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Saudi Gazette, Friday, June 23, 2017



IGHTING the moon has been a long

standing tradition across the Arab

world where people await with great

anticipation the announcement of the

new moon to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. To

mark this occasion, Apple just re-

vealed its new ‘Shot on iPhone’ cam-

paign that captures the magic of Eid

with a collection of incredible moon

photos shot on iPhone 7.

 Over the course of a month, five

amateur photographers took on the

mission to shoot the moon across its

different lunar stages using only their

iPhone and a simple telescope.

 “This campaign goes to show

that today, everyone can be an astro-

photographer,” says Canadian Astro-

photographer Andrew Symes. “You

don’t have to be a professional to be

able to capture the wonders of space.

With just a few tips and a bit of prac-

tice, anyone with an iPhone and a

basic telescope can shoot a close up

photo of the moon, for example, that

will impress friends and family.”

 He adds, “The trick to a great

astronomical photo is capturing the

right amount of detail and ensuring

that the shot is not too bright or too

dim. Your iPhone already gives you

the ability to capture gleaming ob-

jects against a dark background eas-

ily, so just make sure to dim the moon

by adjusting the exposure so that

features like craters are visible and

properly exposed. I highly encourage

everyone to get a simple telescope

and give it a try.”

 Lawyer and photographer by

hobby, Huda Bin Redha, says “This

has been one of the best photography

experiences I’ve had. Each time I

would be surprised seeing how the

moon changes night after night down

to the sharpest details. It’s quite hum-

bling to be able to capture beauty

beyond this world.”

 Emirati explorer and photogra-

pher enthusiast Jameela Ahli says,

“Lunar astrophotography was some-

thing new to me. As a person who

enjoys the outdoors and appreciates

the beauty of nature, this project defi-

nitely expanded my horizons. Every

phase of the moon offered something

different and was a new challenge to

find and focus on that one spot that

would give me spectacular clarity.”

 Photographers participating in

the campaign #ShotoniPhone share

their secrets to taking the perfect

moon shot using these simple tips.

 All you need to get set up is your

iPhone, a simple telescope and a clear

night sky. 

Tips to shoot stunning close-up

moon photos #ShotoniPhone:

Step 1: Learn the phases of the

moon. It’s easier to capture a moon

shot during the first quarter of the

lunar cycle which is when the moon

is half full. Many craters and other

interesting features are visible during

this phase.

Step 2: Find the best time and

place to shoot. Make sure you’re

shooting when there’s a clear night sky

with little to no light around as that

will affect your photos. Consider go-

ing in the desert to find a good spot.

 Step 3: Set up a telescope and

line up your iPhone 7 with the eye-

piece. Keep one hand free to tweak

the settings and fix the angle of your


Step 4: Turn off the flash. You

won’t need it as the moon is bright.

Step 5: Tap and hold to lock fo-

cus. First you need to ensure that the

focus is good through the telescope,

then you need to lock in the focus on

the phone. This is key to capturing a

clear image of the moon.

Step 6: Drag to lower exposure.

Because the moon is so bright rela-

tive to the night sky, the moon will be

over-exposed. Manually swipe down

to lower the exposure so the moon

appears darker.

Step 7: Practice. As with most

astronomical pursuits, your skills

will improve with practice. Don’t be

discouraged if your first shots are not

perfect. You will eventually get your

magic shot.

How the iPhone 7 can make

incredible space photography



OME Quran mobile applications have defects that people need to be careful from, officials from the Muslim World League an-

nounced after receiving emails of complaints discovering faults in some of the Quranic verses. Such apps are produced by un-

known sources, making it uncertain that the entire Quranic text is revised by verified committees and experts.

Beware of hoax Quran applications

The following apps and websites are approved by The Holy Quran Memorization International Organization:


Almadina Al-Munawwarah Quran


Quran flash:


The Holy Quran application


The Holy Quran app endowment by Sheikh Saad Almousa and Sheikh Abdulaziz Almousa 


Bayan Quran


Electronic Quran by King Saud University: