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Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


The Kashmir

Committee (KC) Jeddah ob-

served Kashmir Black Day

here and expressed solidarity

with Kashmiri people in their

just struggle for their right to


According to the sources

of KC Jeddah, the members

and its President Masood

Ahmed Puri unanimously ad-

opted a resolution which con-

demned ongoing atrocious

human rights violations in the

Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The resolution called

upon India to immediately

stop gross and systematic

human rights violations in

Kashmir and allow inter-

national human rights and

humanitarian organizations

an unhindered access to the

occupied state. The commit-

tee also condemned the un-

provoked firing by the Indian

forces on the Line of Control

(LoC) with intentional tar-

geting of civilian areas.

The committee stressed

that the core dispute between

Pakistan and India and cur-

rent catastrophic situation

in Indian Occupied Kashmir

is result of non-resolution

of the Jammu and Kashmir

dispute. The resolution com-

mended Pakistan for its un-

conditional political, moral

and diplomatic support for

the Kashmiri struggle and

denounced continued Indian

occupation of the state of

Jammu and Kashmir.

The committee appre-

ciated the efforts of the

government of Pakistan to

highlight the atrocities of

Indian Security forces at the

international fora including

United Nations. The resolu-

tion expressed gratitude to

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

as well as the Organization of

Islamic Cooperation for their

consistent support to the

Kashmiri struggle.

The Committee thanked

the Consul General of Paki-

stan Shehryar Akbar Khan for

his continuous support to the

Kashmir cause.

The other members who

participated were Moham-

med Amil Osmani (spokes-

man), Ghulam Nabi Butt,

Raja Mohammed Zareen

Khan, Sardar Mohammed

Iqbal Yousuf, Nasser Moham-

med Iqbal Khan, and Perves

Yousuf Masih.

Waqar Naseem Wamiq

Riyadh —

The Embassy of

Pakistan observed “Kashmir -

Black Day” that was held at the

chancery hall of the Embassy of

Pakistan and highly attended by

a large number of Kashmiris and

Pakistani peoples. On Oct. 27,

1947, Indian troops entered Kash-

mir and that’s why the day is ob-

served as “Black Day” every year.

Addressing to the audience,

Pakistan Ambassador Khan Ha-

sham bin Saddique said, “Kash-

mir is integral part of Pakistan

because Kashmiri peoples are

struggling for their indepen-

dence from the last 70 years and

they want to connect themselves

with Pakistan but Indian forces

are constantly denying their in-

dependence to the Kashmiris

which are against the rulings and

resolutions of the United Na-


The envoy further men-

tioned, “Pakistan has always

stood with its Kashmiri brothers

and today the issue of Kashmir is

present on all the forums of the

world. We continue our diplo-

matic and moral support because

our heart and soul are with the

Kashmiri people.”

While addressing various

questions, the ambassador said

that in the present era, social

media is the most important tool

for the projection of the views.

In this regard, the embassy of

Pakistan will work together

with the Pakistani community to

highlight Kashmir issue on the

social media.

Earlier, OIC Head of Human

Rights Dr. Marghoob Ahmed,

Pakistani political consular Dr.

Bilal Ahmed and Overseas Kash-

miris Forum’s Mudassar Ali par-

ticipated in a panel discussion.

Dr. Bilal said India claims to be

the world’s largest democracy,

but in fact, India is trying to con-

trol the Kashmiris only by bul-

lets. He mentioned from 1947

to1957, seven different resolu-

tions were passed for Kashmir,

which have been said that Kash-

miris can make their decision by

referendum, but India is yet to

comply with the resolutions.

Dr. Marghoob Ahmed said, in

1947 India illegally entered Kash-

mir Valley and occupied Kash-

mir and its still under Indian oc-

cupation till today.

OIC has taken notice of re-

peated human rights violations

by India. Several thousands of

people have been killed inside

the jails and thousands of people

are missing.

Mudassar Ali of Kashmir

Overseas Forum declared Oct.

27 as the darkest day of Kash-

mir history. Mohammad Khalid

Rana, Dr. Mujahid Qaimkhani,

Ilyas Rahim, Shafi Khan, Rana

Umar, Shakeel ur Rahman, Sar-

dar Shoaib, Zahor Abbasi, Gul-

zaib Kayani and Sardar Razzaq

also addressed on the occasion.

An art and painting exhibi-

tion by the students of Pakistan

International School Nasiriyah

PISR and Pakistan International

School English section PISES

were part of the program that

highlighted the struggle of Kash-

miri peoples. Certificates of

appreciation were distributed

among the participating young


By Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


The Pakistan Repa-

triation Council (PRC) marked

the 141th birth anniversary of the

world-renowned Muslim poet

and philosopher Dr. Allama Mu-

hammad Iqbal at VIP hall of Meh-

ran restaurant Azizia last Friday.

The event was presided by

renowned intellectual, writer and

ex-diplomat Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi.

Famous poet and president Aal-

ami Urdu Markaz (AUM) Jed-

dah, Ather Nafees Abbasi, was

the chief guest. Several promi-

nent journalists and figures

from the Pakistani community

in Jeddah included Ameer Mo-

hammed Khan, Shahid Naeem,

Khalid Cheema (PJF), Ahmed

Bashir (PTI), Dr. Saad Hashim,

Syed Ghazanfar Hasan, Iftikhar

Chaudhry, Khaliq Ahmed etc at-

tended the function.

The program began with the

recitation of a few verses from

the Holy Qur’an by presidential

award holder Qari Mohammed

Asif. Naat (glorifying Prophet

Muhammad PBUH) was ren-

dered by Ather Abbasi.

Dr. Ali Ghamdi, in his presi-

dential address, thanked the orga-

nizers of the event for commemo-

rating Allama Iqbal’s birth day. He

said Allama Iqbal was a legend in

By Waqar Naseem Wamiq


A high level delega-

tion of Indian businessmen from

Gujarat headed by R. D. Barhatt,

joint commissioner of industries

government of Gujarat, visited

Riyadh recently.

The visiting delegation were

given a reception at Sheraton

Riyadh by Eng. Mohammed Ab-

dul Nayeem of Masah Company,

a well known specialized con-

struction group, that was highly

attended by group’s manage-

ment and some top Indian busi-

nessmen of Riyadh including

Dr. Ashraf Ali, Eng. Shakeel and

Saeed ud din.

Dr. Ashraf Ali conducted the

proceedings. He welcomed the

delegation and highlighted the

importance of the visit and in-

troduced both the delegates and

the hosts of the reception includ-

ing Sunmeet Singh Brar, Sudhir

Sharma, Manish Kiri, Malik Raees

Ahmed, Rajinder, Sanjay, Mubashir

Ahmed and some others.

Speaking on the occasion,

Barhatt disclosed the details

of upcoming “Vibrant Gujarat”

Global summit 2019 and the

Global trade show that is go-

ing to happen from Jan. 18-20 at

Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

“Gujarat is one of India’s

most urbanized and industrial-

ized economies shaping a new

India as it leads across various

sectors of socio economic devel-

opment of the country. It covers

6% of India’s geographical area,

5% of Indian total population and

most interestingly 8% of India’s

GDP i.e. $ 51 billion with 10% of

India’s factories having 17% of In-

dustrial output, over 22% of the

exports of the country and 40%

of India’s port cargo handled by

Gujarat ports,” Barhatt said.

Barhatt invited Saudi busi-

nessmen to invest in Gujarat.

“Gujarat state is one of the high-

est investment potential in India,

therefore, I’d like to invite Saudi

businessmen to visit the Vibrant

Gujarat summit and find the nu-

merous investment opportuni-

ties,” he said.

Eng. Nayeem ud din wel-

comed the delegation and

showed deep interest in invest-

ing in Gujarat. “Masah Special-

ized Construction established in

2005 has a proven track record in

successfully implementing proj-

ects in Civil and MEP works. We

are interested to invest more in

India. We can perform total turn-

key contracts or acts as subcon-

tractors to best Class of contrac-

tors in India,” he said.

He further highlighted Ma-

sah’ potential of investment. “We

are having a great investment po-

tential with our construction ca-

pability and expertise. Our capa-

bility is best demonstrated by our

completed and ongoing projects.

With a comprehensive range of

skills that enable us to handle

the turn key projects including

electro mechanical works but

not limited to the following,” he


The delegates gifted their

hosts with some traditional and

official gifts on behalf of the

goverment of Gujarat.

PRC marks birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal

philosophy and poetry, which is

recognized not only in Pakistan

and in Muslim countries, but all

over the world.

Iqbal was widely known as

the “Poet of the East” and the

“Philosopher of Islam”. The po-

ems of Iqbal have been translated

into several languages, includ-

ing Arabic. Several famous sing-

ers have recited his poems, Dr.

Ghamdi added.

Dr. Ghamdi said, Allama

Iqbal became famous in the Arab

world mainly because of his po-

etry. Renowned Indian Islamic

scholar and thinker Abul Hasan

Ali Nadwi wrote a book about Al-

lama Iqbal called “Masterpieces

of Iqbal.” These include transla-

tions and interpretation of some

of Iqbal’s poems.

He, in addition, urged the

newly elected Prime Minister

of Pakistan Imran Khan and his

government to solving the issue

of repatriation of stranded Paki-

stanis at the first opportunity.

Chief guest Ather Abbasi also

thanked PRC for holding such an

event to commemorate Allama

Iqbal in his speech. He recited his

own poem in which he paid rich

tributes to Allama Iqbal. He said,

“I fully support PRC’s proposal to

solve the issues of Kashmir and

stranded Pakistanis.”

Special guest Farrukh Ra-

sheed, executive member PTI

Middle East management com-

mittee, briefed all about his meet-

ing with federal Minister of State

for Parliamentary Affairs Ali

Mohammed Khan in Islamabad


During his meeting, he said,

he had drawn the attention of

Ali Mohammed Khan towards

the plight of the quarter million

patriotic Pakistanis, who are lan-

guishing in Bangladesh since its

creation in 1971 and submitted

PRC proposal of repatriation and

rehabilitation of Stranded Paki-

stanis from Bangladesh.

Rasheed said, when the minis-

ter heard about the plight of those

Pakistanis who sided with our

army in 1971war with India, the

minister was touched and vowed

to look into the matter. After the

fall of Dhaka they (the stranded

Pakistanis) were persecuted by

Bengali separatist (Mukti Bahini)

organization. Most of young men

were killed and rest of women

and children were thrown into

camps made by ICRC. An esti-

mated 40,000 families are living

in 66 camps in several districts of

Bangladesh. These thatched units

do not have proper living facili-

ties. They are barred from educa-

tion, health care, Employment or

other facilities since they are con-

sidered “traitors” by Bangladesh.

Ali Khan expressed his grief

on their miserable condition of

living stranded Pakistanis and

promised to solve the issue on


Other speakers who com-

memorated Allama Iqbal and

shed light on his philosophy and

poetry were Mohammed Ilyas,

Mohammed Amanat ullah, Shams

Uddin Altaf, Malik Mohi uddin,

Mohammed Jamil Rathore, Tayy-

ab Mosani, engineer Abdul Sab-

our, Faisal Tahir Khan, Noushad

Usman and Eng. Niaz Ahmed.

Hamid-ul-Islam Khan, deputy

convener, thanked all partici-

pants for attending. He presented

the following resolutions, which

were adopted by the audience:

• We demand government to

national holiday on Iqbal Day.

• We demand UN to organize

plebiscite in Kashmir according

to its resolution. Indian forces

should be removed immediately.

Kashmiri leadership must be in-

cluded in all the negotiations be-

tween India and Pakistan.

• We demand urgent repatria-

tion of stranded Pakistanis from

Bangladesh. To overcome paucity

of fund, should implement PRC

proposal of “settlement of strand-

ed Pakistanis on self finance ba-


At the end supplication was

made by Shams uddin Altaf. He

prayed for the fast recovery from

illness of Syed Inam-ul-Haq,

brother of convener PRC Syed


Kashmir Black Day observed

‘Vibrant Gujarat’ Indian business delegation visits Riyadh

Kashmir Committee

Jeddah observes

Kashmir Black Day