Don't mimic the West

With reference to the article "Sex education can prevent child molestation" by Dalia Gazzaz (Jan. 26)

With reference to the article "Sex education can prevent child molestation" by Dalia Gazzaz (Jan. 26), India had also tried to introduce sex education in CBSE syllabus. But the common public understanding is the bad implication of sex education in society. The West seems to be the ideal for many but just go and listen to their debates over the cause of teenage pregnancies among school girls.  Indian student organizations have condemned the teaching of sex education in schools. A dialogue between mother and daughter and father and son is the more reliable sex education.


Well-wisher, Online response


Sex education is harmful, it's Satan's idea. The so-called developed countries where sex eduction are being taught are harming their children, morally and physically. They are grappling with the disastrous results of using propagating the use of condoms. We should always follow the guidance from Holy Quraan and Hadiths. It is not allowed in Islam. An animal automatically learn sex education when it grows up into an adult, so why should human be taught sex education. Stop free gender mixing or co-eduction.


Mujibur Rahman, Online response


While I agree that parents should explain this matter to their young children, the children should also be taught what is wrong and right. You cannot always leave everything to the parents. Children have to be given at least a few guidelines without much detailed information, depending on the age group. Also, in most cases it is usually a close  relative who molest a child. In general, wives would not suspect a son, brother or even husband. The child should be aware of the danger even from close kin.

Um Abdullah, Online response


Sex education may have an adverse      effect, it could not provide full-proof safety to a child. People who advocate that in Western culture children have been taught  sex education and are safe are totally wrong. See the graph of Western culture. Girls become pregnant at age 12 to 14. A few teenager in the West remain a virgin after reaching 16. They have stopped to care about virginity. In our culture, if we teach sex education to children, they may even become curious about sex.

Seraj Ahmed, Online response