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Adam Sandler earns raves

at Cannes Film Fest

CANNES, France -

It’s not every

day you hear the name “Hap-

py Gilmore” referenced at the

Cannes Film Festival.

But that was the case Mon-

day when Noah Baumbach’s

“The Meyerowitz Stories (New

and Selected),” starring Adam

Sandler, Ben Stiller and Dustin

Hoffman, premiered at the

French Riviera festival.

When the film’s cast, which

also includes Emma Thompson,

assembled for a press confer-

ence, the moderator noted this

was the second film that Sandler

and Stiller have made together

after that classic 1996 comedy.

“I just think it’s cool to hear

‘Happy Gilmore’ mentioned at the

Cannes,” Stiller chuckled.

Worlds often collide at the

Cannes Film Festival, even be-

tween broad comedy and interna-

tional art house pieces.

But while Sandler is far from

a Cannes regular, the comedian

was the toast of the festival Sun-

day, earning some of the best

reviews of his career for his per-

formance as a recently divorced

father and the unappreciated son

of Hoffman’s aging artist, the pa-

triarch of a neurotic, dysfunction-

al New York family.

“The Meyerowitz Stories”

premiered in competition for

the Palme d’Or - the festival’s

coveted top prize.

Stiller and Sandler play

halfbrothers of very different

temperaments in the film, a

relationship that culminates in

both fisticuffs and tender con-

nections. For the two actors,

friends since their early 20s, it

was a poignant experience.

“Adam and I have known

each other for years and years,”

said Stiller. “This was a really

special experience, having a

chance to connect with him like

this. Where we’re at in our lives

personally, it was a chance for

us to really get closer than we’ve

been before. Playing brothers, it

was really like one of the best

experiences I’ve had.”

- AP

From left, actors

Emma Thompson,

Dustin Hoffman,

Ben Stiller, director

Noah Baumbach

and actor Adam

Sandler pose for


upon arrival at

the screening

of the film “The


Stories” at the

70th Cannes Film

Festival in Cannes

France. - AP







Emily Seilhamer

in a dress made

up of more than

10,000 Starburst


Woman crafts dress out of 10,000

Starburst wrappers


A woman in Pennsylvania fashioned

thousands of Starbursts wrappers into a dress to com-

memorate the day she met her husband. Emily Seil-

hamer shared photos of the dress made up of more

than 10,000 Starburst wrappers to her Facebook

page Artistry and Upcycling by Emily Seilhamer. “I’ve

been saving Starburst wrappers diligently (with the

help of friends and family) for 4 years to create this

dress,” Seilhamer wrote. “After enough were saved

I organized them into colors, ironed them, folded

them into links, and made candy wrapper chains.”

Seilhamer said she then used elastic thread to sew

the multi-colored wrapper links into fabric to cre-

ate the elaborate dress, reports UPI. The complete

ensemble also features a pair of shoes covered in

Starburst wrappers and a corsage made out of a

Starburst bag. Seilhamer said the project was inspired

by the story of how she met her husband back when

they were in high school. “My husband and I met

when he offered me a pack of Starburst a few years

before the project started. As his favorite candy he

began to save grocery bags full of wrappers for me,”

she said. “The dress had a nice spot next to the gift

table at our wedding almost two years ago!” Her

hard work eventually earned Seilhamer a shout-out

from Starburst’s official Twitter account. “Shout-out to

Emily Seilhamer for making the most delicious looking

dress of all time!” Starburst wrote.

- Agencies

Momfinds snake in child’s car seat


A Louisiana woman putting her

child’s car seat back into her vehicle after a night

on the porch said she found more than ants in the

seat - she found a snake. Devon Aucoin said in a

Facebook post she was putting the car sear back

into her vehicle Monday after it spent the night on

her porch next to her front door. “After installing it,

I noticed a few ants on it so I took it back out the

car and took off all the covers to make sure there

weren’t any more ants. Thankfully I did bc to my

surprise there was a SNAKE curled up inside the

adjustment base!!!!!!” Aucoin wrote. “I couldn’t

believe it,” Aucoin told WTVT-TV. “I barely saw it

and the only reason I did was because I was mak-

ing sure there were no crumbs/ants down in the

base.” Aucoin, who said the snake was believed

to be a nonvenomous water snake, said the ser-

pent was removed safely using a pair of tongs.

“Lesson learned...” Aucoin posted. “I will never

leave a car seat outside again.” -


Twin fools HSBC voice recognition

security system


A man was able to fool a bank’s voice

recognition security system to access his brother’s

account over the phone. BBC Click reporter Dan

Simmons allowed his nonidentical twin brother, Joe,

to mimic his voice in order to test the bank’s voice

ID authentication service’s ability to determine

whether or not it was his own “unique” voice, re-

ports UPI. After several attempts Joe Simmons man-

aged to to accurately mimic his brothers voice in

order to gain limited access to the account. He was

not permitted to withdraw money, but he was giv-

en the opportunity to access balances and recent

transactions and transfer funds between accounts.

“What’s really alarming is that the bank allowed

me seven attempts to mimic my brother’s voice-

print and get it wrong, before I got in at the eighth

time of trying,” Joe Simmons said. Another BBC

researcher was able to access his or her account

after deliberately failing the voice check 20 times

in a span of 12 minutes. “Can would-be attackers

try as often as they like until they get it right?” Sim-

mons said. An HSBC spokesperson said the Voice ID

system, implemented in 2016, can identify a user’s

voice in seconds by identifying more than 100 be-

havioral and physical vocal traits “including the size

and shape of your mouth, how fast you talk and

how you emphasise words.” The bank also said it

has worked to increase the sensitivity of the voice

recognition system after being made aware of the


- Agencies

Nicole Kidman has 4 films at Cannes;

welcomes challenges

CANNES, France -

Nicole Kid-

man says having four films at the

Cannes Film Festival this year was

an unexpected confluence, but it

Cast members Nicole Kidman

and Elle Fanning attend the

screening of their movie “How

to Talk to Girls at Parties”

during the 70th Cannes Film

Festival in Cannes, France on

Monday. - Reuters

Rebel Wilson’s defamation trial

against publisher begins

MELBOURNE, Australia -


Wilson was devastated by a se-

ries of magazine articles that

she says painted her as a liar

and subsequently cost her roles

in Hollywood, a lawyer for the

actress said Monday.

Wilson is suing Australian

publisher Bauer Media for defa-

mation over several articles pub-

lished in 2015 that the Australian-

born actress said led to her film

contracts being terminated.

At the opening of the trial

in the Supreme Court of Victo-

Rebel Wilson

Actor and comedian

Kevin Nealon and

family attend the

premiere of “Captain

Underpants: The

First Epic Movie”

at the Regency

Village Theater in Los

Angeles, California on

Monday. - Reuters

was the result of her intention to

“stay bold and open” to challeng-

ing material.

Two of Kidman’s movies at

Cannes have debuted, including

Yorgos Lanthimos’s brutally dark

comedy “The Killing of a Sacred

Deer.” As per Lanthimos’ previous

films (“The Lobster,” ‘‘Dogtooth”),

the reaction in Cannes was sharply

divided on the film, which looks at

how a past error haunts the family

of a surgeon (Colin Farrell).

Kidman says “The Killing

of a Sacred Deer” and her other

Cannes entries including “How to

Talk to Girls at Parties” reflect her

continuing “rebel spirit.”

The actress said her passion

for acting remained strong and

that she’s “at a place in my life

where I’m trying to pretend I’m

still 21 and starting my career.”

- AP

ria on Monday, Wilson’s lawyer,

Matthew Collins, said his client

was “cut to the core” when she

learned 1.5 million people had

read an article online that said she

had lied about her name, age and

upbringing in Australia. Collins

said the articles were published

to coincide with a high point in

Wilson’s acting career, including

the release of “Pitch Perfect 2.”

“She thought she’d never been

hit with such nastiness, coincided

to time with the pinnacle of her

career,” Collins told the court.

Collins said Wilson was sub-

sequently fired from several

movie roles.

The actress, known for her

work in comedies such as “Pitch

Perfect” and “Bridesmaids,” flew

to Melbourne for the three-week

trial and sat in court on Monday

alongside her sister. She is expect-

ed to testify at a later date.

Wilson is seeking unspecified

damages from the publisher.

- AP

Hello! Drake breaks Adele’s record

at Billboard Music Awards


Hello, Drake has

surpassed Adele’s record

at the 2017 Billboard Music

Awards on Mondy, picking

up 13 awards.

Adele set a record at the

show in 2012 with 12 wins.

The rapper, who walked into

the show Monday with 22

nominations, won top artist,

top male artist and top Bill-

board 200 album (“Views”),

among others, at the T-Mo-

bile Arena in Las Vegas.

“I got my whole family

up here,” said Drake, who

stood onstage with nearly

two dozen people, includ-

ing his father, Lil Wayne and

Nicki Minaj.

Drake was presented the

top artist award by Prince

Jackson, the late Michael

Jackson’s eldest son. Drake

beat out Beyonce, Justin

Bieber, Rihanna, Adele, Ari-

ana Grande, the Weeknd,

twenty one pilots, Shawn

Mendes and the Chainsmok-

ers for the top prize. Of those

nominees, only Drake and

the Chainsmokers attended

the Billboard Awards.

But other big names

showed up, though.

Cher, who received the

Icon award, sang her dance

anthem “Believe” in a glit-

tery number that included

Drake poses with awards he picked up at the 2017 Billboard Music

Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday. - Reuters

pasties and blonde hair with

pink tips. She later changed wigs

- this time in a huge, curly black

‘do - and wore a black sheer

bodysuit and leather jacket for

“If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Her performance earned the

most audience participation of

the night.

“I wanted to do what I do

since I was 4 years old and I’ve

been doing it for 53 years,” said

Cher, who turned 71 on Satur-

day. “And I can do a five-minute

plank. Just saying.”

Korean boy band BTS, who

won top social artist, earned one

of the night’s loudest ovations.

Another highlight was Celine


In a beautiful, Met Gala-

ready white gown, she belted

out “My Heart Will Go On,” the

Oscar-winning song from “Ti-

tanic.” The film is celebrating its

20th anniversary this year. John

Legend and Florida Georgia Line

also had a shining moment when

they sang a duet version of the

country duo’s soft hit, “H.O.L.Y.”

Miley Cyrus sang her breezy

new single, “Malibu,” deliver-

ing a sound and muted style

that marked departure from the

hits that made her a pop star

years ago. She was teary

eyed at the end of the per-


Nicki Minaj kicked off

the show with an explosive



of her hit songs alongside

her mentor Lil Wayne and

frequent collaborator David

Guetta. She recently broke

Aretha Franklin’s record for

most songs placed on the

Billboard Hot 100 chart by a

female artist.

The Chainsmokers - who

tied Drake with 22 nomina-

tions - won the first televised

award, top collaboration, for

“Closer” with singer Halsey.

The song, which spent 12

weeks at No. 1 last year, also

won top Hot 100 song.

The Chainsmokers per-

formed “Young” with An-

drew Taggart on vocals and

Alex Pall behind the board

(they were also backed by a

drummer). Ed Sheeran sang

“Castle on the Hill” from

Santiago, Chile, while Bruno

Mars performed his silky

new single, “Versace on the

Floor,” from Amsterdam.

Other performers include

Lorde, Sam Hunt, Halsey,

Camila Cabello and Julia Mi-


- AP

‘Alien: Covenant’ edges ‘Guardians’

at weekend box office


“Alien: Covenant”

edged out “Guardians of the Gal-

axy, Vol. 2” in a weekend space

battle at the box office.

Ridley Scott’s latest “Alien”

exploit opened with $36 million in

ticket sales, according to studio es-

timates Monday. “Guardians” was

close behind with just over $35 mil-

lion in its third week of release.

“You couldn’t get two outer-

space operas that are more different

in terms of point-of-view and ex-

ecution,” said Paul Dergarabedian,

senior media analyst for ComScore.

Fox’s “Alien: Covenant” is a

dark, R-rated scare-fest about slimy,

parasitic space monsters; Disney’s

“Guardians” is a sweet, family-cen-

tered romp across the cosmos.

“‘Alien’ is sort of the dark

side,” Dergarabedian said. “It’s

the R-rated yin to ‘Guardians’

PG-13-rated, fun yang.”

Two other new releases landed

in the top five. Warner Bros.’ teen

romance “Everything, Everything”

debuted in third place with $12 mil-

lion, and Fox’s “Diary of a Wimpy

Kid: The Long Haul,” opened in

fifth with $7.2 million.

“Snatched,” Amy Schumer

and Goldie Hawn’s R-rated com-

edy from Fox, fell to fourth place

in its second week of release

with $7.6 million.

- AP

A scene from “Alien: Covenant”.