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MONDAY 28 MAY 2018,



Bank Aljazira

receives 3 Contact

Center awards

Al-Zulfi Chamber approves

budget for new financial year

DHL Express picks Egyptian football superstar

as Brand Ambassador for MENA region

Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah

offers delights to

enliven Ramadan

Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention Expo set


ANK AlJazira bagged three International awards as part of

the global competition for Contact Centers in the Middle East,

Europe and Africa for 2018 organized by Contact Center World,

held recently in Berlin, Germany.

The awards for three categories of the competition are Gold Med-

al and First Rank in the Best Customer Service, Silver Medal for the

Best Contact Center. On the individual level, the Best Contact Center

Manager was awarded to Turki AlMuharib, Bank Aljazira’s Head of

Phone Banking Services.

These awards confirm Bank Aljazira’s commitment to provide

the highest standards and quality of service to its customers, and a

continuation of success of its “Aljazira phone” during the past years,

which in turn highlights BAJ pioneering position in the field of cus-

tomer service.

— SG


HL Express, the world’s leading express

logistics provider, has signed a strategic

partnership for the Egyptian football super-

star Mohamed Salah to become its brand ambas-

sador for Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

region for the next two years.

The new collaboration will see the parties

working together on a series of marketing activi-

ties and CSR initiatives that reinforce the syner-

gies between the core values of DHL Express as

a business and Mohamed Salah.

It was announced last May 23 at a press

conference held in England in the presence of

senior DHL Express officials, and comes just a

few weeks before Mohamed Salah will lead the

Egyptian football team at the FIFA World Cup in


Under the terms of the new agreement, DHL

Express will work closely with Mohamed Salah’s

company to support CSR and charitable projects

while joining forces to support broader initiatives

that can impact communities across the wider

MENA region.

Following the signing of the partnership

agreement, CEO of DHL in the Middle East and

North Africa Nour Suliman expressed his pride in

collaborating with Mohammed Salah, and lauded

his cooperative spirit and great personality that

inspires many people around the globe.

“Our partnership with Mohammed Salah is

unique and different from any other partnership,

because it is the first time we contract for an indi-

vidual player. Before the signing, we considered

his attributes as a human being who works on

himself to develop and improve his performance

to prove to all that hard work leads to success,

which led to his most successful seasons in the

Premier League yet. ” Suliman added.

Suliman further said that Mohamed Salah

puts dedication and sincerity in any work he does

and is constantly working to develop himself, be-

cause he knows well what it means to work posi-

tively within a team. DHL also perceives Salah as

a figure that resembles the brand in many ways

as Suliman stressed.

Sharing his excitement about becoming DHL

Express brand ambassador for the MENA region,

Mohamed Salah said “I’m very proud to be the

first individual player to partner with DHL and I’m

very happy to collaborate with an international


This association will help DHL Express

strengthen its brand presence in the region as a

company that deeply involves itself in regional

development through connecting people and

improving lives.

Moreover, the inclusive culture of DHL Ex-

press has already significantly contributed to the

development of the countries they operate in

within the MENA region. This includes supporting

many charitable causes, such as recycling and

providing care to the elderly and orphans in un-

derprivileged areas.

— SG


HE Higher Organizing Committee of

the “Saudi National Security & Risk

Prevention Expo” along with Reed

Sunaidi Exhibitions supported by Reed

Exhibitions Middle East, organized the first

workshop in the Meet-Up series to prepare

the future program and features of the up-

coming event, which will be held in Riyadh

on November 4 – 6, 2018.

Participants of the workshop, which

was held in Riyadh last May 13, included

government members from the Higher

Organizing Committee and representatives

from international and local industry leaders

including Thales, Airbus, Huawei, Microsoft,

and Booz Allen Hamilton to name a few.

They agreed to create a special committee

recommending and proposing topics and

initiatives to be developed on the sidelines

of the planned exhibition, with a special

focus on the impact of digital transformation

and artificial intelligence in Haj Safety &

Security and Smart & Safe Cities.

Civil Defense Assistant Director Gen-

eral for Safety Major General Abdulrah-

man Al Husayni said “as national security

represents a top priority for the Kingdom,

Saudi Arabia, represented by the Ministry of

Interior, actively looks to attract international

companies which are interested in invest-

ing in potential future projects and provide

innovative security solutions to enhance

the security sector. The strong interest

exhibited by companies in participating in

this important event and discussing future

projects is a reflection of these efforts.”

Al Husayni noted that the event will

see strong attendance by officials from the

Ministry of Interior who will participate in

the meetings and workshops taking place

alongside the exhibition, in addition to the

participation of a number of experts, agen-

cies and investors.

“The Saudi National Security and Risk

Protection Expo” will be the first event of its

kind in the Kingdom, affording 100+ exhibitors

from industry leaders an interactive platform

to showcase the industry’s latest cutting-edge

security solutions and products on a 9,500

sqm space. The event will also bring industry

leaders, including experts, consultants, re-

gional and international companies of security

solutions and risk management together in

one place to discuss the future landscape of

several key issues, including: border security,

Haj security, smart and safe cities, counterter-

rorism, critical infrastructure protection and


Moreover, special awards ceremony will

also be held on the sidelines of the exhibition

for event participants in the following catego-

ries: Artificial Intelligence, Unmanned Systems

and Robotics, Smart & Connected Security,

Virtual Reality, Drone Detection, Digital Crime

and Forensics and Crowd Management. The

exhibition will grant a special award entitled as

“The Nation Proud” to best Saudi Company

offering Innovative Solutions. To be consid-

ered, all participants and exhibitors must ap-

ply for the award before September 5, 2018.

Also commenting on the exhibition dur-

ing the inaugural ceremony, CEO of Reed

Sunaidi Exhibitions Mrs. Haya Ibrahim Al-Su-

naidi said “we are delighted to be a partner

in organizing the exhibition which represents

a real gate for both the public and private

sectors to contribute more effectively to the

Kingdom’s future aspirations.”

Al-Sunaidi expected that exhibition will

witness a widespread participation of 8,000

attendees from public and private sector

partners from local, regional and interna-

tional organizations who will showcase the

latest solutions and technology products

related to security.

Security Portfolio Group Events Director

of Reed Exhibitions Middle East Meline Soulie

said “the exhibition provides fertile ground

to hold workshops that help participants get

firsthand knowledge of the challenges and

best practice of the national security solutions

sector. It also affords them the opportunity to

pursue cooperation opportunities that lead to

high-level partnerships consistent with the vol-

ume of investments directed by government

agencies to the field of security infrastructure

development and reliance on the latest and

most innovative technologies and applications

and technologies.”

“Furthermore, new concepts will be

presented by leading local and international

experts in the futuristic workshops with ample

opportunities for knowledge exchange with

all stakeholders in the areas of security man-

agement, leadership and new applications in

digital transformation, with an emphasis on

Artificial intelligence,” she added

In addition to program, which is designed

to facilitate personal and direct engagement

between participants, the exhibition will also

include specialized pavilions to showcase

security solutions and technologies and the

very latest global best practices that are able

to meet the ambitions of Saudi Vision 2030.

— SG

Bank Aljazira’s Khalid Ramadan and Turki AlMuharib during the award

ceremony in Berlin

DHL Express officials with the Egyptian football superstar Mohamed Salah after the signing of

partnership deal

The grandiose Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah

First workshop in the Meet-Up series to prepare the future program and features of the

upcoming event


HIS Ramadan, The Ritz-Carlton,

Jeddah has prepared an exquisite

selection of delightful culinary

experiences to enliven the traditions of


The Ritz-Carlton Grand ballrooms

are transformed into ‘Jawharat Al Qasr’

the luxurious Ramadan venue. Blending

traditions with grandeur, ‘Jawharat Al

Qasr’ features a luxurious setting with

an Andalusian flair and the traditional

generosity of the Saudi Arabian hospital-

ity. Visit The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah and

experience a memorable iftar spread

within the expanse of this exquisite set-

ting that is catered to family gathering as

well as corporate events.

Executive Chef Thomas Penda-

rovski along with his seasoned team

aim to surprise guests and engage them

into a flavorful yet elegant adventure,

setting an extraordinary culinary experi-

ence that mingles classical Ramadan

staples with a touch of wonder. Through

an extravagant buffet and six live-cook-

ing stations, the culinary team will en-

liven the authentic Hijazi cuisine through

a delicious array of local favorites such

as Mandi, Kabli, Zourbian, Gorsan,

Hariss, Fish Sayadia, Fermouzah and

Zaghmosh. Everyone’s appetite will be

more than satisfied when choosing from

the extensive selection of international

dishes such as Moroccan Lamb Tagine,

Egyptian Chicken Molokheya, Mahshy.

Sweet temptations await dessert lovers

with OmAli, Kounafa, Qatayif and an

exclusive array of international gourmet


For more intimate friends and family

gatherings, ‘Jawharat Al Qasr’ features

two private grand pergolas that can

accommodate up to 30 guests each.

For smaller families, regular pergolas

that embrace up to 8 guests, are spread

around the venue. Iftar will be served

daily in the luxurious surroundings of

‘Jawharat Al Qasr’ from sunset until 9:00

p.m. for SR345 per person.

For grand corporate iftar groups

who want to mark the occasion,

‘Jawharat Al Qasr’ will be the perfect

venue for a remarkable social gather-

ing. The experienced and specialized

catering team will assist in every step

to make sure the event is unique to the

finest detail. Capable of holding up to

600 guests, the venue may be divided

into separate sections depending on the

number of guests. For more intimate

and private corporate functions, ‘Al Ezz’

junior ballroom caters for up to 300


Suhoor has a glamorous splendor

blended with delectable taste when

served at our all-day dining restaurant

Reyhana. During Ramadan, guests are

invited to enjoy the Holy Month traditions

and indulge in the palatial ambience

while savoring the extravagant buffet

line-up featuring oriental hot and cold

mezze, Ramadan specialties and inter-

national offerings. The suhoor buffet will

be set daily from 11:00 p.m. until 4:00

a.m. for SR180 per person.

Set by Al Hamra Corniche, ‘Bab Al

Bahr’ is ideal for outdoor get-togethers.

After iftar, the lounge becomes the

quintessential destination to unwind with

friends and enjoy serene Ramadan mo-

ments by the Red Sea while sipping on

hot and cold tantalizing beverages.

Express your heartfelt wishes

on the first day of Eid Al Fitr with your

loved ones and enjoy an unforgettable

gathering. The Eid Al Fitr breakfast

venue will be set in ‘Jawharat Al Qasr’

to define new heights of generosity and

create memorable experiences with

unprecedented culinary feast. Also,

children will unleash their creativity with

the dedicated cookie decorating station

and have fun with live entertainment


— SG


HE Chairman of the Board of

Directors of Al-Zulfi Chamber of

Commerce and Industry assured

that the Chamber continues to make

more efforts to back up and support

the business sector in the Al-Zulfi

province and strengthen its pillars.

And strive to enable it to strengthen

its role and contributions to the imple-

mentation of economic development

projects and increase its contribution

to GDP and support the national

economy, according to the Kingdom’s

“2030 Vision”.

During the second general meet-

ing of the Chamber of Al-Zulfi for the

financial year of 2017, which was held

last May 24 at 9:30 pm on the stage

of Al-Zulfi Municipality, Abdullatif gave

a speech saying: “Over the past year,

the Chamber has provided excellent

services to the business community

and Al-Zulfi community”. He pointed

out that the Board of Directors exerted

intensive efforts during the last year,

to develop the Chamber’s work, and

worked on solutions to the problems

of the sector in meetings with the con-

cerned officials in the country.

Welcoming the audience, The

Chairman of the Board of Directors of

the Chamber began a review of the

agenda, which included discussing the

balance sheet of the Chamber for the

financial year 2017 and the auditor’s

raafar al-Jawabreh, representative of

Al-Rabeesh Certified Accountants and

Auditors, also reviewed the budget

and the general report. The budget

was approved by consensus.

The President of the Chamber,

Abdullatif Al-Abdullatif, reviewed the

budget for the financial year 2018

which received everyone’s approval.

The Secretary General of the Cham-

ber Mohamed Al-Mullah, reviewed

the annual report for the financial year

2017 and was unanimously approved.

Al-Abdullatif thanked the audience for

their attendance, interaction and inter-


— SG