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I want to show those

around me how to use

recyclable household

waste aesthetically,

economically and


Hana›a Al-Salmi


King Faisal Prize sets

stage for ‘Pioneers in

Medicine’ conference

Saudi women to drive family taxis soon

KSA signs

statute of

OIC Labor


Work starts on SR3bn Jeddah

rainwater drainage network


Under the patron-

age of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal,

chairman of King Faisal Prize

Board and chairman of the Board

of Trustees of Alfaisal Univer-

sity, King Faisal Prize (KFP) and

Alfaisal University have collabo-

rated to host the «Pioneers in

Medicine» conference in Riyadh

on Dec. 1-2, 2018, in celebration

of KFP’s 40th anniversary.

The event offers a broad plat-

form to discuss the latest advanc-

es in various medical specialties

and highlights KFP’s continued

efforts to contribute to knowl-

edge development for the benefit

of mankind.

Prominent among the par-

ticipants are KFP Medicine lau-

reates as well as Saudi special-

ists from the fields of oncology,

cardiology, fetal medicine and

surgery, genetics, ear nose and

throat and family medicine.

The KFP winners who will

address the event are Prof. Pat-

rick Walsh and Prof. James Bussel

from the US, Prof. Ulrich Sigwart

from Switzerland, and Prof. Joris

Veltman from the Netherlands.

Highly engaging sessions

have been lined up during which

KFP laureates and prominent

Saudi medical specialists will

shed light on interesting topics,

such as the role of surgical in-

novation in reducing death and

suffering from prostate cancer,

cardiovascular disease treatment

from the inside, minimal invasive

fetal management, genetic dis-

ease management. In addition,

the speakers will share criti-

cal updates on the dawn of the

immune therapy era in cancer

treatment and the creation of a

unique fetal management pro-

gram in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the Pioneers in

Medicine conference will help in

gaining a deeper understanding

of the development as well as re-

cent advances of the Kingdom’s

medical sector in several other

areas such as cardiac surgery,

urology, management of ear, nose

and throat and genetic medicine

and community medicine.

Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al-

Rabiah, minister of health, will

cordially honor the participating

pioneers at the closing ceremony

for their services to the medical

field and contributions in ad-

vancing healthcare.

The conference will take

place in the Princess Haya Bint

Turki Auditorium of Alfaisal

University, and will be open

to members of the public. The

event is accredited by the Saudi

Commission for Health Special-

ties (SCHS) with Continuing

Medical Education (CME) hours.

— SG

Saudi Gazette report


Qualified Saudi

women drivers will start driv-

ing family taxi cabs in the King-

dom after a week, according to

the Public Transport Authority


The authority›s special

chart organizing the activities

of the family taxis is aimed at

further enhancing the transport

services being extended espe-

cially to women and children,

the Dammam-based Al-Yum

newspaper has reported.

According to the chart, the

family cabs must be owned by

an establishment, which is au-

thorized to transport families

within city limits.

The chart, which was pub-

lished by the official Um Al-

Qura newspaper, makes it im-

perative that the drivers should

be qualified Saudi women who

have valid category A driving


The drivers should be free of

any contagious diseases, should

not be drug addicts, should have

no criminal records and should

have passed all the training ses-

sions organized by the author-


According to the chart, the

passengers should consist of at

least one adult female. The male

passengers and children should

sit in the back seat and should

not be left alone in the car.

The establishment involved

in the family transport activity

should have a fleet of 10 vehi-

cles at least, the car should not

be more than five years old and

should have a minimum of seven

seats including the driver›s seat.

The car should also have

cold and warm air conditioning

system and should also be sup-

plied with GPS navigation.

It should also have a screen

projecting all the required data

such as the driver›s name, the

name of the establishment with

all its contact numbers and the

plate number. The car should

have a spare tire and should be

clean from inside and outside.

Saudi Gazette report


The Kingdom has

signed the Statute of the Labor

Center of the Organization of the

Islamic Cooperation (OICLC).

The signing ceremony took place

at the headquarters of the OIC

General Secretariat in Jeddah on


The agreement was signed by

Minister of Labor and Social De-

velopment Ahmed Bin Sulaiman

Al-Rajhi in the presence of OIC

Secretary-General Dr. Yousef Al-

Othaimeen and Azerbaijan›s Am-

bassador to the Kingdom and the

country›s Permanent Represen-

tative to OIC Shahin Abdulayev.

Azerbaijan hosts the headquar-

ters of the OIC Labor Center.

The center aims at strength-

ening and empowering social

development efforts of the OIC

member states and coordination

among the relevant organizations

in member states, as well as the

other OIC institutions active in

the areas related to labor, em-

ployment, social protection and

development of human capital.

The OICLC gives a strong

impetus to the collective efforts

of the OIC member states to pre-

pare the labor force of the OIC

countries to meet the challenges

of globalization and trade liber-

alization. The activation of the

center will also promote mutual-

ly beneficial cooperation among

Islamic countries in the areas of

labor, employment, and social


The center also seeks to ex-

change experiences and exper-

tise among member states in

order to enhance the implemen-

tation of the OIC Framework on

Labor, Employment and Social

Protection and the resolutions

and declarations of the Islamic

Conference of Labor Ministers.



In an article titled “Con-

sumer protection loses lus-

ter”, published in Saudi

Gazette on Nov. 5, the name

of the Consumer Protection

Association was mentioned

inadvertently as a result of

an oversight in translation.

The writer in his original

article meant consumer

protection in general and

not the official body. The

error is regretted.

— Editor


project to cover entire

city, says mayor

Saudi Gazette report


Mayor of Jeddah

Saleh Al-Turki on Sunday an-

nounced the start of work for

a comprehensive rainwater

drainage project in the city. The

project is worth SR3 billion.

«The execution of the proj-

ect has already started in 30

critical and sensitive locations

and the municipality has start-

ed signing contracts with con-

tractors,» Al-Turki was quoted

as saying by Al-Madina Arabic

newspaper on Monday.

Turki said all main roads

remained open during the re-

cent rain in Jeddah but the

municipality does not have the

resources to dry up rainwater

accumulated inside residential

The family taxis must be owned by an establishment authorized to transport families within city


— Courtesy Al-Yaum

Asir’s beauty in fall

Photographers in Asir rejoice over the return of the fall. For nature lovers in the Kingdom, the Asir region

is the place to visit during winter and fall. They can appreciate the beauty of the landscapes as the

gathering clouds during sunsets paint the sky in red, white and blue. Over the past few days, photogra-

phers from the Saudi Press Agency have been shooting, among other landscapes, pictures of the peaks

of Asir Mountains with clouds surrounding them.

— Al-Arabiya English

Jeddah will be in a better position during the rainy season in coming years, says Mayor Saleh Al-Turki.

Saleh Al-Turki

Saudi woman turns recycled

coffee cups into pieces of art

By Noura Al-Nuaimi


A young Saudi

woman has chosen to create art

using recycled paper coffee cups

to reduce waste disposal.

Artist Hana›a Al-Salmi is

used to drinking coffee in those

paper cups every morning, at

various coffee shops in the east-

ern Saudi city of Al-Khobar.

Every time she uses such

cups with her friends and family,

Al-Salmi collects them in order

to use them in her art using recy-

cling materials.

Dozens of cups have been

collected by her and used in her

abstract drawings, which are on

display at her home.

In an interview with Al-

Arabiya English, Al-Salmi says

she has always loved colors and

drawing since childhood. And

I was in love with drawing on

coffee cups upon finishing from

them, she added.

“When I was studying abstract

art, I began to provide courses for

girls on recycling paper and house-

hold waste, since they are environ-

mentally friendly, and produces an

economic return,” she said.

Using these cups, Al-Salmi

says: “Each time, I try to create

a more attractive painting using

the cups compared to the previ-

ous one. I want to show those

around me how to use recyclable

household waste aesthetically,

economically and educationally.”

Every morning, and as she

sees people buy their coffee and

drinks, Al-Salmi thought that she

would start an awareness cam-

paign that aims to educate people

about the need to protect the en-

vironment, given that many get

rid of these cups by throwing

them in trash or on the roads. —

Al-Arabiya English

Artist Hana›a Al-Salmi has collected dozens of cups and used them in

her abstract drawings, which are on display at her home.

to rainwater drainage and said

the municipality would be able

to deal quickly and efficiently

with rainwater in the coming


In a report issued in 2015,

the municipality said it was

able to cover only about 25 per-

cent of the city with the rain-

water drainage system. Now the

city has a comprehensive plan

for the immediate drainage of

rainwater from the entire city.

The mayor said enough

resources were earmarked to

implement the project and said

the blueprint and detailed de-

signs for the execution of the

first phase of the project have

already been prepared.

According to him, the proj-

ect will consist of a number of

phases, of which the first one is

already under implementation.

«During the next few years

we will focus on the quick

drainage of the floodwater. We

have a comprehensive plan

ready for this,» he said.

areas quickly.




years, no tunnel in Jeddah was

inundated with rainwater this

year. However, we are still in

the rainy season but we are

quite prepared for it,» he said.

The mayor was confident

that Jeddah would be in a better

position next year with regard

Company ordered to pay SR4m

in compensation to employees

By Adnan Al-Shabrawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette


The Executive

Court in Jeddah has obliged a

private foodstuffs company to

pay a sum of SR4.04 million in

compensations to 54 employees

whom it had unfairly dismissed.

The employees, including

14 Saudi men and women, have

filed complaints against the

unidentified company in the


According to court sources,

the Saudis were compensated

by SR1.02 million while the ex-

patriate employees were paid

more than SR3.02 million.

The verdict also obliged the

company to give the dismissed

employees experience certifi-

cates, pay them their end of

service emoluments, compen-

sate them for their accumulated

leaves, issue final exit visas for

the expatriate employees and

provide them with air tickets to

travel to their respective home


According to the Justice

Ministry, the executive courts

in the Kingdom, last year re-

ceived as many as 639 com-

plaints for compensations to

the tune of SR797 million for

the termination of work con-


Makkah, with 172 compen-

sation requests for the payment

of SR143 million, topped other

regions in the number of com-

plaints while the Eastern Prov-

ince, with 101 complaints, came

first in the amount of money




which was SR464 million.

Riyadh had 161 complaints

seeking a total amount of SR167

million, Madinah had 40 com-

plaints for SR12 million while

there were 40 complaints in

Asir requesting compensations

worth more than SR5 million.