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Saudi Gazette, Thursday, September 20, 2018


Local Viewpoints are translated from the Arabic press to bring current mainstream opinions published in Saudi

media to a worldwide audience. The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily

reflect the views and opinions of Saudi Gazette or of its team.

Those who brag about the family trade


OME writ-

ers and


love to talk

about their

past when they were at

school. They say when

they left school those

days, they would go to

their father’s shops,

kitchen or factory to

help in their trade.

Some of them contin-

ued to do that even

when they studied at

the university.

A high school stu-

dent, who later became

a Cabinet minister, was

fond of telling people

how he helped his fa-

ther in his job of fetch-

ing water to houses in

their neighborhood.

According to the testi-

mony of his friends in

the neighborhood, he

continued to do that

even while he studied

in university in Riyadh

making use of every

opportunity including


These people speak

with pride that they are

from a hard-working

family and they learned

a lot from their fathers

about their trade and

they learned how to

be independent them-

selves in later life. They

criticize the current

generation of youth

because they do not do

what their fathers did

in the past and because

of them, the trades of

their fathers and grand-

fathers disappeared

forever — trades that

provided a decent in-

come for their families

at that time.

went to work, they found

their fathers in their

own shops, bakeries,

factories or tailor shops.

The youth today when

they leave school and go

to the small commercial

establishments to work,

whether they grocery

stores, carpentries, car

workshops or any other

place, they will find that

they are run and owned

secretly by foreign resi-

dents, even if the name

on the shop is that of a


This Saudi is the type

that is happy to work out

a cover-up arrangement

in return for a fixed

income each month in

return for the expatriate

using his name. Even

the villagers abandoned

their farms and recruited

workers from abroad to

take care of their farms.

The present father,

who was proud when

he was young to work

with his father and

grandfather and bear

the responsibility with

them in the trades they

used to work in, became

a regular employee or is

earning a living through

the so-called business


Then why do you put

the blame on the present

generation for not learn-

ing the trade of their fa-

thers and grandfathers?

If a young man went to

his father’s shop run

by an expat under the

cover-up arrangement,

will he be greeted by the

expat with sarcasm or is

he going to tell him that

this was his money and

he should go away?




Those who brag about

their father’s profession

forgot, perhaps deliber-

ately, that they themselves

could not protect the

trades of their forefa-

thers while they claim

to have helped them in

their work. They should

know that decades ago

when they were in their

adolescence, when they

left their schools and

By Muhammad


Okaz newspaper

Rehab center investigated

for firing female Saudi staff

Saudi Gazette report


The Ministry of La-

bor and Social Development has

opened an investigation to find

out whether a rehabilitation cen-

ter for the needy has fired Saudi

female teachers without prior

warning and has not registered

their name with the General Or-

ganization for Social Insurance


The teachers lodged a com-

plaint with the ministry in which

they said the center terminated

their contracts while letting non-

Saudi employees stay on job,

Al-Watan newspaper reported.

The teachers accused the cen-

ter of circumventing the regula-

tions and renewing the contracts

of some employees although

those employees had already

received their end-of-service


The center did so to deny any

privileges that were given to the

employees in the previous con-

tract and to dismiss them from

work without any obligation.

The teachers said the center

does not have qualified supervi-

sors to assess the abilities of the

needy children. The center forced

the Saudi teachers to sign a let-

ter that they agree not to register

their names with GOSI.

The teachers said they had

served the center for a long

Ahmed Al-Senani

Missile damages

mosque in Asir


A missile launched by the Houthi militias from

Yemen hit a mosque in Dhahran Al-Janoub in Asir Prov-

ince on Tuesday. Col. Muhammad Al-Asimi, Civil Defense

spokesman in Asir province, said the missile hit a mosque,

a house and a farm well causing multiple damages. The

missile did not cause any casualties. The Civil Defense res-

cue teams rushed to the scene. They cleaned the debris

after the sites were cordoned off to prevent citizens and

residents from approaching them.

Expatriates running

dental clinic arrested


The Health Affairs arrested five expatriates

who set up a dental clinic without any licensing. The clin-

ic was located in an old building in the Kilo 14 area on

Makkah Road. The Health Affairs acted after receiving a

tip-off from a citizen saying a number of expatriates were

seen receiving patients in an old building in his neighbor-

hood. The directorate’s inspectors visited the location

and found several dental equipment. The inspectors also

arrested five expatriates who were running the clinic.

Humpback whale

found dead on beach


A humpback whale was found dead on Satur-

day in Al-Qahma beach in Asir province. The Ministry of

Environment, Water and Agriculture was informed of a

sea animal found floating 5 km into the sea from the fish-

ermen’s berth. After an investigation, the ministry report-

ed the animal was a humpback whale that died due

to hot weather. Experts said these whales usually come

into the Red Sea by swimming along oil vessels and then

they lose their way back to the wide ocean. They stay

trapped in the narrow Red Sea and die due to dryness

and heat. Some might even be hit by a vessel causing

them to get injured and die. The ministry decided to bury

the whale 10 meters away from the beach. Its skeleton

can be retrieved and displayed in a museum later after

the body decomposes.

— Okaz/Saudi Gazette

time with dedication and were

shocked that they were fired.

They called upon the labor au-

thorities to saudize jobs at reha-

bilitation centers.

Ahmed Al-Senani, director of

public relations and media at the

Ministry of Labor and Social De-

velopment’s branch in Madinah,

said a committee was formed to

investigate the complaint.

“We visited the center and

reviewed the employment con-

tracts of all female employees

and found that all contracts were

for limited periods. Some of the

employees were told that they

were redundant. Besides, some

employees were given end-

of-service benefits. The center

suggested to some employees to

change their profession so that it

meets the type of work they do

at the center and were asked to

come back to the center but they

did not,” Al-Senani said.

Al-Senani said all the con-

tracts the employees signed

stated that they were for a lim-

ited term.

The labor office is still con-

sidering the complaints filed by

four employees demanding their

end-of-service rights.

We visited

the center

and reviewed

the employment

contracts of all female

employees and found

that all contracts

were for limited

periods. Some of

the employees were

told that they were


Ahmed Al-Senani

Labor Ministry


Those who brag about

their father’s profession

forgot, perhaps

deliberately, that they

themselves could not

protect the trades of their

forefathers while they

claim to have helped them

in their work.

Saudi faculty: University defends position

Saudi Gazette report


King Khalid University

in Abha has said it has 1,658

Saudi faculty members and more

will be joining the university

when they complete their post-

doctoral studies abroad.

The university in Abha faced

public criticism after a number

of Saudi applicants took to the

press to express the discrimi-

nation they faced when they

applied for job positions at the

university claiming the univer-

sity was not supporting Saudi


A campaign by unemployed

Saudis with PhD degrees was

mounted against the university

but the university defended its

position by releasing a statement.

It explained that the univer-

sity announced job vacancies

through newspapers several

times over the past year. More-

over, some of the positions ref-

erenced in the campaign state-

ments were simply unavailable

such as the Education College

at undergraduate level. That

department will be closed soon

and only graduate studies will be

available within the college.

The university also stated

that it has standards to measure

candidates. As long as the can-

didates meet the university’s

standards they all have an equal

chance of being hired.

A number of Saudi PhD

students have already been em-

ployed by the university. The

university will take in applicants

depending on its needs, it said.