Jawazat: Renew ‘Muqeem’ ID or face action


RIYADH — The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has called on all expatriates to renewing their “Muqeem identity cards” at least three days before they expire, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the Jawazat as stating.

The Jawazat issued this call while stressing the importance of complying with the regulations and directives of the directorate.

The Directorate has stressed that not renewing the residence permit will make the iqama holder liable to penalties, which can reach deportation.

The Jawazat said the first violation is punishable by a fine of SR500, the second instance by a SR1,000 fine and the third instance by deportation of the expatriate from the Kingdom.

The Jawazat added that the “Muqeem identity card” holder can check the remaining validity period of his residence permit and renew it by entering the Ministry of Interior e-services platform “Absher”, or via the “Muqeem” e-port.

It underlined the importance of abidance by the regulations and directives and taking the initiative to renew their “Muqeem identity card” to prevent being liable to penalties in case of violation. — SPA