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The launch of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology is to spread the

principles of moderation, fortify families and counter paltry arguments of terrorists

because extremism breeds terrorism.

King Salman

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Currently, there are approximately two million

SMEs in the Kingdom, which contribute 20% to the

Kingdom’s GDP. The introduction of HUB1006 will

help increase this to 35% by 2030, in line with Vision

2030 and NTP goals.


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Issue No: 14486 ISSN (1320-0326 )


Saudi Riyal 2

TUESDAY 23. 5. 17 SHABAN 27 1438


prayers not allowed

in mataf till Ramadan

By Badea Abu Al-Naja

Saudi Gazette


Worshipers will

not be allowed to offer non-

obligatory prayers in the mataf

(circumambulation) area till the

end of Ramadan, according to

instructions issued by Emir of

Makkah Prince Khaled Al-Faisal,

who is the chairman of the Cen-

tral Haj Committee.

No Iftar meals will be al-

lowed inside the mataf.

The Emir ordered to clear the

mataaf area in order to allow pil-

grims performing circumambu-

lation to complete their Umrah

without hindrance.

Worshipers and pilgrims will

be allowed to pray the five obliga-

tory prayers inside the mataaf.

The Emir’s instructions came

after he looked into reports that

worshipers praying inside the

mataaf obstruct pilgrims and

visitors performing circumambu-


Meanwhile, cars will not

be allowed to enter the central

area around the Grand Mosque

in Makkah in Ramadan, Makkah

Arabic daily reported on Monday

quoting Director of Traffic Police

in the holy city Col. Bassim Al-


“The move is aimed at reduc-

ing congestion in the areas near

the Haram and also for the safety

of pedestrians,” he said.

Al-Badri said the traffic de-

partment has specified nine park-

ing areas where local vehicles

will drop passengers who will be

transported to the Grand Mosque

by shuttle buses.

Al-Badri said five parking lots

have been specified for pilgrims

and visitors coming from outside


He urged citizens, expatri-

ates, Umrah pilgrims and visi-

Worshipers praying inside the mataaf obstruct pilgrims and visitors

performing circumambulation.

— File photo

Hub to drive growth of SMEs, start-ups launched

Saudi Gazette report


The Small and Me-

dium Enterprises General Au-

thority of Saudi Arabia on Mon-

day announced the establishment

of HUB1006, an operating entity

for a series of entrepreneurial

hubs focused on growing the

SME and entrepreneurship sec-

tors across the Kingdom.

HUB1006 was launched dur-

ing the Impact to Innovation (i2i)

Roundtable organized as part of

the US presidential visit in order

to realize the goals of Vision 2030

and the National Transformation

Program (NTP).

Currently, there are approxi-

mately two million SMEs in the

Kingdom, which contribute 20%

to the Kingdom’s GDP. The intro-

duction of HUB1006 will help in-

crease this to 35% by 2030, in line

with Vision 2030 and NTP goals.

“We are launching HUB1006

to facilitate the growth of the

entrepreneurship sector and to

drive innovation across a wide

range of industries. The new

operating platform will adopt

an inclusive approach, bringing

together men and women from

across the Kingdom and other

parts of the world to grow the

collective value proposition of

the entrepreneurial community,”

said Dr. Ghassan Al Sulaiman,

Governor of the SME Authority.

“By establishing HUB1006 the

Thank you,

King Salman!




Saudis have

created a hashtag to thank

Custodian of the Two Holy

Mosques King Salman for the

GCC-US and Arab Islamic

American summits which

they believe highlighted the

Kingdom’s position as a cen-

ter for decision making and

political leadership in the

Muslim and Arab world.

The first to write on the

hashtag in relation to the

summits was media per-

son Mufarih Al-Shigigi who

said, “It is the time to start

a hashtag to thank King


He addressed the King

by saying, “You put the King-

dom in spotlight, the center

of decision making, leader

of combating terrorism and

a minaret for human peace.”

Commenting on the summit

in the same hashtag Fahad

Al-Majidi said that by hosting

leaders from 55 countries the

Kingdom proved that it is the

leader of the Muslim world

and that it is the center of the

Arab decision making.

In the same context Nass-

er Al-Hamidi, a media per-

son, said: “Two days of hard

work, you (King Salman)

pleased us and reassured the

world that what is approach-

ing is security and peace.”

Dib Al-Jalaal, a sports

columnist, noted, “You made

us feel proud to be part of

this beloved country and be

proud of our leaders.”

Saad Al-Garni, an econo-

mist, said, “Thank you, King

of decisions and develop-

ment. Thank you for retain-

ing the status of Arabs and

Muslims. Thank you, King

of humanity. Thank you for

uniting the world in a sum-


Khalid Al-Tuwaijri wrote,

“To write history is some-

thing but to make it is a to-

tally different story. What is

happening in Riyadh today is

the basis of making history by

a King and a leader.”

Women also had their say

in the hashtag. Halima Muda-

far, a writer, said: “You made

Saudi Arabia the capital of

diplomacy in the Middle East

and the Muslim world.”

Zakiya Al-Otaibi, an aca-

demician, wrote: “Thank you

for bringing back pride to

Arabs. Thank you for defend-

ing Islam, and thank you for

showing the tolerance of Is-


A young girl Rana Al-

Shamary wrote: “Thank you

my King and my leader for

the amazing efforts. I will al-

ways be a proud Saudi.”

Saudis take to social

media to thank King

for successfully hosting

two big summits

government will boost employ-

ment and create a more sustain-

able economic model that allows

all citizens to thrive,” he added.

HUB1006 will be established

as an operating body with stra-

tegic relationships with CIC-

Venture Café Global Institute, a

public benefit corporation with

an international network focused

on promoting entrepreneurship,

and Deloitte, the largest profes-

sional services firm in the world,

well known for its leadership in

digital economy.

MTA Holdings, an investment

company, is a founder of the ini-

tiative. The partner organizations

will provide their expertise and

know-how to help ensure that

the Hub offers the necessary re-

sources to help SMEs and start-

ups succeed.

The SME Authority will

launch its first entrepreneurial

Hub as a pilot project in King

Abdullah Economic City in part-

nership with Emaar Economic

City, Economic Cities Authority

and Mohammed Bin Salman Col-


The hub will actively en-

courage Saudi and international

entrepreneurs & SME owners

to locate their new ventures in

HUB1006 by providing a creative

ecosystem that offers a range of

physical and digital solutions

necessary to stimulate growth,

remove bureaucratic barriers as-

sociated with growing a business

in Saudi Arabia, drive innovation

and overcome obstacles associ-

ated with starting a new business.

Designed to be a launch pad

for SMEs and start-ups in the

Middle East, HUB1006 will serve

as the physical and virtual ex-

change between Saudi Arabia

and the world, creating an envi-

ronment that facilitates access to

professional and legal services,

affordable office space, venture

capital, learning and develop-

ment, as well as government ser-


tors to cooperate with traffic po-

licemen so as to organize traffic

movement and ensure a speedy

access to the Grand Mosque.

The local parking lots are:

Al-Shuhada, Kudai, Al-Rusai-

fah, Rabwat Mina, Prince Miteb

Street, the Jamrat, Daqam Al-

Wabar, Al-Zahir.

The parking areas for ve-

hicles coming from outside

Makkah are Al-Sharaie, Taif road,

Madinah road, A-Laith road and

Al-Shumaisi police checkpoint.

Al-Badri asked all motorists

to park their cars in parking lots

specified for them and to take

buses to go to the Grand Mosque.

Talks with Trump

a turning point in

bilateral ties: King

Saudi Gazette report


Custodian of the

Two Holy Mosques King Salman

said here on Monday that his

talks with US President Donald

Trump, the Joint Strategic Vision

Declaration and the exchange of

trade agreements and investment

opportunities exceeding $280 bil-

lion are a turning point in rela-

tions between the Kingdom and

the US.

Chairing the weekly session

of the Council of Ministers at

Al-Yamama Palace, the King said

that Trump’s visit — the first by

him to a foreign country as presi-

dent — will help upgrade the

Saudi-US relations from strategic

partnership and intensify the lev-

els of consultation, cooperation

and coordination in various areas.

The King said the GCC-US

Summit and Arab Islamic Ameri-

can Summit showed the concern

and determination of all partici-

pating countries to contribute to

every matter in confronting dif-

ferent challenges and strength-

ening the foundations of peace,

security and stability.

King Salman said that the

historic agreement signed on

Sunday by the Gulf Cooperation

Council (GCC) states and the US

to take firm measures to target

the financing of terrorism by es-

tablishing the Terrorist Financing

Targeting Center (TFTC) in Ri-

yadh came as an extension of the

efforts being exerted to combat


The King said the launch of

the Global Center for Combating

Extremist Ideology is to spread

the principles of moderation, for-

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman chairs the Cabinet’s session at Al-Yamama Palace in Riyadh

on Monday afternoon.


tify families and counter paltry

arguments of terrorists because

extremism breeds terrorism.

In the presence of leaders from

Muslim countries, King Salman

and US President Donald Trump

inaugurated the Global Center for

Combatting Extremist Ideology

(GCCEI) here on Sunday.

The center counters and

prevents the spread of extremist

ideology by promoting modera-

tion, compassion and supporting

the dissemination of positive dia-