-

ogy, engineering and mathemat-

ics in everyday classes to prepare

themselves for the future. For this

purpose Al Awael school orga-

nized their first STEM fair 2016-17.

STEM wraps up Al Awael

school’s academic year

By Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


Social Association

Jeddah organized a dinner recep-

tion in honor of Abdus Shakoor,

president Al-Khidmat Founda-

tion of Pakistan AKFP recently.

Large number of distin-

guished members from the com-

munity including Habib Rehman

Khan, board member Alkhidmat

Mawakhat program and Syed

Riaz Hussain Bukhari, conve-

ner Pakistan National Solidarity

Forum (PNSF), Furrukh Bashir,

Nousherwan Khattak, Rizwan

Rasheed Choudhry, Shahid An-

war Shahid Lateef and others at-


The function started with

the recitation of few verses from

Holy Qur’an by Qari Mohammed

Asif. Naat presented by Ahmed

Zubair. Altaf Awan welcomed all

guest. He gave a brief introduc-

tion of Abdus Shakoor. In the

light of teaching of Islam he elab-

orated about charity work and

orphan care services.

He said, “The Prophet, peace

and blessings be upon him, said,

‘The one who cares for an or-

phan and myself will be together

in Paradise like this,’ and he held

his two fingers together to illus-


Abdul Shakoor thanked the

organizers and appreciated their

social and welfare activities for

the community.

Shakoor said there are 4.2 mil-

lion orphan children in Pakistan.

AKFP started orphan sponsorship

projects. “My purpose here is to

stand and tell you about the im-

portance of orphan care.”

AKFP has been operating six

orphan care centers known as

Alkhidmat Aghosh Homes which

are located at Peshawar, Manseh-

ra, Attock, Bagh, Rawalakot and


He said AKFP has construct-

ed largest Aghosh center at Mur-

ree which will be the “mother”

of Aghosh Care Center under


“Our view is to bring good

and intelligent orphan children

on test and merit basis from

around the country and provide

them best education from pri-

mary level to intermediate level.

Then they can take admission

in medical, engineering, social

science and in any subject up to

higher level,” he said.

He emphasized the need for

the people to assist the orphans

as well as other weaker segments

of the society. He said sponsoring

an orphan is one of the greatest

deeds that Allah and his mes-

senger Muhammad (PBUH) em-

phasized. Immense rewards have

guaranteed for those who spon-

sor needy orphans.

Waqar Naseem Wamiq


Pak Professional

Forum (PPF) in collaboration

with the Knowledge Core Acade-

my organized a special workshop

of Understanding Qur’an that

imparted the easy way to learn

125 words that occur in the holy

Qur’an and consists 40,000 words

of the Qur’an (out of a total of ap-

proximately 78,000 words) that

comes to about 50% of the total

words of the holy Qur’an. Upon

completion of the course the par-

ticipants became much familiar

with words in Qur’an.

The workshop was headed

by Dr. Abdulaziz Abdul Raheem,

the founder of the unique under-

standing Qur’an program with

an easy method using the most

modern teaching techniques. He

demonstrated as to how one can

make his/her prayers meaning-

ful with understanding and make

their prayers effective, useful and


The special fast track course

presented in the workshop con-

sisted of 4 sessions of 5 hours

each, the course was highly at-

tended by men and women, and

various prominent personalities.

Pakistani Community Welfare

Attaché Mahmood Latif was the

special guest at the closing cer-

emony, He appreciated the orga-

nizers for their effort and lauded

Dr. Abdulaziz for his great efforts

in this noble cause.

PPF awarded Dr. AbdulAziz

with a shield that was presented

to him by Mahmood Latif. He

was also presented some gifts

of books by Faisal Alvi of Dar-

rusalam publications.

Imran Zaheer of PPF con-

ducted the various sessions of

the workshop and elaborated

on the aim of the course. “Every

muslim should recite Qur’an with

understanding. That’s how they

can establish their relation with

the Holy Qur’an and act upon the

teachings of Allah. This physical

interactive learning program also

improves the Arabic vocabulary

of the learner and their perfec-

tion in performing their prayers

(Salah),” Zaheer said.

The attendees, who were

awarded with certificates of com-

pletion of the course, acknowl-

edged the need for such worthy


PPF holds workshop on

understanding Qur’an

Aghosh Murree will be the

‘mother’ center: Shakoor

Imran Zaheer

Dr. Abdulaziz Abdul Raheem, right, being awarded a memento.

Majlis-e-Ilm-o-Adab fetes Naat singer Asad Shaukat

his love, the poet should adopt

words that glorifies the dazzling

personality of the Holy Prophet,”

said Fizaur Rahman a Jeddah-

based literary figure.

“Asad Shaukat loves Holy

Prophet and has selected the

realm of Naat singing to express

it. His melodious voice has be-

come very popular within a short

span of time, and he has selected

Naats of different poets and com-

piled it in a book 3 years ago,”

said poet Anwar Hussain.

The program began with the

recitation of the few verses of

the Holy Qur’an by Syed Muham-

mad. In the first session after the

introduction of the guest and

speeches, Jeddah poets Hussain,

Faisal Tufail, Aftab Turabi and

Mujahid Syed recited their Naats.

Few examples of the Naat po-

etry recited by the poets:

Anwar Hussain:

Huzoor Aap ka ehsan shahr e

Yesrab per; Ke jiski khak bhi khak

e shifa bani hui hai

Faisal Tufail:

Toota hua tha rooh se rishta

wajood ka; Aise men kaam aa

gaya padhna Durood ka

Aftab Turabi:

Jub soo e khuld malaaik mujhe

lekar jaayen; Apni aankhon men

liye Taibah ka manzar jaaoon

Mujahid Syed:

Phir charagh e shauq ki lau tez

tar hone lagi; Dil pa wo uqdah-ku-

sha naqshe-Payambar khul gaya

In the second session Asad

Shaukat regaled the audience with

his love-laced Naats.

His Naats:

Main ke be waq’at o be maayah

hoon; Teri mahfil men chala aaya

hoon; Khuda ne is liye QasimUnhen

banaya hai; Ke baantne ka qareen-

ah Huzoor Jaante hain; Unke aus-

aaf o kamalaat ki had ko pahunche;

Zehn e insaan men kahan aisa adad

hai had hai; Koi duniya e ata men

nahin hamta tera; Ho jo Hatim ko

muyassar yeh nazarah tera; Kah

uthe dekh ke bakhshish men yeh rut-

bah tera; Wah kya jood o karam hai

Shah e Batha tera; Nahin sunta hi

nahin maangne wala tera

The program concluded with

the supplication from Muham-

mad Sharif.

Students and teachers started

to prepare for the STEM fair from

the start of the academic year by

integrating projects with class-

room lessons. “It seemed impossi-

ble in the beginning because of the

quality of products used, limited

resources and time restraints, we

were almost going to cancel, but

we gave it another try,” Shamima

Moosa, math teacher told Saudi

Gazette. “That another try was

everything – we were successful

in making extraordinary projects

from the scratch.”

Students of Al Awael school

expressed their excitement about

the STEM fair. Leinah Khutani,

a student of grade 6 was unable

to contain her enthusiasm as she

demonstrated the parachute made

out of shopping bag. “It is an in-

spiring idea to help us find our

talents and make decision for our

future,” she said. Parents were in-

vited to attend the STEM fair and

they were astonished to see proj-

ects made out of recycled and re-

used materials.

Jaweria Ijaz, the science teach-

er, assisted the students in making

the STEM fair a success. “The stu-

dents made efforts and the end-

less support of all the teachers

and especially the academic direc-

tor made the event possible,” she

stated. “By exposing students to

STEM we have given them chanc-

es to discover STEM-related con-

cepts, whilst hoping that they will

develop a passion for it.”

Parents were mesmerized to

see the origami 3D peacock, the

movement of hydraulic arm, engi-

neering behind newspaper igloo,

beautifully balanced marshmal-

low-spaghetti tower, well- struc-

tured hot-glue Eiffel Tower, a

stable popsicle bridge. However,

the project of Qattan sisters stole

the show. They demonstrated the

jet engine made out of nothing but

reusable materials — all in one

STEM project.

Later, everyone was anxious

about the helium balloon-rocket

but it failed to fly because of its

weight. The attendees still appreci-

ated students for their hard work

and dedication. Kenda and Fatima

from grade 3 dazzled the moth-

ers with a cardboard and string

guitar integrating engineering and

science. Team of teachers Ghina

Osta, Maisa Mudathir, Rania Saqat,

Renad Haj Ali, Mahjabeen Sultana,

Salma Aqeeli, Nisma Muhammad,

Maha Turky, Misbah Khushi and

many others made sure that STEM

fairwas able to answer the students’

favorite question in the classrooms,

“Why do I have to learn this?”


about the fair and appreciated Shifa

Al Fakeih, the owner of the school,

Naeema Azhari, principal, for their

patronage. Manal Zeineddine, the

academic director, who organized

this event, expressed gratification.

“We are extremely proud that this

year could encompass a unique ex-

perience of learning that exceeded

students’ textbooks. We have ven-

tured into 21st century domain, in

which simple projects lined a new

dimension of learning. Through

STEM, which we have been inte-

grating since the beginning of this

year in all our lessons, students

and teachers discovered how the

two core subjects they are familiar

with, science and mathematics, are

connected to technology and en-

gineering. By combining the four

subjects, they enjoyed the work

and above all, they have entered the

new realm of 21st century learning.

I thank our dedicated teachers and

vibrant students for making STEM

fair a success!”