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Saudi Gazette, Saturday, March 25, 2017



ENTLEY Motors shared

its ambition to define

the electric luxury seg-

ment with the EXP 12

Speed 6e concept at the 2017 Ge-

neva International Motor Show.

Wolfgang Dürheimer, chair-

man and chief executive of Bent-

ley Motors, said: “The EXP 12

Speed 6e is a concept to show that

Bentley is defining electric motor-

ing in the luxury sector, with the

appropriate technology, high qual-

ity materials and refinement levels

you’d expect from a true Bentley.

This concept enables us to engage

with luxury customers and gather

feedback on our approach.

“Bentley is committed to of-

fering an electric model in its

future portfolio and we are inter-

ested to receive feedback on this

concept,” Dürheimer concluded.

The Luxury of Electric: Ef-

fortless, Exclusive and Exhilarat-


An all-electric Bentley will not

compromise the quality, refinement

and high performance levels ex-

pected of the luxury brand. These

renowned Bentley characteristics

such as immediate, effortless surge

of torque and grand touring range

will be combined with new high

performance technology such as

rapid inductive charging and state-

of-the-art on board concierge-style

services for an effortless ownership


Bentley’s vision is for custom-

ers to benefit from high-speed

inductive charging and provide a

range sufficient for grand touring

requirements. An electric Bentley

would, for example, be able to

drive between London and Paris

or Milan and Monaco on a single

charge and the on board experi-

ence will be enhanced for both

driver and passenger thanks to

the integration of state-of-the-art


A fusion of cutting-edge tech-

nology and beautiful materials is

evident right throughout EXP 12

Speed 6e’s luxuriously appointed

cabin, ensuring that the brand’s

use of technology is not cold or

emotionless. The entire central

console, for example, is hewn

from a solid piece of elegantly

curved glass encompassing a

high-definition OLED screen. All

of the car’s principle on board

controls are accessible from here,

including navigation, entertain-

ment and climate control.

Handmade, cut-glass sections

on the steering wheel contain the

controls for media, communica-

tions, navigation and car set-up.

There are also two buttons fea-

tured at the top of the cut-away

steering wheel, one offering an

instant performance boost and the

other the ability to limit speed, in

urban areas for example.

The passenger, meanwhile,

has their own control panel on the

front fascia with access to social

media, email and entertainment.

Exquisite copper elements

around the gear selector, Bentley

Dynamic Drive dial and in the

door veneer panels are integrated

into the cabin to highlight the

electric performance potential of

the concept’s advanced new pow-

ertrain. The car’s intelligent info-

tainment system is the central brain

to access many real world services

using connected-car Apps.

On the outside, the iconic

Bentley mesh grille features

a complex 3D geometry and

smoked finish with copper high-

lights that identify the Bentley

EXP 12 Speed 6e as a fully elec-

tric vehicle. When the car is run-

ning the ‘6e’ logo illuminates in a

striking, vibrant white.

The exterior design is an

expression of muscular, athletic

surfaces inspired by contemporary

architecture, the natural world and

the aerodynamic shapes of aircraft


It represents a natural evolu-

tion of Bentley’s design DNA and

signifies future design direction,

taking the famous powerline and

haunch to new levels of drama

and tension. When combined

with muscular proportions and an

athletic stance through the use of

a short front overhang, long bon-

The luxury electric vehicle

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept

net, low grille and wide rear, the

exterior styling hints at the high-

performance potential of the car.

The twin bonnet scoops act

as highly effective heat sinks that

supply additional cooling to the

battery and powertrain.

The wing mirrors – which are

cameras rather than traditional

reflective glass – are exceptionally

sleek and were inspired by the

sculptural form of stealth aircraft


When rapid inductive charg-

ing is not available, EXP 12 Speed

6e can be connected to a mains

AC power supply via the auxiliary

charging point, subtly concealed

behind the rear number plate.

Bentley believes that the con-

cept will open discussions with

luxury car buyers of the future

– millennials, members of Gen-

eration C and the rising affluent

in developing economies - to un-

derstand the desired expectations

from a future electric luxury car

ownership experience.

The luxury brand’s electric car

strategy includes the introduction

of PHEV models across the Bent-

ley model range over the next few

years, starting with the Bentayga

in 2018.

— SG


HE highly-anticipated,


Lincoln Continental –

designed to appeal to

those who are looking for some-

thing different in the luxury mar-

ket – has launched in the Middle

East, marking the rebirth of a leg-

endary nameplate that served to

carry state leaders and monarchs

for decades.

The introduction of the so-

phisticated and stylish full-size

sedan ushers in a new era of ex-

travagance, delivering effortless

power and a comfortable, relaxing

ride to the most discerning clients.

“The 2017 Lincoln Conti-

nental has been designed to be

as enjoyable to ride in as it is to

drive, and provides features that

contribute to an experience so

serene you might think you’re still

at home,” says Alex Schaeffer,

Director, Lincoln Middle East.

“Customers in the Middle East are

undoubtedly some of the most dis-

cerning in the world, and a quality

product like the Continental offers

the ideal experience in the level of

luxury mobility to which they are


The Lincoln Experience is

brought to life through the avail-

able Lincoln-exclusive 3.0-litre

Twin Turbo V6 engine, as well

as intangible elements like the

quiet cabin provided by the Ac-

tive Noise Control system. The

Continental’s advanced, intuitive

technologies and personalised

features create warm, welcoming

experiences that truly define quiet


Features that make the new

Lincoln Continental a haven of

refined comfort include Lincoln’s

available new signature Perfect

Position front seats and concert-

quality Revel audio with specially

designed doors for optimal posi-

tioning of the speakers.

A warm, inviting welcome

sets the tone for Lincoln Conti-

nental ownership. The vehicle

comes to life as the driver ap-

proaches and receives a warm

embrace through Approach

Detection technology – exterior

welcome mats illuminate, and soft

exterior and interior lights glow

to provide feeling of a warm wel-

come. Also, signature LED ac-

cent lights on the headlamps and

tail-lamps add a sense of warmth,

while ambient interior lights on

the door panels, instrument panel

and cupholders softly illuminate

the interior.

A sense of uniqueness contin-

ues with E-latch entry, an exclusive

feature to Lincoln. Simply press-

ing a button on the door handle

activates the new microprocessor-

controlled E-latch electronic door

handle, releasing the door for easy

entry, while the available auto-

cinch feature secures the door latch

when gently closed.

Perfect Position front seats are

inspired by those used in private

aircraft; a patented comfort carrier

system conforms to and supports

the body, enhancing comfort. The

seats have available heating, cool-

ing and massaging functionality,

along with up to 30-way adjust-


The design on the Revel

speaker grilles goes far beyond

looks. The pattern has been de-

signed, engineered and tested to

produce the best sound possible.

More than 200 speaker grille de-

signs were considered to optimize

the sound quality.

The new Lincoln is designed

to make the drive easier and more

enjoyable. Continental features a

variety of technologies designed

to help keep the driver in con-

trol. Effortless assistance for the

daily commute is available with

optional adaptive cruise control,

which can automatically slow the

vehicle in slowing or stop-and-go

traffic – resuming speed when

traffic clears.

To take the stress out of par-

allel and perpendicular parking,

Lincoln’s Active Park Assist will

steer your vehicle into a park-

ing space, while a new available

360-degree camera system allows

the driver to see around the car

when in reverse. And available

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedes-

trian Detection uses radar and

camera technology to scan the

roadway ahead and, if a collision

risk with a vehicle or pedestrian

is detected, provides a warning to

the driver.

An all-new, Lincoln-exclusive

3.0-litre Twin Turbo V6 leads

available engine choices for

the new Lincoln Continental.

When paired with an intelligent

all-wheel-drive system, the twin-

turbocharged engine produces

GSO-rated 378 HP and 575 Nm of

torque for effortless performance

and refinement.

The new Lincoln Continental

provides further engine alterna-

tives in the shape of a 2.7-litre

Twin Turbo, 344 HP engine with

all-wheel drive and 575 Nm of

torque, or the 3.7-litre all-wheel

drive 313 HP, 379 Nm of torque


— SG


ISSAN Motor Co.,

Ltd. and the City of

Yokohama are intro-

ducing a round-trip

car sharing service featuring the

issan New Mobility Concept,

an ultra-compact electric vehicle.

The service, “Choimobi

Yokohama,” enables users

who register online to pick up

and return cars in 14 locations

around Yokohama Station. Cars

can be reserved 30 minutes

in advance and can be driven

within the city.

The service costs 250 yen

per 15 minutes plus a 200 yen

basic charge, with a maximum

daily charge of 3,000 yen. Us-

ers need a Japanese driver’s

license, a smartphone and

a Japan-issued credit card.

Registration is available on

the Choimobi website: https://

yokohama/. Nissan and the

City of Yokohama previously

conducted a two-year trial of

Japan’s first one-way car shar-

ing service using ultra-compact

electric vehicles, starting in

October 2013. The aim was to

encourage low-emission trans-

port options, improve the qual-

ity of transportation and pro-

mote tourism. In October 2015,

the partnership began renting

cars to local tour operators and


The new round-trip service

is meant to further promote

ultra-compact mobility and

build a sustainable business

model through public-private

cooperation. The service will

also include guided tours

around central Yokohama and

long-term car rentals for busi-

nesses. Nissan and the City of

Yokohama will continue us-

ability and feasibility studies by

encouraging various local enti-

ties to join the program.

As the leader in zero-emis-

sion mobility, Nissan continues

to seek ways to harness ultra-

compact electric vehicles to

improve transportation and the

quality of life.

— SG


ORD discovered the car

features that moms find


Many first-time moms

are quick to realize that your hands

are, somehow, always full – either

with a baby or its accompanying

excess baggage now required to run

simple tasks. Though often taken

for granted, Ford has been incor-

porating assistive technologies for

years; easy keyless entry into the

vehicle via the touch of a button, a

hands-free liftgate, one-touch power

fold second seats or tumble third

row seats, can all make a mommy’s

life a little easier.

As children grow, so too do

their needs and means for distrac-

tion. While a new mother will

benefit from hands-free liftgates

and keyless entry, those moms with

kids that can speak in full sentences

and fascinating conversations find

built-in power outlets priceless,

keeping smartphones and tablets

fully-charged and the little ones

distracted enough to not require

your attention, which is very much

required for the road. Easy connec-

The rebirth of an Icon

2017 Lincoln Continental

Nissan rolls out ultra-compact

electric vehicle

Nissan’s ultra-compact electric vehicle

Ford ensures safety of kids

Ford Explorer

tion to Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment

system for tech-savvy pre-teens is

another distraction tactic to ensure

moms enjoy a quiet, calm journey.

Inevitably, and it doesn’t matter

what age the children are, safety is

one of the most important aspects

for a mom when choosing a car.

With younger kids in the car, de-

spite a mom’s staggering ability to

multitask, you will be distracted,

whether you like it or not. Ford’s ra-

dar-based BLIS with Cross-Traffic

Alert system, and adaptive cruise

control with collision warning and

brake support, are invaluable when

attention to the road has waned, for

even a split second.

Though someday the little tykes

stop being your tiny toddler, they

battle through pre-teen tensions and

teenager tantrums, they will always

be your baby. And when they get

their own license, Ford’s MyKey

can reassure an experienced mother

that her choice in car has been the

right one to guarantee the safety

of her child, even when she’s not


— SG