‘Galabet Jad’: Product aimed at investing in Saudi talents


RIYADH — Intigral, a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, held a roundtable to discuss ‘Galabt Jad’ series, which was attended by Intigral CEO Al-Rumayan, actor Faisal Al-Issa, and a group of journalists.

The meeting discussed the details of the first series produced by Jawwy TV, ‘Galabt Jad’, which is a Saudi action-comedy series, produced and directed by a team of skilled young Saudi professionals, and filmed in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

Intigral offers an exceptional experience for the digital entertainment generation through ‘Dawri Plus’ and ‘Jawwy TV’. ‘Dawri Plus’ application delivers live match streaming for football fans. The revolutionary ‘Jawwy TV’ application offers live TV on the go, with more than 30 premium and top free-to-air channels, and a huge library offers the latest movies and productions from all the major Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic and International studios.

Intigral was one of the first companies in the region to launch an OTT services combining live TV and video on demand.

During the meeting, Al-Rumayan said the local content and television industry is currently witnessing a renewed phase of development in light of the progress occurring in the Kingdom on all fronts. He added that ‘Galabet Jad’ is a product of Intigral’s pioneering efforts aiming to invest in Saudi talents that understand local audiences and their entertainment preferences best. He also reiterated the company’s dedication towards producing content that resonates with the Saudi audience and is easy to access via Jawwy TV.

“The Jawwy TV allows users to watch shows at any time with maximum convenience and ease. This also supports the Saudi Vision 2030 regarding creating world-class entertainment options fit and accessible by all,” he also added.

The Jawwy TV application offers diverse content to meet the entertainment needs, providing users with many benefits, such as the option to return to the beginning of the TV show at any time to watch parts they have missed. With over 10,000 uploaded videos to choose from, Jawwy TV application allows users to watch the same content on multiple devices at the same time. Users can also watch previously-broadcast shows they have missed. — SG