Saudi reforms win plaudits from Trump’s daughter

Ivanka Trump is seen meeting with Saudi women leaders during her last visit to the Kingdom in this file picture. (courtesy Photo)

JEDDAH — Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, commended Saudi Arabia and other Arab states for having made outstanding progress through their reforms as highlighted in a recent World Bank report.

Great seeing some big progress in countries with the most improved scores this year in the World Bank WBL (Women, Business and the Law) report,” said Ivanka, who is also an adviser to the US president, in a tweet, on Friday.

The World Bank report ranks Saudi Arabia as the top reformer and top improver among 190 economies that it covers. The report also places Saudi Arabia first among GCC countries and second in the Arab world.

Saudi Arabia has made outstanding improvements in 6 out of 8 indicators measured by the report: mobility, workplace, marriage, parenthood, entrepreneurship, and pension.

The Kingdom — with other leading economies — is a global benchmark in four areas of reform: women’s mobility, workplace, entrepreneurship, and pension.

Thanks to a bold set of 12 legislative reforms that it has implemented, the Kingdom has significantly transformed the lives of women by enhancing their economic participation and strengthened the Kingdom’s global competitiveness.

Apart from Saudi Arabia the World Bank report also lauded the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia for their reform programs.