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MONDAY 28 MAY 2018,






Local Viewpoints are translated from the Arabic press to bring current mainstream opinions published in Saudi

media to a worldwide audience. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily

reflect the views and opinions of Saudi Gazette or of its team.

The state security

apparatus has advised

the public not to be

misled by those who call

themselves rights activists

and to be cautious about

their hidden agenda.

Our enemies make use

of the powerful modern

technology to promote

their negative thoughts

and ideas to undermine

the Kingdom›s security

and stability.

Hidden agenda of activists


E have


a lot of



interpretations about

the disparate roles being

played by human rights

and political activists as

well as women›s rights

activists and the ensu-

ing controversy. Many

of them engage in such

gimmicks to realize their

vested interests and im-

pose their views on oth-

ers. They talk to foreign

media to win publicity,

thus giving enemies of

the Kingdom a weapon

to attack the country.

Many of these so-

called activists are mis-

taken in their thinking

that foreign countries

and parties would help

them realize their objec-

tives and protect them

from trouble. Foreign

groups and agents pres-

ent strange ideas such as

liberation of women and

the rights activists in the

Kingdom consume those

ideas without realizing

their intentions and im-


These slogans will

look like reforms in ap-

pearance but in practice

they will endanger their

future life as these ac-

tivists will not find any

takers in society and will




noticed that a handful of

them work against the

country and this attitude

will not be considered

as a mere expression of

a slogan or an idea by a

spiteful person.

It can be stated that

the main objective of

these activists is to attack

the nation, negating the

social reality and mak-

ing allegations that are

contrary to fundamental

political rights being

enjoyed by citizens in a

stable and secure atmo-

sphere. By raising their

slogans the activists’

ultimate goal is to win

the help and support

of foreign powers and

agents, thus betraying

the nation, its principles

and policies.

People are aware of

this treacherous act by

hypocrites in the name

of political activism,

making use of social

By Maha Mohammed


Al-Jazirah newspaper

networking sites. Some

of them use their social

media accounts to discuss

fundamental rights and

democracy and demand

greater freedom enjoyed

by modern societies. They

receive support of malevo-

lent foreign parties who

follow every event in the

Kingdom with its smallest

details. May God save the

Kingdom from these spite-

ful individuals and groups.

What has happened is

just a warning for those

who realize the magnitude

of the danger posed by

such activists. The state

security apparatus has ad-

vised the public not to be

misled by those who call

themselves rights activists

and to be cautious about

their hidden agenda. Our

enemies make use of the

powerful modern technol-

ogy to promote their nega-

tive thoughts and ideas to

undermine the Kingdom›s

security and stability.

Some activists use tech-

nology to establish suspi-

cious contacts. As a result,

other people look at them

with suspicion. Saudi Ara-

bia has been targeted by

hostile countries and or-

ganizations. State security

sources have informed us

through official channels

that these activists have

been in constant contact

with international media

and foreign agencies. They

have mistakenly thought

that it would give them

impunity and protect

them from accountability

and punishment.

Unfortunately, we see

highly educated people

among these so-called po-

litical and rights activists.

The government provided

them with all the oppor-

tunities but they betrayed

the nation. In order to

stop these betrayals we

have to tell our children

not to keep mum on

such activists rather they

should expose


have to get into the hearts

of children and correct

their wrong notions and

concepts injected by the

enemies in their minds.

We have to explain

to them the confessions

made byWestern politi-

cal leaders who had tried

to fuel sectarian conflicts

and promote the divide

and rule policies in Mus-



have to

teach our children to be

patriotic and to be politi-




to treat children with love

and affection, provide

them sound thoughts,

literature and arts that

would awaken their emo-

tions and enlighten their

minds and purify their

souls from misery.

Today every individ-

ual in the world is going

through political and eco-

nomic crises and they are

unable to keep distance

from such crises. Enemies

can easily access us with

the support of modern

technology and transform

a person into a militant

and political activist.

They can use it as a tool

to achieve their demands

and transform a person’s

life by putting him in a

complex and difficult situ-


We pin great hope in

God and in the increas-

ing political awareness of

citizens and their vigilant

stand on traitors and con-

spirators. Citizens are also

aware of the deterrent and

tough punishment that

awaits them if they deal

with such political and

rights activists who try to

destabilize the country.

Illegal vendors endanger

public health in Ramadan

By Mohammed Al-Abdullah

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


Many expatriate street vendors ap-

pear during Ramadan selling unhygienic food and

drink of unknown origin while evading the monitor-

ing authorities.

Citizens have asked the authorities to stop this

illegal business that would endanger public health

but the local municipality has given a deaf ear to

such pleas.

Khaled Al-Shammari said a large number of Sau-

dis and expats purchase food products supplied by

illegal foreign workers. This has encouraged them to

open more stalls, he added.

“We don’t know how they prepare these dishes,”

he said and urged the municipality to stop such il-

legal business that would leave a bad impression on

the country and the holy month of Ramadan.

Despite the municipality’s campaign against

such illegal vendors, they appear during Ramadan

evading inspections of relevant department officials.

“The number of these vendors is on the in-

crease,” Al-Shammari added.

Mohammed Abdullah said the illegal vendors

sell various products including dates, pastries and

other Ramadan dishes. “The authorities must take

action against these vendors not only in Ramadan

but throughout the year,” he told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

“Many of these vendors use Ramadan as an op-

portunity to practice this illegal business. They sell

various dishes two hours before the call for Maghreb

prayer. They exploit the need of people to get food

items quickly for breaking fast,” he explained.

Mohammed Al-Ghamdi urged the municipal-

ity to intensify its campaign against illegal vendors

without showing any leniency as they threaten pub-

lic health.

“Every Ramadan we talk about these street ven-

dors. Unfortunately many people purchase things

from them due to the price difference and easy ac-

cess,” he said.

Al-Ghamdi warned that these dishes sold by

street vendors could spread infectious diseases.

“They make these dishes using unknown ingre-

dients and keep them under the sun as they don’t

care about public health in their quest for profit,”

he added.

Sami Al-Eid urged families to cook pastries at

their homes instead of depending on street vendors

to safeguard their health and the health of their


“Many people have got food poisoning after

taking food from restaurants. You can imagine the

threat posed by street vendors as they do not follow

health regulations,” he added.

“What’s the use of campaigns if municipality of-

ficials arrest the same vendors every time,” Al-Eid

said and called for drastic measures to put an end to

this negative phenomenon.

A large number of Saudis and expats purchase food

items supplied by illegal foreign workers because of

low prices and the ease of access.

Riyadh police bust

robbery gang


Police arrested members of

a gang of thieves who stole over SR26

million from shops and stores in Riyadh.

Police said the robberies took place two

months ago. In their first crime, the gang

targeted a vehicle used to transport

money. The gang members chased the

vehicle and forced its passengers to step

out. The vehicle had three people inside

it and one of them died after he was shot

in his thigh by the gang members. The

thieves stole SR19 million from the vehicle.

A month later, police tracked down a

Yemeni man who was speeding through

the streets riding a luxurious motorcycle.

The man was arrested and his residence

was searched. Police found SR8 million

in a safe in the man›s house. When ques-

tioned about the source of the money,

the man confessed that he had stolen

the money and had two Saudis as his

accomplices. The other gang members

were tracked down and arrested. The

three gang members, all of them in their

40s, confessed to committing several

other crimes including stealing SR2 million

for Al-Tamimi Markets, stealing SR4 million

from Al-Haram Commercial Complex in

Al-Olaya Road, and stealing SR1.3 million

from Al-Haram Commercial Complex

in Tuwaiq Road. Police were able to re-

trieve SR15 million of the stolen money

from the thieves, in addition to the

vehicle they used, four license plates,

two guns, 31 rounds of live ammunition,

two walkie-talkies, two video cameras,

a drone, nine mobile phones, nine Ye-

meni passports, two laptops and several

forged documents.

Two killed, 6 hurt in

highway accident


Two people

were killed

and six oth-

ers injured in

a road acci-

dent on Jed-



on Saturday.

Makkah Red





said the Red


deployed six


teams to the

location of

the accident. The injured victims suffered

from mild and non-critical injuries. They all

received medical treatment on the spot

before being transported to Al-Nour Spe-

cialist Hospital.

8,600 kg of tainted

food products seized


The local municipal-

ity seized and disposed of 8,600 kg of

tainted food products in the first week of




ity orga-

nized an



and vis-

ited 1,953




kets and


stores. The


tors issued

1,246 violation notices, shut down 23

establishments and issued 471 warnings,

in addition to slapping SR500,000 worth

of fines.

— Okaz/Saudi Gazette