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Local Viewpoints are translated from the Arabic press to bring current mainstream opinions published in Saudi

media to a worldwide audience. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily

reflect the views and opinions of Saudi Gazette or of its team.

We need new ideas to

end unempoyment

guages can run translation


Computer graduates, on

the other hand, can open

offices for maintenance

and programming. I am not

talking about projects that

would need huge invest-

ment but projects that can

be launched with small

investments that can be


T is quite natural that

you submit applica-

tions to realize your

dream of landing a

suitable job after ob-

taining a university degree.

But it is strange that you

sent an application to get

a job in one of the institu-

tions and then sit at home,

waiting for that institution

to contact you.

In the meantime, you

waste your time and energy

on social media networks,

complaining, crying and

begging for emotional sup-

port from others. This will

extend your jobless period

and you will blame expatri-

ate workers, nepotism or

corruption for your woes.

I welcome the attitude of

young men and women who

do not consider graduation

as a waiting station. On the

other hand, they work hard

to develop their personality

and obtain additional quali-

fications that make them

shine in competitions and


We can see those who

have come out of univer-

sities with creative ideas

starting their small proj-

ects. I call it creative ideas

because it is frustrating to

see five young men opening

teashops in a stretch of 2

km. Some others rent cars

to run taxis and pay fines

for violating traffic rules.

These people believe that

there are no other jobs left

for them under the sun.

Graduates of technical

colleges can open electron-

ics maintenance workshops

or workshops for cars,

furniture or household ap-

pliances. Arabic language

graduates can open an of-

fice for copy writing and

editing. Graduates of lan-

put together by two or five


These are examples

of simple ideas that came

to my mind, but I may be

wrong. Our young men and

women should not sur-

render to unemployment

citing different excuses

and should not give in to

stereotypical ideas that will

not work. These negative

thoughts and attitudes will

make them more frustrated

and would not change their


We become happy when

a young man or a family

succeeds in changing their

reality for



greater happiness when

they come up with creative

ideas and exchange their

experience to influence oth-

ers. If we study the reality of

many of big multinational

companies, we can find that

all of them started with a

small idea that sprouted in

the mind of an individual.

That idea was then im-

plemented in the form of a

small project. In beginning

people often do not believe

in your virtual thoughts

and ideas and you have to

struggle, sacrifice and make

continuous efforts. Success

remains a relative issue gov-

erned by many factors.

Think about the football

match and the continu-

ous endeavors being made

by each team to reach the

goal of the rival team. If we

calculate the number of at-

tacks we can understand

that most of them failed

because of resistance play-

ers of the other team. At

the same time, continuous

efforts by an enthusiastic

team enable it to score a

few goals and emerge suc-


Our young men and women

should not surrender to

unemployment citing different

excuses and should not give in

to stereotypical ideas that will

not work.

By Ahmed Al-Hilali

Makkah newspaper

Property owner fails to pay

dues, stores shut down

By Abdulaziz Al-Rabie

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


Municipality closed down shut down

a number of stores in Al-Ghazza district after their

owner procrastinated in paying his financial dues.

Makkah Municipality Public Relations and Me-

dia Director Othman Mali said the municipality

dealt with the investor of the property regardless

of businessmen who rented of the shops.

“The investor was not complying with legal

and safety requirements set by the municipality.

We had already given him an extra three months to

rectify the status after sympathizing with business

owners,” said Mali.

One of the business owners said all of the

shops involved were required to pay the investor

SR500,000 in rents a year and they were required

to give half of the amount upfront.

“We were surprised to receive a notice from

the municipality only five months into the year

telling us to evacuate the building as it will be shut

down. The municipality stated that the building

has no license for operation and that municipal-

ity fees have not been paid yet,” said the business


He added that the business owners were los-

ing large amounts of money every day. He urged

the municipality to take just action with regard to

their situation.



180,000 epilepsy patients in Kingdom, conference told

By Abdulmuhsen


Okaz/Saudi Gazette


There are over 70

million epilepsy patients world-

wide and 180,000 of them are in

the Kingdom, according to Ma-

jid Al-Fayyadh, director at King

Faisal Specialist Hospital and Re-

search Center.

He said the neurology de-

partment at the hospital has a

full medical and surgical team

that has done a very delicate op-

eration called “lesionectomy” on

800 patients. The doctors fully

removed the lesion responsible

for seizures from the patients›

brain. “The results so far are

positive. Meanwhile, the hospital

is looking for new treatment op-

tions for epilepsy patients,” Al-

Fayyad said.

He was speaking at a two-day

conference on epilepsy orga-

nized by Al-Faisal University. Dr.

Muhammad Al-Hayaze, director

of the university, said his insti-

tution was interested in scien-

tific research in the field and was

looking to incorporate the latest

developments in treating and di-

agnosing epilepsy. 

President of the Saudi As-

sociation of Epilepsy Dr. Raeda

There are several factors that make a person epileptic.

Some people could have had it since birth and it might

last with them until death. We introduce patients to

many celebrities who are epileptic but live normal

lives with the right medications that minimize their


Dr. Raeda Elbaradei

President, Saudi Association of Epilepsy

Some people could have had it

since birth and it might last with

them until death. We introduce

patients to many celebrities who

are epileptic but live normal lives

with the right medications that

minimize their symptoms,” he


“We have invited experts in

the epilepsy field from the US.

Epilepsy is different from what is

called possession. Falling or get-

ting hit hard on the head as well

as some genetic factors could

cause epilepsy. I would also like

to clarify that epilepsy patients

can work anywhere except in

some industrial sectors. They can

drive any vehicle except trucks.

There doctors and surgeons who

are epileptic.

They practice their jobs per-

fectly after controlling the disease

with medications. Also, epileptics

can get married, have kids and

live a normal life,” said Dr. Majid

Al-Hameed, chairman of the sci-

entific committee of the epilepsy


“Epilepsy has been discovered

4,000 years ago. The incidence of

epilepsy worldwide is 1 in 1,000

people,” Al-Hameed said.

He said most medicines used

to treat epilepsy do not lead to ad-


Elbaradei said the association

organized awareness campaigns

around the Kingdom to explain to

people how to deal with epilepsy

patients. “There are several fac-

tors that make a person epileptic.

Civil Defense douses

fire at furniture shop


A commercial store in north Jeddah

caught fire on Tuesday. Makkah Civil Defense spokes-

man Col. Saeed Sarhan said the Civil Defense received

a call at 10:27 a.m. Tuesday about smoke coming out

of a furniture shop on King Fahd Road. The Civil Defense

extinguished the fire. Investigations into the cause of

the fire were ongoing.

Eateries shut down,

food products seized


Municipality inspectors shut down two food

establishments and seized over 150 kg of food products in

Al-Sharaie area of Makkah. Head of Al-Sharaie Municipality

Fahd Al-Bashari said the municipality shut down a restau-

rant and a random facility for preparing food during an in-

spection round. The municipality seized 75 kg of potatoes,

onions and vegetables, 65 kg of chicken and fish and sev-

eral kitchen utensils including plastic containers and pots.

Suspected bird flu

infection in patient


The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agricul-

ture reported a suspected case of bird flu infection in a pa-

tient in Al-Kharj on Tuesday. The ministry had also got rid of

a total of 4,933 infected birds on Tuesday. It received three

inspection calls and nine inquiry calls.

Shopping center shut

down after complaints


Municipality officials in Jeddah shut down a

shopping center because it was a source of annoyance

for residents in the neighborhood. The municipality said

it received multiple complaints from people living near

the shopping center on Prince Sultan Road. The shopping

center had several restaurants that were quite noisy and

disturbed people living in the area. Moreover, customers of

these restaurants often park their cars in front of people’s


Worker crushed to

death by bulldozer


An expatriate worker from an Arab country

died after a bulldozer fell on top of him. Makkah Civil

Defense spokesman Col. Saeed Sarhan said the ac-

cident took place at a workshop for heavy equipment.

The Civil Defense rescue teams pulled the bulldozer

from top of the worker but he was already crushed un-

der the weight of the equipment.

— Okaz/Saudi Gazette