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Saudi Gazette, Saturday, February 25, 2017




high performance and

everyday usability, the

Cadillac 2017 CTS-V

and ATS-V have ar-

rived in the Middle East. Built

with precise craftsmanship and in-

genious technology the new 2017

models deliver outstanding perfor-

mance and track capabilities.

After a sold-out 2016 model

year, the 2017 Cadillac CTS-V

and ATS-V adds a Carbon Black

sport package and upgrades and

enhancements for the Cadillac

CUE infotainment system.

Almost every exterior panel

on the Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-

V is unique, from the fascias and

front fenders, to the hood, rear

spoiler and rocker moldings – and

every one was designed to support

the car’s capability, contributing

to lift reduction, enhanced cool-

ing, and improved aero manage-

ment. The various elements give

the sporty line-up an athletic

stance, wide body and low height.

The 2017 V-Series provides

a more confident feel through the


NFINITI has reaffirmed once

again its long-term technical

partnership with the Renault Sport

Formula One Team at the team’s

2017 race car unveil and driver

line up presentation in London on


Following the successful debut of

the Infiniti and Renault Sport Racing col-

laboration in 2016, the newly launched

R.S.17 introduces for the first time the

Infiniti co-developed second generation

Energy Recovery System (ERS).

This new generation ERS has been

developed by the team together with

a group of Infiniti Performance Hybrid

technology engineers based at the Re-

nault Sport Racing powertrain R&D facili-

ties in Viry-Châtillon (France), and will be

in use from the upcoming 2017 season.

“Performance Hybrid technology

is one of Infiniti’s major strengths,” said

Tommaso Volpe, Infiniti Global Mo-

torsport Director. “We launched our

first performance hybrid car in 2011

and we were the first car manufac-

turer to use this technology to boost

performance rather than to reduce

consumption; so when the Renault

Sport Formula One Team decided to

develop their ERS technology in-house,

Infiniti emerged as the perfect partner

to support them, as part of the Renault-

Nissan Alliance.

“We are gaining invaluable experi-

ence in Performance Hybrid technolo-

gy as a result of the collaboration with

the Team, and this experience is being

transferred back to our core business

to improve future technology.”

Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Di-

rector of the Renault Sport Formula

One Team, also commented: “The

Energy Recovery System element of

our Formula 1 Power Unit is extremely

complex and INFINITI has brought

significant experience and expertise

in hybrid technology to the team. The

INFINITI engineers based in our facilities

are working very closely with our engi-

neering team and playing a key role

in extracting the maximum possible

performance from our ERS.”

In addition to its expertise in Per-

formance Hybrid technology, INFINITI

also brings an international diversity of

young, fresh-thinking engineering tal-

ent to the Renault Sport Formula One

Team through its highly successful In-

finiti Engineering Academy.

The 2017 will be the fourth edition

of this global recruitment program that

offers engineering students from all

over the world a once-in-a-lifetime op-

portunity to join a unique automotive-

to-Formula 1 placement, thanks to the

technical partnership and collabora-

tion between the two companies. In

fact, a key pillar of the Infiniti Engineer-

ing Academy is exploring crossover

opportunities and the sharing of tech-

nology between Infiniti road car and

Renault Sport Formula One Team race

car projects.

“For Infiniti this is very strategic col-

laboration: we are part of the Renault-

Nissan Alliance and with this partner-

ship we extend the important technical

synergy of the Alliance also to Formula

1, generating together R&D on hybrid

technology”, Volpe noted.

— SG



showcased its

complete range

of sedan and

SUV models to

Saudi motoring journalists at

a special ‘Day with Hyundai’

event at the Reem Interna-

tional Circuit outside Riyadh,

demonstrating the commit-

ment to quality and innova-

tion that has established the

Korean brand as the world’s

fifth biggest carmaker by sales


Organized by Hyundai’s

three distributors in Saudi

Arabia – Al Wallan Motors in

Riyadh, Mohammed Yousuf

Naghi Motors in Jeddah, and

Almajdouie Motors in Dam-

mam – the ‘Day with Hyundai’

concept allowed journalists to

test a wide range of Hyundai

vehicles on a private track. A

safari drive offered a demon-

stration of the off-road capabil-

ities of Hyundai’s SUV range.

“This is a unique opportu-

nity to show the quality we of-

fer across multiple segments,

from small cars through to

large sedans and SUVs,” said

Mike Song, Hyundai’s Head

of Operations for Africa and

the Middle East. “2017 will be

an important year for Hyun-

dai, with all-new versions of

two of our most successful

models arriving on global

markets. Combining progres-

sive design and innovation

with strong customer appeal,

each new Hyundai will be the

new benchmark for the Saudi


Hyundai is Saudi Arabia’s

top-selling brand for sedan

and SUV models, and is par-

ticularly strong in the small

car segment. Plans for 2017

include new versions of the

Azera large sedan, which has

already gone on sale in Ko-

rea, and the fifth-generation

Accent small sedan, which

had its world premiere at the

Canadian International Auto

Show in Toronto last week.

A new premium subcompact

is also in the final stages of


The new Azera was also

presented, which is expected

to arrive in GCC showrooms

in the first half of 2017. Rep-

resentatives from Hyundai

Motor Company headquarters

in Korea and from the com-

pany’s Research and Develop-

ment (R&D) Center were on

hand to answer questions on

the all-new Azera, was well

as other Hyundai products.

Hyundai’s R&D Center rep-

resentative also gave guests

a compelling presentation on

the new state-of-the-art tech-

nology that will be deployed

across Hyundai’s portfolio of

vehicles, and offered further

insight on the company’s ‘Fu-

ture Mobility’ vision.

“At Hyundai, we are

clearly setting ourselves apart

as an industry leader, innovat-

ing in new technologies such

as autonomous vehicles and

driver assistance, as well as

showing the road forward in

mass-adoption of alternative

and electrified drivetrains,”

said Mike Song.

The all-new Azera will

be the most technologically

advanced car in Hyundai’s

product line-up, incorporat-

ing advanced convenience

and safety features that befit

its premium status. The new

design offers drivers and pas-

sengers a refined, comfortable

experience thanks to cutting-

edge convenience equipment

and ergonomically crafted

interior features.

As well as promising

optimum interior comfort

with ample cabin space and

carefully-considered ergonom-

ics that enhance the perception

of space, the luxurious sedan

is equipped with a host of new

safety features, boosting the

all-new Azera’s technological

edge. The new model boasts

Hyundai Smart Sense, a com-

prehensive Advanced Driver

Assistance System tuned for

driver safety, which includes

Autonomous Emergency

Braking, Lane Keeping Assist,

Active Blind Spot Detection,

Driver Attention Alert, Ad-

vanced Smart Cruise Control

and Around View Monitor.

“These are features previ-

ously associated with luxury

segments, which Hyundai

believes should be available

to all customers,” said Mike


— SG



2017 GMC Yukon – a

forward thinking SUV de-

signed to offer the driver

and passengers a compre-

hensive suite of technologies, in

safety as well as in driver and

passenger connectivity. A vehicle

made for even the most demand-

ing of tech users.

With growing customer de-

mands for advanced technology

features, the 2017 GMCYukon

comes ready with technology that

will satisfy both driver and pas-

senger expectations. The GMC

Intellilink infotainment system pro-

vides drivers with a comprehensive

control center, and passengers will

experience an enjoyable ride watch-

ing more content from more sources

on the updated and optional rear

seat entertainment system. Intellil-

ink comes with standard Apple Car

Play and is Android ready.

In addition, the new voiceover

feature is there to help benefit the

visually and hearing impaired, as

well as a high capacity USB port

in the rear for better support of

2017 CTS-V most capable V series model ever made

2017 Cadillac-CTS-V and ATS-V

greater aerodynamic performance

created by the carbon fiber pack-

ages, hood vent and rear diffuser.

Furthermore, the Brembo brake

system was developed to give the

driver durability, consistency and

the capability to experience a track-

day feel straight from the factory.

The V-Series dual-purpose

capabilities carry over on to their

interiors, where the design and re-

lationship of key components are

focused on performance-driving

ergonomics. Handcrafted cut-and-

sew elements, decorative stitching

and authentic materials all make

up the luxury interiors. In addi-

tion, both vehicles feature tech-

nology upgrades for a boosted and

more connected ride. The 2017 V-

Series comprehensive collection

of technologies includes Apple

CarPlay advanced smartphone

integration, so the driver can stay

connected whilst on the move.

All models also come with a

Bose Surround Sound system with

10 speakers on the ATS-V and 13

on the CTS-V providing the ulti-

mate listening experience. Each

vehicle boasts upgrades in safety

and parking assist technology

helping drivers spend more time

with their eyes on the road and

hands on the wheel.

Under the bonnet the V-Series

are power houses boosting some

of the most powerful engines in

the industry. The ATS-V is pow-

ered by the Cadillac Twin Turbo

V-6 rated at an SAE-certified 464

horsepower (346 kW) and 445

lb-ft of torque (603 Nm). The

combination of engine output and

lightweight yet strong structure

enables 0-100 performance in 3.8

seconds and a segment-best top

speed of 304 kmh.

The 2017 Cadillac CTS-V is

powered by a supercharged 6.2L

V-8 engine SAE certified at 640

horsepower (477 kW) and 630 lb-

ft of torque (855 Nm). The super

sedan still come with more horse-

power and torque than the new

Mercedes-Benz E 63 S AMG 4.0L

biturbo V-8 and the BMW M-se-

ries 4.4L TwinPower (twin-turbo)

V-8, the new CTS-V is capable of

0-100 performance in 3.7 seconds

and a top speed of 320kmh.

— SG





sport racing alliance

All-new R.S.17

Hyundai showcases

range of sedan

and SUV models

Santa Fe off-road

New 2017 GMC Yukon suits tech-savvy drivers

The new model has some particular customer focused updated

technology features to go with the fast changing time

tablet charging.

“Just like every GMC, the

2017 Yukon offers drivers the

trusted, capable and aspiring pack-

age that GMC customers love. The

new model has some particular

customer focused updated technol-

ogy features to go with the fast

changing times,” said Muneer Al

Hasan, Regional Sales and Market-

ing Manager, KSA. “At GMC, we

value our customers’ preferences,

and the Yukon is an example of

this philosophy, with new con-

nectivity and technology features

that have evolved year on year for

both the driver and the passenger.

At GMC we make sure that every

year the Yukon is ready to satisfy

even the most technology savvy

customers and their families.”

The 2017 Yukon models are

equipped with a full suite of Driver

Alert and active safety technologies

that rely on a sophisticated network

of cameras, radars and ultrasonic

sensors adding layers of crash-

avoidance protection, plus enhanced

occupant protection in the event

of a crash. The Yukon’s Enhanced

Driver Alert Package boasts Lane

Assist helping steer drivers back

to their lane in the case of inadver-

tently leaving their lane.

Moreover, the package offers

drivers with Intellibeam headlamp

technology, which automatically

turns the vehicle’s high beam on

or off according to the surround-

ing traffic conditions. The GM-

patented Safety Alert Seat vibrates

if the system determines that a

driver is at risk of colliding with

another vehicle, and a standard

rear vision camera shows the area

immediately behind the vehicle,

which is especially helpful when

reversing in and out of tight spots.

Additional standard and avail-

able driver alert technologies


Side Blind Zone Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Forward Collision Alert

Adaptive Cruise Control

with Front Automatic Braking

Furthermore, when it comes to

design, the 2017 Yukon is avail-

able in a new exterior color, the

Dark Sapphire Blue Metallic and

the interior offers drivers and pas-

senger heated and cooled front

seats, which are now standard on

the SLT.

— SG