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Saudi Gazette, Saturday, January 21, 2017



IKE the glass cockpit in

airplanes and race cars, the

all-new Ford GT features an

all-digital instrument display

in the car’s dashboard that quickly and

easily presents information to the driv-

er, based on five special driving modes.

The innovative 10-inch wide digi-

tal instrument display is far advanced

from the original Ford GT, when the

cockpit was hardwired with a fixed set

of analog gauges, buttons and knobs

across the dashboard that had to ad-

dress almost every situation.

“Driver focus and attention are

key with such high performance,” said

Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer, Ford

Performance. “We’ve designed the GT

with a sleek digital instrument display

that changes depending on driving

mode in ways that are important and

usable to the driver.”

Ford engineers and designers cre-

ated the state-of-the-art 10-inch wide

digital gauge cluster to be customisable,

elegant, and able to tailor information

to each drive mode, to help ensure cus-

tomers taking the Ford GT to its limits

are provided the data they need to make

critical decisions behind the wheel in

the most efficient possible way.

Defining the visual

future of in-car data

The Ford GT program presented

a unique opportunity to reimagine the

instrument cluster, further expanding

what a connected car can be and pre-

viewing the future of Ford vehicles.

Its layout is designed around which

data is most important, when to present

it, and how to show information in a

way that’s most expedient for a driver

to process.

The design is executed on a high-

resolution display that matches the

sleek, purpose-driven cabin. Data

is conveyed in crisp, high-contrast


To test the initial design, Le Mans

winner Scott Maxwell of Multimatic

was invited to the Ford GT simula-

tion lab to offer feedback. Maxwell

suggested changing the tachometer

to provide an expanded view of the

EcoBoost V6 redline approach for

greater peripheral visibility. The race

car driver also recommended tweaks

to the prioritization of performance


As advanced design work tran-

sitioned to putting prototypes on the

road, Ford Performance reached out

to suppliers at the cutting edge of data


Ford designers and engineers

worked closely with Pektron (for

electronic design, development,

implementation and manufacture) and

Conjure (for graphical design) to cre-

ate forward-looking renderings that

are painstakingly animated, include

highlighted font, color and responsive-

ness, and avoid driver distraction and

eye strain.

The five drive modes are easily

accessed through steering wheel-

mounted controls, to help keep eyes

and attention on the road and hands on

the wheel.

Each mode presents information

differently – prioritizing what is crucial

for each environment and tailoring the

display to the given context.

How information is graphically

displayed with each drive mode:


Normal mode displays informa-

tion in a purposeful, businesslike man-

ner. The theme is simple; the speedom-

eter is centred and bold, gear selection

is to the right, fuel and temperature

are top left. The hockey-stick-shaped

tachometer displays in a compressed

scale for lower rpm, as the engine

revs so quickly the lower counts mean

almost nothing to the driver. The

3,000-to-7,000-rpm range dominates

the top of the display


Wet mode carries many of the

same information concepts over from

normal mode, using a blue theme and

a “wet floor” concept. Graphics under

the speedometer emulate the shine of

wet asphalt to remind the driver of the

mode selection


Sport mode adjusts informa-

tion priorities. Front and center is gear

selection, with the speedometer off to

the right and less prominent. It’s dis-

played in an aggressive orange theme

and is the preferred mode for most test



Track mode presents a stark

combination of black background and

highly legible text and graphics, in a

crisp, red theme that’s easy for the eye

to pick up in a fast-paced environment.

Gear selection and engine speed are

displayed prominently, while coolant

temperature, oil pressure, oil tem-

perature and fuel level – rendered as

a percentage rather than kilometers to

empty – are bottom right


V-Max offers an entirely dif-

ferent display – purposeful and pared

down. Specifically tailored to pursu-

ing maximum top speed, it displays

a large, centered speedometer, with

tachometer reduced to just a line with

indicator dot for minimal distraction.

Coolant temperature, oil pressure, oil

temperature and turbocharger boost are

displayed to the right, with fuel level

displayed top left.

— SG


AJI Hussein Alireza

& Co. Ltd, the exclu-

sive dealers for Mazda

cars in Saudi Arabia,

launched the all-new generation of

Mazda CX9.

The all- new Mazda CX9 was

unveiled at a special press confer-

ence attended by Haji Husein Ali-

reza & Co. Ltd senior executives,

including Sheikh Amin Abulhas-

san, Chairman of the company, and

the Japanese Consul General in

Jeddah, in addition to a delegation

from Mazda Motor Corporation,

Japan, and the local press. The

all-new Mazda CX9, is a midsize

crossover SUV that has been fully

redesigned and incorporates latest


In his speech at the press con-

ference, Sheikh Ali Hussein Alire-

za, CEO of Haji Husein Alireza &

Co. Ltd , said:” Mazda has always

cared about its customers, and in-

troduced high quality cars at a rea-

sonable price, of course, without

ever compromising on quality. The

all-new Mazda CX9 represents a

new development which would

contribute to the enthusiasm of

our clients and makes them truly


He added: “Mazda has indulged

us in the past years, however, the

all-new Mazda CX9 will change

the concept of family crossover

category, where the new model will

incorporate extra power by about

20% to 30% compared with its

competitors in its category, plus its

incompatible compatible price.”

All-new CX-9 is Mazda’s

midsize three-row crossover SUV

which has been fully redesigned

embodying the KODO–Soul of

Motion design language and in-

corporating our latest SKYACTIV


As such, CX-9 has brought the

lightweight, efficient technologies

seen in the rest of Mazda’s lineup

into a larger, more premium pack-

age to become a high-end model—

the apex of our new-generation

lineup. The first CX-9, which we

launched in 2007, offered a sporty

design and engaging driving ex-

perience, values unheard of in the

segment at the time. The model

struck a chord and was awarded

North American Truck of the Year

in 2008. In fact, much of the de-

sign and product planning process

was undertaken by Mazda’s team

in the United States to ensure the

model would meet the needs of the

consumer, quote by Masashi Otsu-

ka Mazda CX-9 Program Manager

“All-new CX-9 has been cre-

ated for modern-day customers

who want to excel at home, in the

workplace, and in every aspect of

life. These people see themselves

as more than just parents; they

are also busy professionals, good

friends, fun-loving hobbyists and

caring husbands and wives “ .In

other words, they are individuals

with their own desires, aspirations

and needs for self-expression. Our

aim with all-new CX-9 was to

design a vehicle that, in addition

to meeting the practical needs of

their families, would also allow

these customers to express their

individuality and enhance the

various aspects of their lives. By

achieving this “crossover” between

the needs of the family and desires

of the self we have brought a new

and uniquely Mazda value to the

segment, just as we did with the

original CX-9,” Otsuka add .

During the development pro-

cess, we quickly realized that we

could not satisfy the type of cus-

tomer we had in mind simply by

focusing on enhanced functionality

and specs. These customers have

plenty of experience with high-

quality goods and have developed

strong individual sensibilities and

discerning tastes. Our challenge

then, was to take the thinking and

technologies cultivated through-

out the development of the new-

generation lineup and elevate them

to a new level of holistic product

execution. By fully engaging the

senses and enhancing the user

experience at every vehicle touch

point—looking, touching, driving,

feeling, and hearing—we sought

to produce a crossover SUV that

would truly stir the emotions and

win the customer’s heart.

– SG


HE BMW Group is re-

flecting on another posi-

tive year in the Middle

East, in which sales were

heavily dominated by the success-

ful launch of the all-new 7 series,

which came to markets in October

2015. The brand’s flagship model

crossed the 5,000-unit barrier for

the first time, selling 5,098 cars,

corresponding to a 69% increase

over 2015 figures.

Commenting on another

successful year for the brand,

Johannes Seibert, Managing Di-

rector for BMW Group Middle

East, said “2016 was the year of

the 7 Series. It was the best year

ever for our flagship model, and

feedback from media and custom-

ers has been overwhelmingly

positive. Customers appreciate the

combination of sportiness, qual-

ity, finesse and refinement, along

with an ample array of innovative

features. Also, several top hotels,

airlines and airports have also

decided to choose the 7 Series for

their VIP shuttle services.”

Overall, the BMW brand in-

creased its market share within the

premium segment in 2016 to 29%.

Figures showed a 3% increase in

share across the region compared

to 2015 as well as segment gains

for the brand across most individ-

ual markets – the UAE performed

the best with a 5% growth, fol-

lowed by Oman and Lebanon with

2% increases respectively.

“The past year has been chal-

lenging for several reasons, not

just for the automotive sector

but for business overall,” Seib-

ert said. “However, building on

our strong brands, attractive and

innovative products, and with

the excellent retail services and

ongoing investment into our

brands by our importer partners,

we have been able to strengthen

our position within the premium

segment in the Middle East

throughout 2016. Our perfor-

mance underlines the unwavering

confidence that customers have

in our brands. We will continue

to be innovative, dynamic and

stylish and build long-term solid

partnerships in order to achieve

sustainable success.”

The brand’s top-end models

continue to be in demand, with the

BMW X model family once again

playing a key role in the brand’s

growth, collectively accounting

for 60% of BMW’s total sales.

Now in its third generation, the

BMW X5 alone sold 9,133 cars


S part of its ongoing ef-

forts to attract custom-

ers with an outstanding

level of service, Ghas-

san A.H. Al Sulaiman Trading Est.

( l Ghassan Motors), the autho-

rized dealer of Infiniti vehicles

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

conducted a two-month National

Skills Contest to select the top

three local talents in after-sales

service. They will progress to the

Nissan/Infiniti ME Regional Skill

Contest, set to take place in Dubai

during February 2017.

The national competition con-

cluded its final stage on the 30th

of November 2016. It covered the

whole car service process from

receiving the vehicle all the way

to delivering it back to the client

in superior condition. The contest

comprised a theoretical exam

and a practical test to select three

after-sales service members – one

Service Advisor (Ben Bien Picones

Catahan fromAl-Riyadh), one

Spare Parts Supervisor (Mohamed

Saeed Al Sultan fromAl-Riyadh)

and one Mechanic (Elmer Perilla

fromAl-Khobar). All staff mem-

bers had a chance to participate in

the aforementioned assessment.

Sheikh Ghassan Abdul Rah-

man Al Sulaiman, President of Al

Ghassan Motors, said “once again,

our aftersales staff members dem-

onstrated their brilliance in a rigor-

ous screening and assessment test

that examined all aspects of their

talents, skills and experiences. I

would like to thank AGM’s service

team for its participation, while

congratulating the winners and

wishing them the best of luck dur-

ing the ultimate contest in Dubai.”

Al Ghassan Motors is leading

the way for luxury car sales and

aftersales in the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain,

and from our officially appointed

dealerships in Cannes, France. We

are the trusted dealer partner for

a number of the industry’s most

prestigious manufacturers, and aim

to create an authentic brand experi-

ence at our authorized showrooms.

Since our first site opened in

Jeddah in 1992 we haven’t stood

still, but have followed our ethos –

‘born to lead’ – by growing across

the regions we serve. This has seen

Al Ghassan Motors move to new

state-of-the-art facilities as we have

increased our partnerships with the

world’s most sought-after manufac-

turers. Our head office is now based

at our showroom in the bustling port

city of Jeddah, where we represent

Bentley, Lamborghini and Infiniti.

Today, we also work on behalf

of these admirable three brands in

Riyadh, and support Infiniti, Lambo-

rghini and Bentley on the fringes of

the Persian Gulf at Khobar. Outside

of Saudi Arabia we supply motor-

ists in Bahrain with striking models

from Italian brand, Lamborghini.

Our influence stretches further into

Europe, where we are an official

distributor for Ferrari, Lamborghini

andAston Martin. For our armoured

car division, through expert partners

we can modify numerous makes and

models to protect its occupants from

outside threats.

All of our showrooms house

the facilities you need to properly

tailor your preferred model to the

exact specification you want. This

includes information on every op-

tion you can choose from, alongside

the quality branded accessories each

manufacturer sells to complement

its standard equipment. At Al Ghas-

san Motor’s modern, spacious and

welcoming dealerships you have

the freedom to explore each brand

in detail, familiarising yourself with

its models so that you can pick the

vehicle that will deliver the most

enjoyment on the road.

– SG

Dashboard of the future

All-new Ford GT Supercar’s

digital instrument display

Ford GT Supercar

Sheikh Ali Hussein Alireza, CEO of Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd, with other company and Mazda officials

pose beside the all-new CX-9

All-new CX9 rolls

out in Saudi Arabia

Al Ghassan Motors

hones skills for Infiniti

Three finalists from KSA have been selected to progress to the Nissan/Infiniti ME Regional Skill Contest, set

to take place in Dubai next month.

BMW 7 series crosses 5,000 unit mark in 2016

and was the most sought-after

model in the Middle East. Another

top seller, not only for the range

but for BMW overall, was the

BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe,

with 3,271 cars delivered to cus-

tomers across the region last year.

Other models in the range that

helped fuel the brand’s growth

included the X4 and BMW X1.

The BMW X4 increased its sales

by 66% on last year’s figures,

while the BMW X1 grew by

268%, strongly driven by the new

generation model that arrived in

the last quarter of 2015.

– SG

Johannes Seibert

2016 BMW 7 series