Courts compel more than 7,800 dads to pay alimony to children

Saudi Ministry of Justice

Saudi Gazette report

The Executive Courts and circuits in General Courts have compelled as many as 7,883 divorcee men who were abstaining from paying alimony to their children to do so as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the court ruled they would face jail terms.

According to the Justice Ministry, the amount of money due to be paid to the children in 2018 was more than SR96 million.

The ministry said there were 2,715 alimony lawsuits in Makkah worth SR29.7 million, 1,992 in Riyadh at the amount of SR31.8 million, in the Eastern Province 1,267 cases at the tune of SR12.3 million and 599 court cases in Madinah at the amount of SR5 million.

According to the ministry, there were 312 cases in Qasim with an amount of SR3.5 million, 258 cases in Asir worth SR4.6 million and 206 lawsuits in Jazan with the amount of SR3.6 million.

In a statement to the courts, Justice Minister Walid Bin Mohammed Al-Samaani said non-payment of alimony to the children of the divorcee women was a kind of child abuse.

He said the children, especially of divorced women, should be protected against any harm.