Ministry of Culture launches film talent development program


Saudi Gazette report

The Ministry of Culture has launched the Talent Development Program for the film sector within the Quality of Life Program, one of the programs set to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The program, which includes short term training courses and workshops in all disciplines of filmmaking, is in cooperation with premier universities and scientific institutes in the world.

This is part of the ministry’s plan to support Saudi cinema and provide knowledge and enrichment resources that contribute to continuously improving the quality and enhancing the filmmaking environment, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The ministry opened the door for talented young Saudis, who seek to participate in the training programs, through the electronic portal

The registration starts from Oct. 9 to 14 for the two training programs, which will be held in Britain while the registration for the training program, to be held in Riyadh, will begin on Oct. 20 and conclude on Nov. 20. The names of participants will be determined on the basis of the terms and conditions that are spelled out in the portal.

The first phase of the Talent Development Program includes three training programs; the first in “filmmaking” and that is in cooperation with the British Institute of Film Industry, which is one of the premier educational institutions in Britain, to implement a two-week program to be held in Britain from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11 for 12 boy and girl students through an intensive training and master class with British filmmakers and a field visit to Pinewood Studios.

The second training program focuses on the skills of “Filmmaking under the production line,” in collaboration with the British Film Institute and Pinewood Studio, in a two-week program from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11 “for 20 students.

This programs aims to provide the participants general outline on film industry and the role of all those working in the production line to help them choose the right field within the industry, such as: lighting, sound, decor, assisting the director and the like.

The third training program, called “the Professional Representation Skills Program,” which will be held in Riyadh in collaboration with the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, will run for two weeks from Dec. 8 to 19 for 14 to16 students. This program will train the participants on areas such as emotional and physical expressions, and easy access to the character they want to portray.

The Talent Development Program is an intensive knowledge portfolio in filmmaking from script writing to producing a full-fledged film, through practical experience along with different industry crew, including those for indoor and outdoor photography, editing, lighting and sound, in addition to interaction with actors.

The program is part of the initiative to strengthen the local film sector, which is implemented by the Ministry of Culture within the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program. The aim of this initiative is to develop the film infrastructure in the Kingdom, as well as to create job opportunities related to the sector, in addition to increasing the Kingdom’s contribution to international culture.