Children of Saudi women married to foreigners have residency, work rights

Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission (HRC)

Saudi Gazette report

Children of Saudi mothers from non-Saudi fathers have residency rights and enjoy right to residency, work, education and medical treatment on equal footing with the children of Saudi mothers and fathers, the Human Rights Commission (HRC) has said.

It explained that the children of Saudi mothers and non-Saudi fathers who are staying in the Kingdom have the right to be issued with permanent iqama (residency permit) and the mothers can recruit them if they are living outside.

The commission said in this case, the government will bear the cost of issuance and renewal of iqama.

It said the children can work in the private sector without transferring their iqama and they will be included within the Saudi citizen category in private establishments.

According to the commission, children of Saudi mothers and non-Saudi fathers will be treated as full-fledged Saudi citizens in getting education and medial treatment.

The children should, however, have ID cards to prove their credentials.

The wife can also bring her foreign husband if he is living outside the Kingdom and can transfer his iqama on her if he so wishes.

Th non-Saudi husband will also have the right to work for the private sector without transferring his iqama on them.

The husband should have valid passport which is recognized by the Saudi authorities and the marriage should have been formally documented and made under the consent of the concerned Saudi authorities.