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Friday, June 23, 2017


Nisma Rafiq

Saudi Gazette


LL those who fasted the last month

wait eagerly for the day of Eid. Eid

comes to mark the end of Ramadan

and to reward those who tried their

best with fasting and prayers, in addition

performed good deeds. A new spirit is gusted

as Eid arrives - decorations and festivities,

whereas most kids are waiting to wear new

clothes and to pray the Eid prayer with their

family and friends. After that, there is food

and gatherings and a lot of time to spend

with loved ones. The most exciting part for

Kids, however is when they receive their ‘Ei-

dyah’ or ‘Eidi’. It is a small amount of money

given by parents or adult family members to

the children on the first day of Eid. There is a

saying, ‘No Eid without Eidyah’

‘Eidyah’ is practiced almost all around

the world where Muslims reside. It is an

important part of Eid-Al-Fitr to bring smiles

on the faces of young ones – a tradition that

has been handed from old generations till

the current times. Children tend to spend the

‘Eidyah’ on food and buying things or toys,

whereas mostly keep thinking what to do of

the money they have on hand. Here are few

tips to spend your

‘Eidyah’ on the joyous occasion of Eid:


You might have the urge to spend all mon-

ey at once. It is probably not the right way.

Try to learn the importance of money saving.

If spending or buying anything is not neces-

sary, start saving it for something you might

need in the coming days.


Spend some money on food, or the pur-

chase of your favorite candies. When you do

it, don’t forget to buy it for your siblings as

well. Sharing things will increase the love.


Buy Eid gifts for your friends with ‘Eidyah’.

It is Sunnah to give gifts and will earn you

reward and happiness.


Do you know anyone or any place where

people need money? Give some amount of

money to those who truly needs it, and spend

some time with them.


Arrange a small gathering for your friends

as EID party, after all Eid is all about, hug-

ging, meeting and greeting. Happiness in-

creases when spread around.


Buy something for your parents, it will

make them proud. They give you innumerous

things throughout the year to see the smile

on your face. Make them smile with your little

gesture of buying them a gift.


If you have younger siblings, make them

feel special. Take them out for ice cream or

dessert. Ask them what they need and may

be both of you can combine the ‘Eidyah’ to

purchase a thing of common interest.


Don’t spend day sleeping or just eating.

Hang out with family and friends and visit

theme parks, museum, parks and zoo.


Pamper yourself, save your ‘Eidyah’ and

buy something big that you wanted to get all

year. And buy something that you need – like

a book you always wanted to read, a laptop

to help you with assignments, a smart phone


We wish all our Fun Times friends a very

happy and joyous Eid!