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The Interna-

tional Indian School Dam-

mam (IISD) held a condo-

lence meeting to express

grief over the death of Nazeer

Maniamkulam, chief librarian

and senior most staff member

of the school.

The chairman and mem-

bers of the managing com-

mittee, principal & H.O.I. and

staff members stood for a

minute of silence to pray for

Nazeer’s soul.

The school in a statement

said, Nazeer’s sudden demise

was an irreparable loss not

only to the school but the

entire Indian community.

He served the school for 32

years starting from the initial

days of the school. He was

a dedicated and committed

member and coordinated the

entire library system of IISD.

He contributed his skill

and efficiency for the prog-

ress and development of the

school. He has the credit of

properly cataloging all the ti-

tles in the school library and

automating the entire system,

the statement said, adding, he

was a source of help for the

community members in their

effort in providing good edu-

cation to their wards.

He loved books and fur-

nished the school library

with all modern amenities

and very good collection of

books. He was man of letters

and he loved English litera-

ture. He was extremely popu-

lar among his peers and was

known for his hearty laughter

and excellent sense of humor.

Chairman Sunil Moham-

mad underlined the great-

ness of Nazeer and his valu-

able overall contributions to

the school and his role in the

growth and development of

a tiny embassy school into a

mighty community institu-

tion. He also underlined the

significant development of

the school library as one of

the best libraries in the In-

dian schools in the Kingdom.

The Principal and the

HOI, Dr. Shaffe, highlighted

Nazeer’s versatile personal-

ity and mentioned Nazeer’s

contribution in the printing

and publishing of the school

magazines and other publica-

tions. He rendered extraor-

dinary efforts in all publica-

tions of the school.

Vice Principal Mrs. Meh-

nas Fareed, Head Masters

John Joseph and Dr. Irfan

Waheed also shared their

feelings in the condolence

meeting. The meeting also

expressed its concern over

the devastating floods in Ker-

ala state and appealed to In-

dia community and children’s

parents to stand behind the

people of Kerala in their hour

of crisis.

By Abdul Rahman M. Baig

Saudi Gazette


Hafiz Abdullah Ab-

dul Mateen Usmani, winner of

the annual Qur’an memorization

contest organized by Jamiat Khai-

rokum Li Tahfizul Qur’an Kareem

(Khairokum Qur’an Memoriza-

tion Society) for Makkah region,

was recently felicitated by the

Global NRIs Youth Club here.

Abdullah Usmani won the

first prize from among 1,000 par-

ticipants out of which 13 candidates

were bracketed in the category of

those securing between 95 and 99

marks. In the ensuing round involv-

ing the 13 finalists of the competi-

tion, he was declared the winner.

Abdullah Usmani was pre-

sented a car by Jeddah Governor

Prince Mishaal Bin Majed.

Jamia Al Khairiya Li Tahfiz-

ul-Qur’an Kareem is a semi gov-

ernment institution and center

established for the students to

memorize and recite the Holy

Qur’an. It holds the competition

every year to encourage students

and other participants.

Hafiz Abdullah Usmani is an

Indian and belongs to the city of

Hyderabad in Telangana state.

Syed Abdul Hadi, vice presi-

dent of Global NRIs Youth Club,

presented a Mishla’h (an adorn-

ment cloak wore by men) to Hafiz

Abdullah Usmani as a token of

appreciation. It was followed by a

memento presented by Azmat Ali

Emran, president of the club. Bou-

quets were presented to the con-

test winner by Fysal Ali, Farhan

Baig and Syed Khaja Viqaruddin.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette,

Hafiz Abdullah Usmani said: “It

took me four years to memorize

the Holy Qur’an. I was 11 years old

when I started the memorization.”

He is also the alumnus of IISJ

from the batch of 2017. Initially

he was admitted to Muaz Bin Ja-

bal School where he memorized

about one/sixth of the Qur’an.

Later he got enrolled in Dar Ul

Furqan School from where he

completed his memorization of

the Holy Qur’an while learning

Tajweed. He completed the mem-

orization of the Qur’an four years

back. It was last year when the

Masjid Al-Aziziyah officials ad-

vised him to appear for the Qur’an

memorization contest.

Hafiz Abdullah Usmani took

the opportunity and appeared

from Masjid Al-Aziziyah under

the supervision of Sheikh Hamza

Rayyan, imam and khateeb of the


Abdullah Usmani continued

Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


On the occasion of

Aug. 14, Pakistan International

School Jeddah – English Section

(PISJ-ES) organized an event to

mark the 71stIndependence Day

of Pakistan.

The entire campus was fes-

tooned with green and white

flags and balloons to stimulate

the spirit of patriotism and sov-

ereignty as a nation on one hand,

and to commemorate and pay

tribute to the struggles and sacri-

fice of their ancestors, on the oth-

er hand food stalls were an add

on to the fervor of the festivity.

Members of the Pakistani

community including students,

parents and faculty members

joined in to celebrate the na-

tional day.



that the main purpose of con-

ducting this event was to pay

homage to people who devoted

their lives for Pakistan’s free-

dom movement and made sac-

rifices to attain Pakistan’s inde-


The program commenced

with the recitation of verses

from the Holy Qur’an followed

by national anthems of Pakistan

and Saudi Arabia.

Principal Adnan Nasir,

while addressing the gathering,

said: “The emergence of Paki-

stan on world’s map was not the

matter of chance; it’s foundation

has countless heroic stories to

tell of all those freedom fight-

ers, who sacrificed their lives,

fortified their belongings, heart-

wrenching stories of devotion

and commitment of the sons,

the fathers, stranded sisters and

helpless mothers.”

He added, “Where today is

the day of celebration, it’s also a

day to make a resolution, to re-

flect within, to resolve in chang-

ing one little thing in our lives,

because that little thing would

make a difference, and contrib-

ute towards making a great na-

tion in the comity of nations.

Then the day is not far when this

green and white flag will stand

the highest in the geographical

boundaries of the World.”

The principal’s speech was

followed by a presentation ex-

hibiting the achievement of Pak-

istanis in different fields. Skits

were performed to ignite the

spirit of patriotism and sense of

responsibility towards each oth-

er. The program concluded with

the cake cutting ceremony.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil

Saudi Gazette


The Pakistan Na-

tional Solidarity Forum (PNSF), a

unique organization of the mem-

bers from Pakistani community

in which representatives of all

the major political and religious

parties of Pakistan gather in one

platform, celebrated the 53rd de-

fense day, Air-force day and mar-

tyrs day of Pakistan together with

simple but in prestigious manner

at Mehran Restaurant Aziziyah,

here last week.

During the ceremony promi-

nent speakers included Hamid ul

Islam Khan (PRC), Amir Moham-

med Khan (PJF), Mian Ahmed

Bashir (PTI), Mian Mohammed

Zulfiqar (JI), Dr. Amjad Obaid

(PWS), journalist Syed Mussarat

Khalil and Mohammed Amil Os-

mani, a veteran volunteer who

served the Pak Army soldiers

during the war, paid homage to

the martyrs and Ghazi of 1965

war with India.

The event started with reci-

tation of verses from the Holy

Qur’an by Eng. Naseer uddin.

Eng. Asif Mahmood Butt from

Engineers Welfare Forum (EWF)

conducted the ceremony and

highlighted the activities of the


Syed Riaz Bukhari, founder

convener PNSF, welcomed the

guests and thanked the partici-

pating members of all leading po-

litical parties, social and welfare

organization of Pakistani com-

munity from whom the PNSF

PISJ-ES celebrates 71st Pakistan Independence Day

Global NRIs Youth Club fetes

expat winner of Qur’an contest

Global NRI officials presenting a memento to Hafiz Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani, presented by Azmat Ali

Emran and Syed Abdul Hadi.

— SG Photos by Abdul Rahman M. Baig

Hafiz Abdullah Abdul Mateen Usmani with his father Abdul Mateen


with his worldly pursuits along

with his Qur’an memorization and

took an open school examination

from 6th to 8th standard from IISJ.

He became a regular student of

IISJ from 9th standard after com-

pleting his Qur’an memorization.

Initially, he started memoriz-

ing of Holy Qur’an on the instruc-

tions of his mother. Later after

getting admitted in Muaz Bin Jabal

School he gained interest in mem-

orizing and was very much moti-

vated by seeing his peers doing so.

While memorizing the Qur’an,

he got a chance to meet Sheikh

Ayman Rushdi Suwaid, and

learned Tajweed from him. He is

known to be the Sheikh Ul Taj-

weed in Jeddah. In his early days

of memorizing Qur’an, he used to

listen to the Qirat of Sheikh Ab-

durrehman Al-Sudais and learned

the ayats (verses) of the Qur’an

that made him memorize the

Qur’an faster.

Talking about his future plans,

Abdullah Usmani said he would

like to learn more Arabic, Islamic

history and Qur’an. He said he was

interested in pursuing advance

accounting courses and build his

career. He also has plans to lead

Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan

in any of the mosques of Jeddah.

Listening to the recitation of

Sheikh Meshary Alafasy, Sheikh

Mohammed Ayub and Sheikh

Al-Sudais helped him learn the

correct pronunciation and also

helped him in the memorization


Speaking to Saudi Gazette, the

award winner’s father, Abdul Ma-

teen Usmani, said: “I would first

thank and express my gratitude to

Almighty Allah for the honor be-

stowed on my son.”

In this context, he said, efforts

of Jamia Tahfiz-ul-Quran was ex-

ceptional. “This prize is more than a

hundred billion dollar for me. I have

not even dreamt that my son Abdul-

lah will be winning the first prize.”

He said all his children initial-

ly received their early education

having British curriculum. “Me

and my wife decided that we will

invest money on good education

for our children. All my children

were enrolled in Al-Waha Inter-

national School for their primary

education. It was my wife’s plan

that we will encourage Abdullah

to be a Hafiz. So after completing

5th standard, we removed Abdul-

lah from the school and admitted

him in the institute for Qur’an

memorization. I was a little reluc-

tant but my wife played a major

role in making my son Hafiz.

“I advise all unmarried as well

as married people not to waste or

kill their time by watching mov-

ies and TV serials and spoil their

future but instead focus on their

education both for the deen (reli-

gion) and duniya (world). Even the

Prophet (peace be upon him) said

that one should give priority to the

Seerah of anbiya (prophets).”

He said his wife started at-

tending religious classes with oth-

er women in our neighborhood

soon after she landed in Jeddah.

She sacrificed her sleeping hours

during daytime to attend these


“It’s the parents responsibil-

ity to mold their children as they

want. One can lay the right foun-

dation from the word go,” he said.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette,

Azmat Ali Emran, president of

Global NRIs Youth Club said: “It’s

an honor for our club to be the

first to felicitate Hafiz Abdullah

Abdul Mateen Usmani.”

Syed Abdul Hadi, vice presi-

dent, said: “Abdullah made the In-

dians and specially the people of

Hyderabad very proud by winning

this award. I would like to thank

Allah the Almighty and also con-

gratulate his parents on behalf of

Global NRIs Youth Club.”

The school faculty, students and members of the managing

committee observing a minute silence for the departed soul. —

Courtesy photo

Nazeer Maniamkulam

IISD pays homage to

school’s chief librarian

PNSF marks Pakistan

Defense Day with fervor

was derived.

Hamid ul Islam Khan, depu-

ty convener Pakistan Repatria-

tion Council (PRC), praised the

efforts of convener Syed Riaz

Bukhari and thanked the group

for inviting him to the function.

Amir Mohammed Khan, chair-

man Pakistan Journalist Forum

(PJF), prayed for Pakistan’s integ-

rity, solidarity and prosperity.

Mian Ahmed Bashir, presi-

dent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

(PTI) Jeddah region, said the na-

tion would never forget the sac-

rifices of the soldiers and officers

who lost their lives for the safe-

guard our motherland.

Mian Zulfiqar of Jamaat-e-Isl-

ami (JI), said, Pakistan came into

existence on the basis of Two Na-

tion Theory. We will defend our

ideology and thwart every con-

spiracy against it.

Dr. Amjad Obaid, general

secretary of Pakistan Welfare So-

ciety (PWS), and Perves Yousuf,

president of Pakistan Christian

Welfare Society (PCWS), paid

tribute to the martyrs of 1965

war. They also praised and con-

gratulated PNSF for organizing

the function.

Nousherwan Khattak, Awami

National Party (ANP), praised the

efforts of Bukhari to unite all po-

litical parties of Pakistan in Saudi

Arabia under one banner of PNSF.

Mohammed Amil Osmani

and journalist Mussarat Khalil

praised and congratulated PNSF

for organizing the function. and

described their memories of the

1965 war.