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TUESDAY 23 MAY 2017,



VAT to be

paid from

Jan.; violators

face heavy


The workshop at JCCI which was attended by more than 100 accountants.

— Okaz photo

Special force to get intensive anti-terror training

By Ibrahim Alawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


The special force in charge of

protecting vital installations will be given

advanced training to combat terrorism and

carry out rapid intervention, said Maj. Gen.

Saad Al-Jabari, commander of the force to

ensure security of installations.

Fifty officers from the force have qualified

to attend the intensive training programs to

be conducted inside the Kingdom and abroad,

he pointed out.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette on the

sidelines of a graduation ceremony for offi-

cers who attended a training course to com-

bat terrorism and rapid intervention, he said

Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Naif, deputy

premier and minister of interior, has approved

the new training program.

The graduation ceremony took place at

the training center for security forces in Jed-


He said the new training courses would

strengthen the capabilities of special security

forces to protect the Kingdom’s oil and indus-

trial plants as well as other vital installations.

“This is the second graduation ceremony

of officers who have attended the training

course. It will be followed by graduation of

the remaining officers in order to raise the

capabilities of special forces in charge of safe-

guarding vital installations,” Al-Jabari said.

He also noted his force’s contributions

toward safeguarding pilgrims who come for

Haj. “We have reviewed the force’s perfor-

mance last year to avoid negative aspects. We

have conducted a number of workshops with

relevant agencies for this purpose,” he added.

Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Khalaf, assistant

commander of the force for planning and de-

velopment, said the advanced training pro-

gram to combat terrorism was the result of

efforts made during the past years.

“The training programs have been up-

graded considering the importance of vital in-

stallations such as oil refineries and pipelines

being protected by the force,” he explained.

He said domestic, regional and interna-

tional challenges demanded rapid interven-

tion by the force in coordination with other

security agencies, with greater professional-


“Seventy-seven officers have joined the

training course from the force deployed in

Madinah, Asir, Jazan, Najran, Makkah, North-

ern Border Province and Tabuk,” the assistant

commander said.

“They have received special training in

fitness, special skills, weight lifting, overload,

long walk, crossing barriers, trenches, carry-

ing luggage and traveling through difficult ter-

rain,” Al-Khalaf said.

Graduation ceremony of the special force after officers attended a training course to combat terrorism and rapid intervention in Jeddah.

— Okaz photo

Saudi Ivanka’s

dad ready to go

to US to meet

Trump daughter

By Faheeem Al-Hamid

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


Salim Al-Anzi, a

Saudi citizen who named his

newborn baby daughter Ivanka,

said he was willing to travel to

Washington to meet President

Donald Trump’s daughter.

“I am quite willing to travel

to the US with my daughter to

meet Ivanka,” he said adding that

his daughter looks very much like


Anzi said he wanted so much

to meet Ivanka in Riyadh to take

a photo with her but her tight

schedule did not permit it.

He said he is very fond of

President Trump’s daughter so

he named his baby after her.

“I am still calling my daugh-

ter Ivanka though I have changed

her name to Lama according to

the Saudi laws and regulations,”

he said.

In the birth certificate issued

to him from the Maternity and

Child hospital in Arar (North-

ern Province) his daughter was

registered as Ivanka but he later

changed her name so as not to

break the Saudi laws.

According to informed sourc-

es, Ivanka was planning to send

Anzi a message to thank him for

naming his daughter after her.

“I named my daughter Ivanka

out of my optimism of the im-

provement of the Saudi-Ameri-

can ties during Trump’s adminis-

tration,” he said.

The sources said Ivanka was

happy that a Saudi girl was named

after her and said she would like

to meet her if her circumstances

had permitted.

KSA steps up

drive against

terror funding

Saudi Gazette report


Saudi Arabia›s Fi-

nancial Intelligence Unit has

stepped a campaign against mon-

ey laundering and terror funding

operations by inspecting real es-

tate and brokerage offices as well

as other vital sectors that are

likely to be involved in financial


The department has received

more than 13,000 intimations re-

lated to money laundering and

terror funding during the past 12


“The growing number of

these financial crimes has raised

concerns around the world and

shaken economies of many coun-

tries,” said a senior FIU official.

The Saudi government has

imposed tough punishment on

those involved in money laun-

dering and terror funding, which

reached up to 15 years in prison

and SR7 million fine.

“It has confiscated money

worth billions of riyals,” Al-Hay-

at Arabic daily quoted the official

as saying.

The number of calls and inti-

mations received by the financial

intelligence unit on suspicious

money laundering and terror

funding cases jumped from 405

in 2006 to 1,842 in 2011, 2,077 in

2012 and 2,379 in 2013, the pa-

per said. The number of cases

dropped slightly in 2014 to 2,240.

“Most of these calls (8,800)

came from financial institutions

and from 23 non-financial orga-

nizations,” the official said. “We

have received 1,035 calls from

government agencies and 161

from individuals,” he pointed out.

The department said it was

monitoring 2,285 bank accounts

suspected of conducting money

laundering and terror funding

operations. “We have received

2,240 cases related to money

laundering and 136 of these cases

have been transferred to the in-

vestigation department,” he ex-


The unit has received calls

demanding investigation of 505

suspicious bank accounts.

“We have investigated 37 of

126 suspected cases related to

terror funding in 2016,” the offi-

cial said. “We have also received

188 requests from international

agencies to provide informa-

tion about suspected financial

crimes,” he pointed out.

Saudi courts have issued ver-

dicts on 983 financial crimes in-

cluding 975 terror-funding cases

and eight cases of money laun-

dering. The punishment includ-

ed imprisonment and confisca-

tion of funds.

Major sectors where

money laundering

is suspected are

real estate, gold and

jewelry, luxurious cars,

endowments, investment

funds, law and auditing


Salim Al-Anzi, the father of Saudi


— Okaz photo

Abeer anti-smoking campaign 2017 launched

Saudi Gazette report


There is a need for awareness

initiates in healthcare sector, said Moham-

med Bajobair, regional director of MOH -

private sector, while stressing its relevance

during the official launch of the anti-smok-

ing campaign initiated by Abeer Medical

Group at the Park Hyatt on Sunday.

In the inaugural speech, Bajobair,

who was the guest of honor, added that

voluntary endeavors taken by healthcare

organizations like Abeer Medical Group

are to be appreciated and given optimum

promotion for generating a healthy liv-

ing in the Kingdom. He spoke about the

possible collaboration of the Ministry

of Health to promote and support this

noble cause.

The event was inaugurated by Indian

Consul General Mohammed Noor Rah-

man Sheikh. Saudi Gazette is the official

media partner of this campaign in con-

nection with World No Tobacco Day

which falls on May 31.

Sheikh expressed deep concern for

the unhealthy habits like smoking which

is gaining more prevalence in the youth

and adolescents these days. Efforts

to curtail tobacco users and enhance

healthy lifestyle practices are the need of

the hour, he stated.

He added that smoking incidence has

to be cut down in order to lead the na-

tion to health progress. The first social

media material of Abeer Anti-smoking

Campaign 2017 was posted on Facebook

by Sheikh.

Alungal Mohammed, president of

Abeer Medical Group, said pervading

social awareness on the predictive and

preventive aspects of medicine should

Mohammed Bajobair, regional director of MOH (private sector) Jeddah, and Indian Consul General Mohammed Noor Rahman Sheikh with

the leadership of Abeer Medical Group, Khaled Almaeena, director; Alungal Mohammed, president; Saeed Sullamy, senior management

consultant; and Dr Jemshith Ahmed, vice president (strategic planning), at the official launching ceremony of Abeer Anti-smoking

Campaign 2017.

— Courtesy photo

the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and

Industry. The workshop was attended by

over 100 legal accountants. JCCI Assis-

tant General Secretary Mazin Kutbi was

also present. The authority stated in the

workshop that the VAT will be 5 percent

of the revenue starting January 2018.

Head of the Legal Team for Indirect

Taxes Misfir Al-Dihaim said the pro-

posed proposed is the least in the world.

“It’s only 5 percent and companies

can regain that 5 percent through the

discount right of the income tax. If the

company runs into losses, it still has to

pay its VAT. I urge all private businesses

to ensure that all of its legal paperwork

and documented information is correct

in order to avoid facing any legal penal-

ties,” said Al-Dihaim.

He added companies will not lose

any revenue by paying its VAT as the tax

requirement will be reflected on the end

consumer and the authority will ensure

that the entity responsible for VAT is

indeed regulated within the companies’

financial operations.

Jeddah General Authority for Zakat

and Income’s Ahmad Al-Taifi said the au-

thority has put in place strict penalties

against violators of the new regulations.

“Violators may be subjected to pay

double the VAT. If the violator pays an

incorrect amount, they are subjected to

pay 50 percent more of the original VAT.

Violators who state an incorrect amount

of reclaimed tax will also be subjected to

pay 50 percent of the original VAT,” said


He added violators are subjected to

great financial fines if they provide in-

correct information or try to escape pay-

ing the taxes.

Mazin Kutbi said implementing

the VAT is an important step toward

the Kingdom’s national objectives. The

Kingdom is obliged to apply the new

VAT regulations as part of its agreement

with other GCC countries.

By Abdulrahman Al-Misbahi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


The General Authority for

Zakat and Tax has announced that all

private sector establishments with an

annual revenue of over SR375,000 will

be paying monthly VAT starting January


It said the decision will be applied to

all private sector establishments includ-

ing oil change shops, repair workshops

and eligible small businesses. Failure to

adhere to the new regulations may result

in a fine or an imprisonment.

The authority detailed the draft of

the new tax law at a workshop held at

be the fundamental mission of every

healthcare organization.

‘‘Expanding awareness on the en-

hancement of healthy lifestyles intended

for early prevention and treatment of dis-

eases is a core mission of Abeer. We are

proud to unveil this mass awareness cam-

paign along the lines of the health perspec-

tives of Saudi Vision 2030”, said Alungal.

Khaled Almaeena, veteran Saudi

journalist who also director at Abeer

Medical Group, mentioned that it should

be felt as a core commitment by every

individual to lead public-spirited visions.

“Everyone in the society has to be on the

forefront of such initiatives and live ex-

emplary lives which will inspire others,”,

Almaeena said.

Dr. Jemshith Ahmed, vice president

of Abeer Medical Group, delivered a pre-

sentation on the dreadful and hazardous

effect of smoking on common man’s life.

He pointed out that more than 6 million

deaths are occurring in the world every

year due to smoking and that this un-

healthy trend, if not curbed, will turn out

to be a human destroyer.

Ramnarayan Iyer, executive editor of

Saudi Gazette, felicitated Abeer Medical

Group, on the occasion.

Ehab Sousa, an ex-smoker narrated

on how his life underwent a positive

change after he quit smoking. The event

was attended by media officials, social

media community members, bloggers,

principals and management of promi-

nent schools in Jeddah region, commu-

nity leaders and other dignitaries.

Dr. Ahmed Ramadan and Noufal Ni-

yas were awarded for being the Social

Media Brand Ambassadors of Abeer in

the event.