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Children visit the Dino Park, an outdoor museum with

more than 120 models of dinosaurs, in Lourinha on

Wednesday. This town of 25,000 inhabitants, located

70 km north of Lisbon, was already among the world’s

leading paleontology centers thanks to its deposit of

dinosaur fossils, with a dozen species discovered since

the end of the 19th century. - AFP

Bicyclist versus lift bridge.

What could possibly go wrong?


Police say a bicyclist who weaved

past the gates blocking access to a bridge over

a river in eastern Wisconsin escaped serious injury

after falling into the gap that was created when

the bridge started to rise. Wisconsin Department of

Transportation surveillance video shot July Fourth

shows the woman ignoring the barrier and red

flashing lights at the bridge in Menasha, and ap-

parently not noticing that it was already cranking

into action. The woman and her bike then drop

into the gap and she disappears. In the following

minutes, onlookers rush to her aid and the bridge

operator stalls the bridge until the woman and her

bicycle are extracted. Police say the 37-year-old

woman was taken to a hospital in Neenah where

she was treated for facial injuries.

- AP

Bird-eating tarantulas possibly

on the loose in Britain


Animal rescuers are warning of pos-

sible bird-eating tarantulas on the loose in Britain

after three baby spiders were found in a parking lot.

The RSPCA said 10 pots were found at the side of a

parking lot at Bateman’s Yard Stable in Somercotes,

Derbyshire, England, and rescuers discovered three

baby Brazilian tarantulas in the pots. Two of the

pots were broken after apparently being struck by

cars, leading the animal rescue group to suspect

the baby tarantulas’ parents might be on the loose,

reports UPI. The pots bore labels including one say-

ing, “Brazilian pink bird-eating spiders,” the RSPCA

said. “The women caller who contacted us was

understandably shaken when she realized the pots

contained spiders as she is terrified of them,” RSPCA

Inspector Kristy Ludlam said. “It appears someone

ran over two of the pots and the driver told the

woman who called us he thought he saw two larger

spiders. No bodies were found so it is assumed they

may have escaped.” Ludlam said the RSPCA is

keeping the empty pots warm in case the tarantula

eggs inside them hatch. The RSPCA said the ta-

rantulas, which can grow to a leg span of up to 10

inches, would be unlikely to survive for very long in

the wild, due to their preference for hot and humid

climates. “It is likely that the spiders were unwanted

pets which they may have been breeding and then

decided to dispose of for whatever reason,” Ludlam


- Agencies

This photo provided by

the Cape May Police

Department shows Bean the

pug being photographed at

the Cape May Police Dept.,

in Cape May, New Jersey.

- AP

Police post mugshot of lost dog,

bail paid in cookies


A dog is home after police in a New

Jersey shore town posted its mugshot on social me-

dia. Cape May Patrolman Michael LeSage found

Bean the pug in a yard on Tuesday. He tells The Star-

Ledger of Newark he tried to get the dog to hop into

his police car, but her legs were too short so he had

to lift her. Police posted a photo of Bean on Face-

book with the caption: “This is what happens when

you run away from home.” It took a few hours before

Bean’s owners tracked her down. Hadley Hubbard of

Baltimore, Maryland, thanked police and posted that

Bean was sound asleep after an exciting run. LeSage

posted that Bean paid her bail in cookies.

- AP

After movie, Cher to release

album of Abba covers


Pop legend Cher on

Wednesday announced an album

of Abba covers as she stars in a

film sequel to “Mamma Mia!,” the

musical inspired by the iconic

Swedish group.

In a fresh burst of activity by

the 72-year-old singer and actress,

Cher said that her creative spirit

was rekindled after singing one of

the signature tunes on “Mamma

Mia! Here We Go Again,” which is

coming out this week.

“After I did ‘Fernando,’ I

thought it would be really fun to

do an album of Abba songs, so I

did,” Cher said on the NBC televi-

sion daytime show “Today.”

“It’s not what you think of

when you think of Abba, because I

did it in a different way,” Cher said

without revealing a tracklist or re-

lease date.

The album would be Cher’s

first studio work since the dance

music-driven 2013 album “Closer

to the Truth.” The former half of

folk duo Sonny and Cher enjoyed

a career revival in the 1990s and

holds the record for the longest

gap between number-one songs

on the US chart at nearly 25 years.

Cher in recent years has most-

ly concentrated on a residency

show in Las Vegas. She had not

appeared in a film since provid-

Cher poses on the red carpet

upon arrival for the world

premiere of the film “Mamma

Mia! Here We Go Again” in

London on Monday. — AFP

ing her voice to a lion in the 2011

movie “Zookeeper.”

The original “Mamma Mia!”

stage musical and then filmweaves

together Abba songs to tell the sto-

ry of Sophie, who plans her wed-

ding on a Greek island alongside

her free-spirited mother, Donna,

and sets out to identify who her

father is, with comic results.

For the sequel, Cher depicts

the mother of Donna, played again

by Meryl Streep, as she figures out

how to act like a grandmother.

The film comes shortly after

Abba itself unveiled new music,

35 years after the last single by

the godparents of bubble-gum



Japanese footballer Honda founds

venture fund with Will Smith


Japanese footballer

KeisukeHonda is swapping football

for finance, after launching a ven-

ture capital fund with Hollywood

star Will Smith to invest in start-

ups addressing social problems,

the striker’s agent said Wednesday.

The Dreamers Fund, set up in April

in Los Angeles, aims to raise about

$100 million from investors, with

Japanese brokerage giant Nomura

Holdings serving as “the anchor in-

vestor”, Honda’s management firm

KSK Group said in a statement.

“I hope to change the lives of

people in the US, Japan and the

world for the better through the

Dreamers Fund,” Honda was quot-

ed as saying in the statement.

The former AC Milan striker

announced his retirement from

international football earlier this

month on the heels of Japan’s

heartbreaking World Cup exit in a

last-gasp defeat to Belgium.

“I’ll be taking on a difficult new

challenge,” Honda, 32, said on his

official Twitter account Wednes-

day, without adding details.

The management firm state-

ment said Honda had been

“shocked”, while playing club foot-

ball in the Netherlands a decade

ago, to learn that some of his fellow

players were sending more than

half their salaries home to sup-

port families in Africa and South


“I began to think about a way

for me to contribute to people in



Honda said in the statement.

The fund will bring together

investors with experience funding

rising US ventures such as Uber

and SpaceX, the statement said.

It is unclear when Honda and

Smith made the decision to go into

business, but the Hollywood actor

last week singled out the Japanese

footballer as one of the “coolest

players” at the 2018 World Cup in

Russia. After identifying Cristiano

Ronaldo as top of his list, Smith

said Honda was also one of his fa-

vorites, according to Kyodo News.

“I like his heart. He is a re-

ally authentic, good dude,” said the

two-time Academy Award nomi-



Keisuke Honda and Will Smith

Singer Cliff Richard wins BBC privacy

case, sparking media alarm


Veteran British pop star Cliff Rich-

ard won a privacy case against the BBC on

Wednesday after it broadcast live on television

a police raid on his home, in a ruling the broad-

caster warned risked press freedom.

High Court Judge Anthony Mann said the

BBC had infringed Richard’s rights in a “seri-

ous” and “somewhat sensationalist way” and

awarded him at least £210,000 ($274,000) in


The 77-year-old singer, who was never

charged with any offense, was applauded by

fans as he left court, and they sang his hit

song “Congratulations”.

“I’m choked up. I can’t believe it. It’s

wonderful news,” said Richard, Britain’s first

home-grown pop star.

The BBC said it would consider an ap-

peal, saying the ruling “represents a dramat-

ic shift against press freedom and the long-

standing ability of journalists to report on

police investigations”.

Richard’s home was raided in 2014 as

part of an investigation into an allegation of

sexual assault involving a young boy dating

back to the 1980s.

The BBC’s live coverage, including a he-

licopter, was picked up around the world,

but the singer was never arrested or charged

and was told in 2016 there was insufficient

evidence against him.

“My life was effectively turned upside

down and my reputation, worldwide, was

unnecessarily damaged,” Richard said at the

start of the case.

Cliff Richard


The BBC heard about the investigation by

South Yorkshire Police and cut a deal in which

they agreed to delay breaking the story in return

for a tip-off about the raid on Richard’s home.

The judge awarded £190,000 in general

damages plus another £20,000 “aggravated

damages” because the BBC nominated the

story for a “Scoop of the Year” award, which

it did not win.

Richard is also entitled to further sums

for the financial impact of the case, which

will be decided another time.

The police force has already agreed to

pay Richard £400,000 after settling a claim.

In a statement, the BBC said it was “sorry

for the distress Sir Cliff has been through”.

It admitted there were “things we would

have done differently, however the judge has

ruled that the very naming of Sir Cliff was


“So even had the BBC not used helicop-

ter shots or ran the story with less promi-

nence, the judge would still have found that

the story was unlawful; despite ruling that

what we broadcast about the search was ac-

curate,” it said.

The ruling “will make it harder to scruti-

nize the conduct of the police and we fear it

will undermine the wider principle of the pub-

lic’s right to know”, it said.

“We don’t believe this is compatible with

liberty and press freedoms,” the statement

said, adding that it was “looking at an ap-


Tony Gallagher, the editor in chief of Brit-

ain’s best-selling The Sun tabloid, also railed

against the “shockingly bad” ruling.

“Victory for (alleged) criminals and mon-

ey-grabbing lawyers. Terrible for media,” he


Richard, who burst onto the pop scene in

the late 1950s, is the third biggest-selling art-

ist in British singles chart history, behind The

Beatles and Elvis Presley.

His hits include “The Young Ones”, “Liv-

ing Doll”, “Summer Holiday”, “Mistletoe

And Wine” and “The Millennium Prayer”.



Kylie Jenner on Travis Scott:

We ‘just rode off into the sunset’


Kylie Jenner says

she “just rode off into the sun-

set” with Travis Scott during

the early days of their relation-

ship. The 20-year-old television

personality shared details about

her whirlwind romance with the

26-year-old rapper in the Au-

gust issue of GQ.

Jenner confirmed she first

met Scott during Coachella mu-

sic festival in April 2017. The

pair immediately connected,

and Jenner said she abandoned

her life in California to follow

Scott on tour.

“Coachella was one of the

stops on his tour. So he said, ‘I’m

going back on tour - what do we

want to do about this?’ Because

we obviously liked each other,”

the star recalled. “And I was like,

‘I guess I’m going with you.’”

“I really jumped on the bus,”

she said. “And then we rode off

into the sunset. I did the whole

tour with him.”

Jenner said her mom, Kris

Jenner, and family supported

her decision to follow her heart.

Jenner and Scott welcomed

their first child, daughter

Stormi, in February. E! News re-

ported in May that the couple

are in “the best place they have

ever been in their relationship”

since their baby girl’s birth.



Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

Black Panther’s sister Shuri

gets own spin-off comic


In Marvel’s massive-

ly successful “Black Panther”

film released this year, one of

the major surprises was how the

superhero’s sister, tech genius

Shuri, stole the show. Now, she

is getting her own comic book


Marvel Comics has an-

nounced a spin-off series, to be-

gin in October, in which Black

Panther is lost on a mission to

space, and Shuri is looked upon

to step up to fill the void left by

her big brother in their mythical

home nation Wakanda.

“The world fell in love with

Shuri in the movie. Now, the

Actress Letitia Wright is seen

playing Shuri in a scene from

“Black Panther”.

Black Panther’s techno-genius

sister launches her own adven-

tures,” the publisher said, con-

firming news first published by

news site Bustle.



Letitia Wright earned praise

for her portrayal of Shuri in

the smash hit film, which crit-

ics agree was a groundbreaking

moment for blacks on the silver


While Shuri is not the first

black heroine in the Marvel uni-

verse - Storm, one of the X-Men,

has been around for decades -

entire books dedicated to black

female characters are rare.

Female Nigerian-American

sci-fi author Nnedi Okorafor

will write “Shuri.” She is al-

ready working for Marvel on

its “Wakanda Forever” series,

which focuses on the Dora Mila-

je, the all-female special forces

unit in the fictional nation.

According to Box Office

Mojo, “Black Panther” has taken

in more than $1.34 billion, mak-

ing it number nine on the all-

time box office list. “Avatar” is

the all-time champion at nearly

$2.8 billion.