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AMNCO wins best practices award in Dubai

DAFZA steps up efforts

to boost ties with China


Arabian Security &

Safety Services Co. Ltd (AMN-

CO) was named ‘2018 KSA

Manned Guarding Company of

the Year Award’ at the 2018 Frost

& Sullivan Middle East Best Prac-

tices Awards Banquet at Atlantis,

The Palm here.

With an experience of over

3 decades, AMNCO is a leading

provider of manned security for

various financial institutions and

precious metal dealers covering

more than 250 cities across the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

AMNCO has also gained traction

in diversifying its services into

the Facilities Management sec-

tor with the acquisition of a FM


This has created a unique

value proposition wherein AMN-

CO offers bundled services to

its esteemed clients. In addition,

AMNCO has partnerships with

international security agencies

such as West Sealand Digital,

WSI International, Shield, etc.,

to provide quality training to the

workforce and introduce high-

tech safety equipment in the

Middle East.


Guthami said, “The Awards could

not have been achieved with-

out the hard work of AMNCO

employees that led to customer

satisfaction and to this recogni-

tion. The management team and

myself consider each day an op-

portunity to serve and work with

regulators, consultants, partners

and clients to uplift the image,

strengthen the position and cre-

ate best in class environment for

the security officers to grow in

their career and be proud of be-

ing an integral part of this great


Extending hearty congratula-

tions to AMNCO on winning the

award, Abhay Bhargava, business

head-MEA, Industrial Practice,

Frost & Sullivan said, “2017 has

been a very successful year for

AMNCO during which its year-

on-year revenue growth rate has

been over 14% in the security

services market. With its thor-

ough personnel validation and

exceptional training procedures,

AMNCO has a unique com-

petitive advantage over other

manned security service pro-

viders in the region in terms of

security technology integration

and penetration into the Middle


Frost & Sullivan Awards rec-

ognize companies across regional

and global markets for outstand-

ing achievement and perfor-

mance in a range of regional and

global markets for superior lead-

ership, technological innovation,

customer service, strategic prod-

uct development, etc.

An eminent jury deliber-

ated on structured data and a

research backed presentation/

recommendations by our Senior

Industry Experts. Frost & Sul-

livan’s Industry Experts track

markets and companies by hold-

ing detailed interactions with

industry experts, market par-

ticipants, end users, other stake-

holders/ value chain players and

extensive research of proprietary

data, to compile the Jury Evalu-

ation Matrix. Evaluation by the

jury ultimately results in the final

Awardee, from among the nomi-


— SG


Dubai Airport Freez-

one Authority (DAFZA), one of

the UAE’s leading free zones,

has further strengthened its ties

with China through a series of

initiatives focused on expanding

bilateral trade and investment

this year. This includes a senior

government delegation visit from

China that was welcomed by Dr.

Mohammed Al Zarooni, director

general for DAFZA. He met Qian

Keming, vice minister of com-

merce of China, along with other

senior officials and representa-

tives from DAFZA and World

Free Zones Organization (WFZO)

in which they set out strategies

and new approaches for plan-

ning, managing and operating free


Other strategic initiatives in-

clude DAFZA recently signing a

new partnership with Liaoning

Chamber of Commerce UAE. The

Memorandum of Understanding

(MoU) will increase the collabo-

ration between the two organi-

zations and will help create new

business and investment opportu-

nities with Liaoning province.

DAFZA also previously signed

an MoU with China (Guangdong)

Pilot Free Trade Zone (GDFTZ)

— Nansha Area of Guangzhou

(Nansha FTZ) and hosted road-

shows in the Shenzhen province

and Guangzhou in China during

April 2018. The roadshows led to a

significant amount of new compa-

ny appointments with several high

potential leads for new companies

looking to invest in DAFZA.

Al Zarooni commented: “The

UAE and the Republic of China

have held strong strategic rela-

tions politically, economically and

culturally since the mid-1980s.

The governments of both coun-

tries have sought to build on these

relations ever since, with the UAE

recognizing China as one of the

most prominent economic force

in the Asian continent.”

“It was a pleasure to welcome

Qian Keming and his colleagues

from the Ministry of Commerce

as we continue to strengthen ties

between us and look for new ways

to collaborate. We see tremendous

growth opportunities in a number

of sectors including electronics,

logistics, e-commerce and medi-

cal services and products,” added

Al Zarooni.

DAFZA also commissioned a

AMNCO was named ‘2018 KSA Manned Guarding Company of the Year

Award’ at the 2018 Frost & Sullivan Middle East Best Practices Awards

Banquet at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai.

— Courtesy photo

DAFZA DG Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni welcomes China delegation.

Courtesy photo

Bab Rizq and


to back Saudi job seekers, SMEs

Key tips to

refocus your

job search


Bab Rizq Jameel

Recruitment has announced a

new partnership with


the leading job site in the Middle

East and North Africa, to help

Saudi Arabian job seekers find

employment by providing online

recruitment services. The goal

of the collaboration is to help

job seekers find their dream jobs

that suit their educational back-

ground in small and medium

companies in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement is aimed at

supporting both companies’ ef-

forts to make a positive and

sustainable social impact on the

lives of young men and women in

Saudi Arabia and beyond. Under

this agreement, Bab Rizq Jameel

Recruitment will use the Bayt.

com’s platform to search for reg-

istered candidates, announce job

openings, and manage the em-

ployment process.

will also build a

shared platform to allow Bab

Rizq Jameel Recruitment’s em-

ployees to manage the registra-

tion process on behalf of all em-


In addition to that, Bab Rizq

Jameel Recruitment and Bayt.

com will offer recruitment ser-

vices to small and medium com-

panies in Saudi Arabia, which

will help increase the available

job opportunities to Saudi Ara-

bian citizens.

Rola Basamad, senior gen-

eral manager of Bab Rizq Jameel

Recruitment, and Mohammed

Barashid, business unit manager


signed the agree-

ment on behalf of their respec-

tive organizations, during a sign-

ing ceremony that took place at

Dar Hussein Jameel in Jeddah.

Basamad praised the agree-

ment saying that “it will boost

cooperation between two organi-

zations that seek to connect job

Katharine Boshkoff


OST job seekers




wouldn’t be telling

the whole truth if they didn’t

admit to feeling slightly de-

pressed at times. Finding

the right role can sometimes

seem like an exercise in luck

rather than science. To help

you refocus on your job hunt,

I am sharing top four tips

from Hult’s international stu-

dent advising program — also

known as Hult’s ROADmap for

career success.

1. Knowing and showing

your skills

This may sound obvious,

but if you aren’t crystal clear

what skills recruiters deem

essential, desirable, and nice-

to-have for your target job,

you will not be able to demon-

strate that you have them. You

should structure your resume

to highlight these essential

skills — they should jump off

the page so that recruiters can

quickly see that you tick all of

the boxes. The days of the ge-

neric resume are gone.

Online sites are becom-

ing increasingly dependent on

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to

screen the sheer number of ap-

plications they receive. These

AI systems look for very spe-

cific skill clusters. And if you

want to be one of the few can-

didates these systems select

for interviews, your skills will

need to be an almost-perfect

match. This means custom-

izing your resume with the

keywords, vocabulary, and

synonyms found in the specific

job description.

A note of caution: be care-

ful not to use exact sentences

lifted verbatim from the job

description. The Automatic

Tracking Systems can detect

this copy-and-paste technique

and will reject your resume

right away.

2. Harness the power of

LinkedIn’s 500m-strong com-


LinkedIn is the profession-

al networking site, with more

than half a billion users across

200 countries. It is crucial that

your profile is up-to-date. Re-

cruiters aren’t that interested

in what you did at high school

— they want to know about

your recent experience and

how that experience is inform-

ing your chosen career path.

When updating your pro-

file, remember that search en-

gines aren’t the only place key-

words are important nowadays.

Keywords woven throughout

your LinkedIn profile will help

your existing connections, as

well as potential new ones, to

find you easily when they’re

hiring. Make a list of your cho-

sen industry’s buzzwords and

use them in the main body of

your profile. You could even

consider using them in your

personal LinkedIn URL.

Harnessing your passive

search potential is an increas-

ingly important component

of any job search. Don’t for-

get that LinkedIn is a pow-

erful tool to conduct online

networking as well. Joining

groups that share your interest

is a great way to engage with

like-minded professionals and

learn about new opportuni-

ties. Finally, LinkedIn is now

the fact-checking system of

choice for hiring managers

and recruiters. You should ex-

pect that anyone you interview

or network with will review

your LinkedIn profile. They

may also look at your network

contacts to find people for in-

formal reference checks. Make

sure that you look as profes-

sional on LinkedIn as you do

on your resume!

3. Network, network, net-


Some experts estimate

that as many as 80% of all jobs

are found through network-

ing. As much as students hope

that jobs will come to them

on campus, it’s unlikely you’ll

secure your dream job from

the comfort of your own desk.

Getting off campus and meet-

ing with people outside the

educational sphere is hugely

important, and our students

are always surprised by the

size and power of the hidden

job market.

For those unfamiliar with

this concept, the hidden job

market refers to the vast num-

ber of jobs that are unlisted or

get filled before being listed.

To be first in line for a job, it’s

important to connect with a

company “insider” who can

act as a referral to the hiring

manager, even before the job

posts or another candidate is

put forward.

Don’t forget your personal

network too — they know you

best and are the most likely to

vouch for you to their own pro-

fessional contacts. Additional-

ly, networking with colleagues

or Hult alumni provides an

invaluable opportunity for you

to learn about roles and dis-

cover new companies. If you

are a career switcher, don’t

neglect the opportunity to ask

about what’s really involved

in a position or get feedback

on your resume and your suit-

ability for the role. While on-

line job applications are hard

to avoid entirely, we advise

our students to dedicate about

20% of their job search time to

online applications and 80% to


4. Do an internship

Employers overwhelming-

ly cite internship experience

as one of the most important

factors behind their decision

to hire recent graduates. In-

ternships give you the oppor-

tunity to gain industry knowl-

edge and on-the-job skills that

are hard to learn anywhere

else. It also allows you to accu-

mulate case studies showcas-

ing your abilities. You can then

use these as examples on your

resume or during interviews.

You’ll also be able to see

if you have any technical skill

gaps or if you need to adapt

your working style for your

target job or company. Plus,

there’s no doubt that your

confidence will improve from

dealing with real-life business

tasks. Internships can help

you build strong personal ref-

erences too, which are hugely

valuable on resumes. And of

course, your internship could

lead directly to a job. Histori-

cally, approximately 50% of

our students in internships

convert these opportunities

into full-time positions.

— The writer is Hult’s Vice

President of Global Career De-

velopment and Alumni Rela-


seekers with prospective employ-

ers in Saudi Arabia.”

She added: “The agreement

will allow us to share the best ex-

pertise, knowledge and resources

to address the challenges faced by

the recruitment industry in Saudi


Barashid said: “We are delight-

ed to sign this agreement, which

will enable us to serve a larger

number of Saudi Arabian citizens

looking for better job opportuni-

ties, and will enable employers

to meet their recruitment needs

more effectively.

“More than 1.5 million Saudi

Arabian job seekers are currently

registered on

, from di-

verse backgrounds, industries

and professional levels, includ-

ing 125,800+ students and interns;

355,000+ entry level professionals;

542,300+ mid-career profession-

als; 154,000+ management profes-

sionals and 28,000+ executives/


Since its inception, Bab Rizq

Jameel Recruitment has helped in

creating approximately 290,000

job opportunities for Saudi Ara-

bian young men and women in

more than 110 cities in Saudi Ara-

bia, in collaboration with many

public and private entities. In

2017, the company helped provide

51,449 jobs in the country, through

programs across various business


— SG

delegation visit to China that vis-

ited the president of Shaanxi Ha-

lal Food Chamber of Commerce

of Xi’an Tie Qunping and Shanxi

Province Government Deputy Di-

rector General Zhai Beiqin. The

delegation also met with the Di-

rector of Bureau of Commerce,

Shaanxi government, a representa-

tive from Xi’an Airport New City

Free Zone, the Deputy Director at

Xi’an High Tech Economic Free

zone and the Xixian Airport New

Area Deputy Director. The visit

helped highlight the importance

of DAFZA being a key intersec-

tion for China’s Belt & Road initia-

tive and allowed for the exchange

of expertise on what makes a free

zone successful.

17% of all companies at DAFZA

are from Asia. DAFZA’s strategy

will continue to focus on provid-

ing world-class infrastructure

and services for companies in key

markets that are looking to set up

operations in Dubai and is focused

on seeing continued cooperation

between DAFZA and the Chinese

government and businesses.

DAFZA is home to several

prominent Chinese companies

including Huiteng (Middle East)

FZE, Hytera Communications FZE,

Junhou International FZCO, North-

well, China Southern Airlines

Branch and Oriental Sky Aviation


— SG